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The television series is about a young man whose father was killed by the soldiers of the Sheriff of Nottingham. The series begins in the year 1180 as the soldiers of the Sheriff goes into a village and destroy it. Robin's father takes him to a friend who operates a mill and then returns to a sacred area where the soldiers are waiting for him.

When Robin and Much Miller is caught by soldiers and arrested for hunting in the king's forest 15 years later, they are taken to a dungeon and placed in a cell with five other men who have been arrested for various crimes ranging from poaching to murder.

When Robin and Much escape from the dungeon, three of the men decide to join Robin and go to Sherwood forest to hide from the Sheriff of Nottingham. His friends manage to get out of the castle but Robin is unable to escape the same way they did and hides in a room until he can find a way to get out and join his friends. During the time Robin is in the room he meets Marion, who is planning to become a nun.

Shortly after Robin and his friends arrive at Sherwood Forest, Robin meets John Little who is possessed by the sorcerer Simon De Belleme. After the two of them have a fight using staffs and Robin washes the symbols of witchcraft from John's chest, the sorcerer's spell is broken. Robin decides to call him Little John and have him join the group of men Robin has gotten together to stop the Sheriff of Nottingham from committing the crimes he has been committing.

The series was directed by Ian Sharp and written by Richard Carpenter. Patrick Dromgoole, Paul Knight and Esta Charklam were the producers of the series.

Robin of Sherwood is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on April 28, 1984.

Where do I stream Robin of Sherwood online? Robin of Sherwood is available for streaming on MGM, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Robin of Sherwood on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla, Tubi TV online.

Saturdays on MGM
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
April 28, 1984
Action & Adventure, Anime
Cast: Michael Praed, Judi Trott, Nickolas Grace, Robert Addie, Jason Connery
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Robin of Sherwood Full Episode Guide

  • In this the final half of a two part episode, and the series finale, Robin has to cope with Gulnar's reappearance, and this time, Gulnar's evil deed is a golem identical to Robin himself. Robin and his merry men have to set the world to rights. Also, Gisburne and the Sheriff are seeking a way back into the King's favour without losing their heads.

  • The first of a two part episode, this series finale brings back an old foe, Gulnar, back to Robin's life. With many twists and turns, and seemingly everything going wrong, he has to track down Gulnar, and face him yet again. Meanwhile, the Sheriff is hunting Gisburne to save his own head as the King's demands become more severe.

  • A plot against his family Edgar, Robin's uncle, sets out to make the perfect plan of treason, then frames his brother, Robin's father. The plan is hinged on a 'witch' and her pig, Rutterkin, supposedly her familiar. Robin has to sort out the truth and bring his uncle to justice!

  • After John's annulment, his former wife plots to overthrow the King and put Arthur of Brittany in his place. The trouble is, Arthur was supposed to be dead. So what does this have to do with Robin? He has been taken into Robin's band and soon he is having the merry men aid him in his bidding, but is everyone willing?

  • After Much gets injured in a trap, he has to be taken for help, but where? All of a sudden a man appears and invites them to his village, Cromm Cruac, and they agree to go, except Tuck, who is familiar with the name and has a bad feeling, despite being uncertain about the details. Robin asks Marion to go with him and the rest continue to the village. Soon, the merry men see why Tuck had apprehensions.

  • On their way to Croxden Abbey, Robin and the gang save a woman who is being robbed. Unbeknown to them, she holds a deep secret. Meanwhile, Much and Will eat from a leper's campsite, and are convinced they will soon die.

  • The Sheriff is removed from his post and a new 'efficient' one takes his place. His justice is fair and swift, and aimed right at Robin Hood. In the meantime, he is accompanied by a Saracen who happens to have some old history with Nasir that has to be taken care of.

  • Robin is summoned by a strange woman who bears a ring that he immediately recognizes. Going all the way across England, Robin arrives at a castle he is instructed to defend against a marauding band of mercenaries who intend to steal the castle's treasure.

  • Robin Hood is back is everyone's thought, except Robert, who is hesitant to adopt the near holy name until he has proven himself worthy. Meanwhile, Marion is once more entangled with the outlaws and is caught trying to aid them.

  • The conclusion of a two part episode in which we see how Robert of Huntingdon becomes Herne's son. Marion is in the clutches of Lord Owen of Clun and it's up to the remains of the merry men to get her back.

  • The beginning of a two part episode, as well as the beginning of a new Robin. Here we see how his clash with Lord Owen of Clun, coupled with his meeting of Marion, leads to his search for Herne and his destiny.

  • Herne tells Robin that he has to face his greatest enemy, and that his whole life has culminated to and prepared him for facing this enemy. Meanwhile, the Sheriff tries once more to put an end to Robin Hood.

  • Robin and the outlaws must retrieve his sword.

  • A group of witches pose as nuns to steal from Robin.

  • Robin succumbs to witchcraft and it's up to his merry men to save him, but it's a hard task since he is soon under the control of the powerful sorcerer Baron de Belleme.

  • In the Sheriff's absence, Gisburne hires some former soldier comrades (now mercenaries) to help destroy Robin Hood. The timing is perfect since it's 'the time of the blessing,' during which Herne forbids any bloodshed for two days.

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