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  • TV-PG
  • 1984
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.4  (4,881)

Robin of Sherwood is a fantasy-adventure television series that was produced by HTV and shown on ITV from 1984 to 1986. The series follows the adventures of Robin Hood, a legendary outlaw who robs from the rich to give to the poor. The show is set in a mythical version of medieval England.

The lead role of Robin Hood was initially played by Michael Praed, who brought a fresh and charismatic portrayal of the character to the screen. Praed's Robin is a complex and nuanced character, driven by a deep sense of justice and a desire to help the oppressed. He is joined in his adventures by a motley crew of followers, including Little John (played by Clive Mantle), Friar Tuck (played by Phil Rose), and Will Scarlet (played by Ray Winstone).

The series has a strong mythic and mystical component, with Robin seen as a chosen one who is guided by the powers of the forest and the supernatural. The recurrent figure of Herne the Hunter, the forest spirit who appears to Robin and his followers, adds an ethereal touch to the series. The show's mix of history, folklore, and a touch of magic creates a unique atmosphere that sets it apart from other adaptations of the Robin Hood tales.

The show features a large and diverse cast of characters, both heroic and villainous. Among the most memorable are the Sheriff of Nottingham (played by Nickolas Grace), a cunning and malevolent figure who always seems to be one step ahead of Robin; Guy of Gisburne (played by Robert Addie), the Sheriff's loyal and ruthless lieutenant; and Maid Marian (played by Judi Trott), Robin's love interest and a strong-willed and compassionate woman who supports Robin's cause.

In the show's second season, Michael Praed was replaced by Jason Connery as Robin Hood. While the transition was controversial at the time, Connery acquitted himself well in the role, bringing a more brooding and serious edge to the character. The supporting cast of the series remained largely the same, with standout performances from the likes of Ray Winstone and John Rhys-Davies as the villainous King Richard.

The show's production values are impressive for its time, featuring stunning outdoor locations, expertly designed costumes and sets, and a haunting score by Clannad. The action scenes are well-choreographed and exciting, with stunt work and practical effects that hold up well even today.

Overall, Robin of Sherwood is a classic of British television, a well-loved and enduring adaptation of the Robin Hood tales that combines history, fantasy, and adventure in a unique and compelling way. Its iconic characters, memorable music, and atmospheric storytelling have made it a beloved cult classic, treasured by fans of all ages.

Robin of Sherwood is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on April 28, 1984.

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The Time of the Wolf (2)
13. The Time of the Wolf (2)
June 28, 1986
In this the final half of a two part episode, and the series finale, Robin has to cope with Gulnar's reappearance, and this time, Gulnar's evil deed is a golem identical to Robin himself. Robin and his merry men have to set the world to rights. Also, Gisburne and the Sheriff are seeking a way back into the King's favour without losing their heads.
The Time of the Wolf (1)
12. The Time of the Wolf (1)
June 21, 1986
The first of a two part episode, this series finale brings back an old foe, Gulnar, back to Robin's life. With many twists and turns, and seemingly everything going wrong, he has to track down Gulnar, and face him yet again. Meanwhile, the Sheriff is hunting Gisburne to save his own head as the King's demands become more severe.
11. Rutterkin
June 14, 1986
A plot against his family Edgar, Robin's uncle, sets out to make the perfect plan of treason, then frames his brother, Robin's father. The plan is hinged on a 'witch' and her pig, Rutterkin, supposedly her familiar. Robin has to sort out the truth and bring his uncle to justice!
The Pretender
10. The Pretender
June 7, 1986
After John's annulment, his former wife plots to overthrow the King and put Arthur of Brittany in his place. The trouble is, Arthur was supposed to be dead. So what does this have to do with Robin? He has been taken into Robin's band and soon he is having the merry men aid him in his bidding, but is everyone willing?
Adam Bell
9. Adam Bell
May 31, 1986
The Sheriff's nephew is kidnapped and the Sheriff calls on Robin Hood to track down and retrieve the child. The kidnappers are a band headed by a man named Adam Bell, who many believe to be just like Robin. Is Robin just another outlaw?
The Betrayal
8. The Betrayal
May 24, 1986
Another 'catch Robin Hood' episode, only this time it's not the Sheriff but King John who masterminds the killing of Robin Hood. The King gets soldiers to dress up like the merry men and commit atrocities with Robin Hood and his men taking the fall.
Cromm Cruac
7. Cromm Cruac
May 17, 1986
After Much gets injured in a trap, he has to be taken for help, but where? All of a sudden a man appears and invites them to his village, Cromm Cruac, and they agree to go, except Tuck, who is familiar with the name and has a bad feeling, despite being uncertain about the details. Robin asks Marion to go with him and the rest continue to the village. Soon, the merry men see why Tuck had apprehensions.
The Cross of St. Ciricus
6. The Cross of St. Ciricus
May 10, 1986
On their way to Croxden Abbey, Robin and the gang save a woman who is being robbed. Unbeknown to them, she holds a deep secret. Meanwhile, Much and Will eat from a leper's campsite, and are convinced they will soon die.
The Sheriff of Nottingham
5. The Sheriff of Nottingham
May 3, 1986
The Sheriff is removed from his post and a new 'efficient' one takes his place. His justice is fair and swift, and aimed right at Robin Hood. In the meantime, he is accompanied by a Saracen who happens to have some old history with Nasir that has to be taken care of.
The Inheritance
4. The Inheritance
April 26, 1986
Robin is summoned by a strange woman who bears a ring that he immediately recognizes. Going all the way across England, Robin arrives at a castle he is instructed to defend against a marauding band of mercenaries who intend to steal the castle's treasure.
The Power of Albion
3. The Power of Albion
April 19, 1986
Robin Hood is back is everyone's thought, except Robert, who is hesitant to adopt the near holy name until he has proven himself worthy. Meanwhile, Marion is once more entangled with the outlaws and is caught trying to aid them.
Herne's Son (2)
2. Herne's Son (2)
April 12, 1986
The conclusion of a two part episode in which we see how Robert of Huntingdon becomes Herne's son. Marion is in the clutches of Lord Owen of Clun and it's up to the remains of the merry men to get her back.
Herne's Son (1)
1. Herne's Son (1)
April 5, 1986
The beginning of a two part episode, as well as the beginning of a new Robin. Here we see how his clash with Lord Owen of Clun, coupled with his meeting of Marion, leads to his search for Herne and his destiny.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 28, 1984
  • IMDB Rating
    8.4  (4,881)