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  • TV-14
  • 1983
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.8  (58,940)

V is a science fiction television series that premiered in 2009 and ran for two seasons until 2011. It is a remake of an older series of the same name from the 1980s. The show follows the arrival of an alien race called the Visitors on Earth, who claim to come in peace and offer humanity technological advancements and medical cures. However, as their true intentions become clear, a group of humans bands together to fight against the Visitors and protect their planet.

The main character of the series is Erica Evans, played by Elizabeth Mitchell. Erica is an FBI agent who becomes involved with the resistance against the Visitors after her son joins a group of young people who see through the aliens' lies. Another key member of the resistance is Father Jack Landry, played by Joel Gretsch. Jack is a Catholic priest who becomes disillusioned with the Visitors' message and feels called to help fight against them. Rounding out the main cast of humans are Ryan Nichols, played by Morris Chestnut, a Visitor who defects and helps the resistance, and Kyle Hobbes, played by Charles Mesure, a mercenary whom the resistance employs for his skills.

On the Visitor side, the main character is Anna, played by Morena Baccarin. Anna is the leader of the Visitors and presents as a benevolent ruler, but her true motives are much more sinister. She is assisted by her second-in-command, Joshua, played by Mark Hildreth, and many other Visitors who work to advance their own goals in the human world.

One of the core themes of V is the idea of propaganda and information control. The Visitors are adept at manipulating the media to make themselves look good and discredit the resistance, while the humans struggle to get their message out to the public. Along with this, the show explores themes of loyalty, family, religion, and the nature of power.

The special effects in V are impressive, particularly in the depiction of the Visitors' ships and technology. The series also employs an ensemble cast, with many characters getting their own storylines and arcs throughout the two seasons. In addition to the main cast, the show features guest appearances from recognizable actors like Jane Badler (who played the villainous Diana in the original series) and Bret Harrison.

While the show was critically acclaimed, it struggled with ratings and was eventually cancelled after its second season ended on a cliffhanger. Despite this, fans have continued to clamor for more, and there have been rumors of a possible revival or movie in the years since the show ended.

Overall, V is a compelling and thought-provoking sci-fi drama that offers a fresh take on the classic alien invasion story. It is well-written and acted, with impressive visual effects and a complex plot that keeps the viewer engaged.

V is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on May 1, 1983.

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The Return
19. The Return
March 22, 1985
News of the imminent arrival of the Visitor's "Leader" causes peace to break out all over. For fun, Phillip and Mike duel with nuclear powered swords, but Diana gets Lt. James to turn the swords on. Elizabeth develops "racial memory", suddenly remembering the history of the Lizards. The Leader never shows his face, instead speaking directly to and through Elizabeth. At the end, he appears only as red light. Elizabeth returns to the Home Planet with him, and Kyle stows away.
The Secret Underground
18. The Secret Underground
March 15, 1985
The snakes prepare for a big holiday, the "Feast of Ramalon". Part of the celebration includes the sacrifice of the youngest officer on the ship. Diana makes sure Lydia's little brother is transferred in just in time. Mike and Julie sneak aboard the mother ship again and run into Julie's college squeeze, who is helping the Lizards develop an anti human virus. Phillip is nearly caught working with the humans, but manages to clear himself and save Lydia's brother Nagel at the same time.
War of Illusions
17. War of Illusions
March 8, 1985
Phillip warns the resistance of a new attack. The Visitors find someone has hacked into their computer system so they arrest a very smart guy named Dr. Atkins, but the real genius is his teenage son. They happen to be friends of Kyle, so he tries to get the kid to stop a Lizard attack, but the kid only wants to rescue his dad. Naturally, the kid is able to foil the attack while Phillip springs his father.
The Littlest Dragon
16. The Littlest Dragon
February 22, 1985
Willie doesn't feel like he belongs with the resistance. He feels bad that he's not human and doesn't have Elizabeth's magic alien powers.
The Wildcats
15. The Wildcats
February 15, 1985
A lot of people are getting sick. Kyle recruits some local teenagers to help steal medicine from a highly guarded Lizard Medical Depot.
The Champion
14. The Champion
February 8, 1985
Kyle and Mike are delivering guns to the Phoenix Resistance and run afoul of some Lizard loving cops. They are rescued by a rancher-woman who needs help to keep the Visitors from eating her horses.
The Rescue
13. The Rescue
February 1, 1985
Diana goes over Charles' head and orders a vicious attack on Los Angeles, putting it under Lizard control. An old friend of Julie's shows up at Resistance just after the attack. He needs help because his wife is pregnant and can't be moved. Julie helps them out, and they have to be rescued at the last minute before they are captured by Lt. James. Charles decides to marry Diana in order to make her go home. Lydia becomes quite jealous and puts cat poison in Diana's drink, but Charles drinks it and dies. Diana puts Lydia under arrest for killing Charles.
The Betrayal
12. The Betrayal
January 18, 1985
John, the guy who was almost killed in the last episode, turns out to be a snake working for Diana. Willie gets himself shot while out on a recon mission. Ham & Mike kidnap a Visitor medical student.
The Hero
11. The Hero
January 11, 1985
Lydia sets up a fake "resistance" raid to get people mad at the real resistance. Chiang has a bunch of folks kidnapped, including Robin. He decides to turn one of the prisoners over to the Visitors every hour until Mike, Ham and Julie surrender.
The Conversion
10. The Conversion
January 4, 1985
Ham gets caught and Diana programs him to kill Mike. Kyle is also captured, which gives Diana leverage over Nathan Bates. Meanwhile, the Resistance capture Lydia. In a prisoner exchange, shooting starts due to Hama's evil programming and Nathan Bates winds up being the only one who gets shot. Kyle shows unexpected concern when his father's life is in danger.
Reflections in Terror
9. Reflections in Terror
December 14, 1984
Diana makes an Elizabeth clone, who is a bit nuts and kills a few people. Eventually, the Elizabeth clone is killed. The real Elizabeth has to buy Robin a Christmas present, and Willy tries his hand at singing and playing the piano. Ham meets a little girl that reminds him of his own daughter who died in Vietnam.
The Dissident
8. The Dissident
December 7, 1984
Robin is in love with Kyle, but Kyle wants to go out with Elizabeth. Diana puts up a force field around Los Angeles that disintegrates anything that comes into contact with it. Of course she gives a code to Nathan Bates, which Julie steals. Meanwhile, Mike and Ham kidnap the Visitor scientist who made the force field. Jacob the scientist is a pacifist and uses a magic ring to destroy the force field and himself.
The Overlord
7. The Overlord
November 30, 1984
A small mining town is being ruled by mean bikers, but they are in cahoots with Diana. A woman escapes to get our heroes to help the town, but she turns out to be a no good double crosser. Bates has Chaing steal a computer disk from Julie's house, but she has it switched before he looks at it.
Visitor's Choice
6. Visitor's Choice
November 23, 1984
The resistance gets word of a high ranking Visitor and a machine that will improve "processing" speed. Kyle and his father's falling out intensifies when Nathan sends people to hunt for his son. Mike and Julie meet up with two brothers, but eventually have to help them rescue their sister from being eaten. Kyle goes on a mission with Ham, but gets caught, in the end he has an unexpected rescuer.
The Sanction
5. The Sanction
November 16, 1984
Elizabeth sneaks out with Kyle, but she freaks out when she sees Robin. When Visitor Security arrives, she uses her magic powers to defend herself. Mike breaks Sean out of the place he is held, learning Visitor Kung Fu. His Visitor Fu teacher comes after him with instructions to kill Mike. Sean is still under the control of the evil Visitor drug that makes him hate his father. Robin finally returns home.
The Deception
4. The Deception
November 9, 1984
Kyle meets Robin out on a lonely road, and gives her a ride on his motorcycle. Diana captures Mike, with Sean's help, and uses holograms worn around the neck to make him think she is Julie. They pretend that the war is over in order to get Mike to give up information about the Star Child. Kyle begins working with the resistance, but doesn't tell them he's hiding Robin. When they try to sneak Elizabeth out to New York, there is an ambush and she is rescued by Kyle.
3. Breakout
May 24, 1985
Diana tries to influence Nathan Bates by implying she can do something bad to his son. When Ham and Mike get thrown into prison camp, they find Robin and Bates's son, Kyle in there too. Teenage Elizabeth uses her magic powers to make some dogs attack and kill some lizard guards. The police & visitors raid Eilas' club. Finally, Nathan Bates makes nice with Julie, but doesn't recognize Elizabeth.
2. Dreadnaught
November 2, 1984
Julie and Robert go into the snake cave where Elizabeth went and she pops out of her cocoon as a teenager. Her grandfather is shocked; even though this is the third time she jumped ahead in age. Blondie comes to keep Diana in line. Diana is back in charge, so she launches an all out attack. When her soldiers die, she immediately realizes that areas that freeze have active red-dust bacteria and areas that don't freeze are safe.
Liberation Day
1. Liberation Day
October 26, 1984
The aliens have gone, but Diana escaped. Diana is put on trial but she is apparently killed outside the courthouse. Mike Donavan is on the trail of the people that took Diana's body. He is none too surprised to fine Ham Tyler involved with the disappearance.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 1, 1983
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (58,940)