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  • TV-PG
  • 1997
  • 1 Season
  • 4.5  (1,111)

Team Knight Rider was a syndicated television show that aired for one season, from 1997 to 1998. The show featured a team of five operatives who drove advanced vehicles, named after mythical knights, and worked together to tackle various missions and threats to national security.

Brixton Karnes played the role of Kyle Stewart, a former street racer and ex-convict who was recruited by the team for his driving skills. His vehicle was called Dante, an advanced motorcycle equipped with various hi-tech features, such as a holographic display and rocket propulsion.

The other members of the team were Jenny Andrews, a computer hacker who drove the vehicle Domino; Erica West, a former fashion model who piloted Thunder, a high-speed race car; Duke DePalma, an ex-Army officer who drove the off-road vehicle Beast; and Trek, a humanoid android who drove the amphibious vehicle Plato.

The show was a spin-off of the popular 1980s series Knight Rider, which starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a lone crime fighter who drove a high-tech car named KITT. However, while the original series focused on the solo adventures of Michael Knight, Team Knight Rider was a more ensemble-based show, with a diverse group of operatives who each brought different skills and perspectives to the team's missions.

The show was known for its fast-paced action and cutting-edge technology, with each episode featuring the team taking on various villains and terrorists who threatened peace and security. The vehicles themselves were a major draw for fans, with each one showcasing unique abilities and features that helped the team overcome different obstacles and challenges.

Despite its cult following and high-tech appeal, the show was ultimately cancelled after just one season. While it received positive reviews for its fun and exciting premise, it struggled to find a consistent audience and was ultimately overshadowed by other popular action-adventure shows of the time.

Nevertheless, Team Knight Rider has remained a beloved and nostalgic part of pop culture history, with its futuristic vehicles and diverse cast of characters still capturing the imaginations of fans today.

Team Knight Rider is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on October 6, 1997.

Team Knight Rider
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Legion of Doom
22. Legion of Doom
May 18, 1998
Team Knight Rider must track down Mobius after he frees several of their enemies out of prison.
Spy Girls
21. Spy Girls
May 16, 1998
Team Knight Rider must work with a team of three women in order to locate a stolen microfiche and stop the...
Apocalypse Maybe
20. Apocalypse Maybe
May 4, 1998
Team Knight Rider must stop the Reverend Ransom from using his seismic weapon to destroy Las Vegas.
19. EMP
May 2, 1998
A device that can shut down sophisticated electronic equipment is stolen and Team Knight Rider must get it...
Home Away From Home
18. Home Away From Home
May 1, 1998
When Team Knight Rider loses the infamous hacker Cork Flemming to the KGB, the team must travel to the...
The Ixtafa Affair
17. The Ixtafa Affair
February 22, 1998
When Jenny encounters an old boyfriend, she discovers that he is being coerced into rescuing a Guatemalan drug...
The Blonde Woman
16. The Blonde Woman
February 15, 1998
When Team Knight Rider captures who they believe to be the infamous assassin, Eve, they discover it's a man...
Angels in Chains
15. Angels in Chains
February 8, 1998
Jenny has been accused of stealing confidential files and Team Knight Rider must clear her of all charges.
The Return of Megaman
14. The Return of Megaman
February 1, 1998
A strategic weapon capable of releasing a neutron blast that can wipe out millions is on the loose in New...
Out of the Past
13. Out of the Past
January 25, 1998
Team Knight Rider is shocked when they find out that Kyle is wanted for robbery in South America, and must...
The Bad Seed
12. The Bad Seed
January 18, 1998
Team Knight Rider must stop Dr. Toma from infecting the world's biggest rivers with the deadly compound he has...
Et Tu Dante
11. Et Tu Dante
January 11, 1998
While Team Knight Rider works to stop a mysterious mad man from bombing local Washington D.C. historical...
Oil & Water
10. Oil & Water
December 11, 1997
When cars begin to spontaneously explode, TKR discovers that it is part of German inventor/artist Otto...
The Iron Maiden
9. The Iron Maiden
December 4, 1997
Team Knight Rider must stop three super powered Exo-Troopers under the control of the evil Starr.
Sky One
8. Sky One
November 27, 1997
Terrorists hijack SkyOne and threaten Team Knight Rider with a deadly gas stolen from the Gulf War.
Everything to Fear
7. Everything to Fear
November 20, 1997
When Jenny is abducted by a world famous assassin with a vendetta against a rich philanthropist, Duke must...
Choctaw L-9
6. Choctaw L-9
November 13, 1997
Team Knight Rider must recover the stolen Choctaw L-9, the government's latest war bird. In the process, Kyle...
Inside Traitor
5. Inside Traitor
November 6, 1997
When Erica goes undercover with an elite group of thieves, Team Knight Rider questions her loyalty to F.L.A.G.
4. K.R.O.
October 30, 1997
TKR is called in to stop a deranged Knight Foundation Ferrari sports car that escaped while being transported...
The A List
3. The A List
October 23, 1997
Trek and Erica go undercover and discover that a corporate giant is responsible for brainwashing and killing...
The Magnificent T.K.R.
2. The Magnificent T.K.R.
October 16, 1997
When a former French government official, Jean-Claude Laval, steals a top-secret device form the US...
Fallen Nation
1. Fallen Nation
October 6, 1997
Team Knight Rider stops a US General's plans to take over the country by destroying a nuclear missile aimed at...
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  • Premiere Date
    October 6, 1997
  • IMDB Rating
    4.5  (1,111)