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The television series is about a man who is doing research work with dolphins, trying to learn how they communicate and how or if they can be trained for different purposes. In episode one of season one, Doctor Keith "Bud" Ricks is using a machine that uses echo location technology that trains dolphins to pick up items located on the bottom of the ocean. Although Doctor Ricks tells his accountant, Goodwin, not to inform the Navy about their progress, however, Goodwin calls the Navy anyway.

The Navy sends a woman, Doctor Pamela Blondel, to help Doctor Ricks, and Goodwin informs Ricks that the Navy is willing to finance the work they are doing with dolphins. The woman, arrives with her son Mike, who is not interested in the research center where she will be working.

Mike releases the dolphin, which Doctor Ricks has been working with, not knowing that the dolphin has been raised in captivity since it was born and does not know how to survive in the wild areas of the seas.

When Mike finds out about the circumstances involving the dolphin, he tries to find it by himself. However, Mike gets his foot caught the deck of a mostly submerged boat, a dolphin that he has named Flipper comes to his rescue.

Flipper is a rogue dolphin that becomes a part of the research work the team is doing after he helps Mike get free of the submerged boat.

In episode two of the series Flipper finds a gold medallion that was on the floor of the sea near a sunken ship that contains a shipment of gold bullion. The gold is being salvaged by a team who does not have the salvage rights to the ship and when Doctor Ricks finds out what they are doing the salvage team hold's Mike and Maya hostage to try to keep Doctor Ricks from notifying the authorities.

Flipper is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (164 episodes). The series first aired on September 19, 1964.

Where do I stream Flipper online? Flipper is available for streaming on MGM, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Flipper on demand at Vudu, Pluto TV online.

4 Seasons, 164 Episodes
September 19, 1964
Cast: Luke Halpin, Tommy Norden, Brian Kelly, Andy Devine
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Flipper Full Episode Guide

  • Flipper is stranded in a tidal lagoon. As the tide recedes, Jackie falls ill, and Flipper's situation is revealed to her in a nightmare.

  • When Courtney's father goes missing, she is forced to deal with some long-hiding feelings about him.

  • Coutney and Jackie help a young girl who is desperately trying to avoid an arranged marriage.

  • Alex and Holly find a raft adrift with a woman aboard.

  • Flipper brings a sick dolphin to the Institute, placing the other dolphins at risk.

  • Holly and Delaney discover a haunted yacht.

  • The Hamptons are put to the test when Alex is called away to a Naval camp. Tom is left alone to take care of the kids while Alex braves a grueling mission.

  • When Alex goes to naval camp, Tom tends the family.

  • A solo yachtswoman learns an important lesson about human nature.

  • Jackie finds a romantic poem in a bottle. With Audrey, she sets out to find the poet, who turns out to be an attractive older man.

  • Audrey surprises Cap by arranging a reunion with an old flame. His nerves prompt him to create a whole new image for himself.

  • When a routine rescue mission goes awry, Delaney is held responsible.

  • A mysterious jet-skier causes havoc in the canals of Bal Harbor. Tom is faced with a moral dilemman when the suspect's father begins to shower him and his family with gifts.

  • A series of dolphin attacks occur in the waters of Bal Harbor and all fingers seem to point at Flipper.

  • A diver looking for Atlantis saves Courtney.

  • Susie runs away from Princess Weekend.

  • Tom and Alex mark their anniversary

  • Holly and Courtney help a diver try for a world free diving record.

  • Aphrodite goes into labor during a hurricane.

  • Chris befriends an elderly man who mourns the son that drowned at sea.

  • Tom loses confidence after a rescue attempt fails.

  • Courtney learns the perils of drinking.

  • An emergency call comes through while Tom and Chris are diving.

  • A dying girl's one wish.

  • While diving, Holly's life is put in danger by her friend's panic attack.

  • Joey falls overboard while learning to sail a catamaran.

  • Courtney runs away from home after a fight with her mother.

  • The two children find a leaky boat.

  • A lost parrot drifts toward a demolition area.

  • Flipper befriends a manta.

  • Bud and Sandy become trapped in a firing range.

  • Porter crosses the line of fire to save his sons.

  • An oceanographer watches Flipper search for a lost diver.

  • Flipper is penned to keep him away from an experiment.

  • A poacher threatens to kill Flipper.

  • Sandy and Bud's visiting aunt makes sweeping changes.

  • Drugged Flipper lies drowning on the sea floor.

  • A man (Martin Sheen) is accused of stealing shellfish.

  • A woman's search for the truth about her father's death unveils a secret the Navy's been keeping.

  • A woman accuses Flipper of swallowing her diamonds.

  • Alex faces a shark head-on to save someone's life.

  • Flipper brings fishermen to Porter's home.

  • A renowned documentary filmmaker comes to Bal Harbor to film the damage caused by drift nets.

  • A bank robber holds Porter and Sandy hostage.

  • A secret from Mark's past.

  • Two filmmakers want Flipper to fight alligators.

  • Cap tries to help a fisherman friend.

  • Flipper rescues a puppy from a sinking ship.

  • Flipper tries to free a pregnant dolphin from the Institute.

  • Bud's entrepreneurial spirit endangers his employees.

  • Flipper tries to help a diver suffering from the bends.

  • Cap has a run-in with a salvage operator.

  • Bud dreams he and Flipper chase Moby Dick.

  • Chinese and U.S. governments are desperate to recover a satellite that plunged into the harbor.

  • Emergencies delay Flipper's delivery to Porter.

  • Tom and Delaney intervene when Chris falls in with the wrong crowd.

  • Sandy thinks Porter has stolen his new girlfriend.

  • Neighbors distrust Flipper's warning of a tidal wave.

  • Jacqui and Chris encounter a man presumed dead while searching for sea monsters.

  • Tom and Delaney must apprehend a man before he destroys a sunken U-boat from World War II.

  • Porter escapes into the swamp.

  • The gang searches for the cause of a disastrous oil spill.

  • An alligator poacher holds Porter prisoner.

  • A distress signal is thought to be a hoax; Chris attempts to save the victims of a boating accident.

  • Flipper finds a sunken plane and two trapped pilots.

  • Flipper investigates a rash of suspicious boat fires.

  • Flipper goes after his mate's attacker.