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The adventures of Sherlock Holmes is one of the classic dramatizations of the even more classic tales of the most famous detective ever to grace the pages of the book detective Sherlock Holmes who was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The inventors of Sherlock Holmes television series was an extremely faithful television dramatization of the classic tales of Sherlock Holmes that all mystery and these procedural aficionados have come to love and door the world over the adventures of Sherlock Holmes television series aired from 1984 to 1994. Sherlock Holmes was portrayed by Jeremy Brett, who did an absolutely outstanding job of portraying the mannerisms and psychology of the classic literary detective. His faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson was portrayed by David Burke in the first two seasons of the series and then was replaced by Edward Hardwick, who continued the role through to the completion of the series.

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes television series went through each of the famous stories from the complete works of Sherlock Holmes all the way through to the case of the final problem. The show provides a unique look into whom detective Sherlock Holmes might have been had he been a live flesh and blood individual. The same goes for Dr. Watson as the two actors in this series. Try to stick as closely as possible, to the original descriptions of the characters that were found in those fantastic stories in each episode of this series, the viewer was granted a first-hand look at exactly how the famous detective solve each of these extremely intriguing cases with the help of Dr. Watson. The viewer can almost see the gears turning in Sherlock said as he uses his awesome powers of deduction to unravel the mystery. This series also provided one of the first looks into detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as individuals. In a flesh and blood world, these men were extremely complicated and had issues that each person struggled to deal with on a daily basis. If Sherlock wasn't working for instant he fell into extreme bouts of depression and was unable to function in regular society. Dr. Watson on the other hand liked to gamble a little too much, although Dr. Watson also provides a unique perspective with his medical knowledge, as well as being the official biographer of Sherlock Holmes and his cases and adventures and a mysterious Dr. Watson's articles on the life of Sherlock Holmes are often published in the local newspapers and would later become the basis for novel.

The particular portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson found in this series is one of the most realistic and true to life representations to be found anywhere and any viewer that loves the classic tales of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is sure to love this particular television series.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (67 episodes). The series first aired on October 18, 1960.

Where do I stream The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes online? The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is available for streaming on American Pop Classics, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on demand at Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV online.

American Pop Classics
4 Seasons, 67 Episodes
October 18, 1960
Cast: David Burke, Jeremy Brett, Rosalie Williams, Edward Hardwicke, Colin Jeavons
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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Full Episode Guide

  • Young man accused of murdering fiancee's father.

  • Watson finds diamond tooth near where body turns up later.

  • Young boy seeks help finding his gambling father on the run from creditors.

  • Holmes acts stranger than usual.

  • Hunt for a treasure and truth about a curse.

  • On vacation in Balkans, host accused of murder.

  • Holmes joins lonely hearts club to catch blackmailers.

  • Condemned man asks Holmes to prove his innocence.

  • Dead man's will requests investigation by Holmes.

  • Holmes uses dead gangster's identity on trail to Paris.

  • Back from vacation, Holmes finds a fake Holmes at work.

  • Salesman found hanged _ suicide or murder?

  • Man tells his wife he will murder her the next day.

  • Baby left with Holmes and Watson, thenkidnapped.

  • Crazed fiance takes revenge on advice columnist.

  • Young boy vanishes while traveling on train with father.

  • Serial killer threatens to kill Holmes before he dies.

  • Names written on church steps lead to deaths of those named.

  • Bomb planted somewhere in Londonby extortionist.

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