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The Adventures of Robin Hood was a TV show that was very popular in both the US Britain. The Adventures of Robin Hood aired 143 episodes, by airing once a week during 1955 and 1959. The Adventures of Robin Hood Richard Greene as Robin Hood, and Alan Wheatley as the sheriff, his enemy.

The Adventures of Robin Hood was made for children, but was watched and loved by viewers of all ages. The show features Robin Hood, the good guy, who protects the Kingdom of England from the evil Prince John because the king is away and can not protect the kingdom.

The Adventures of Robin Hood ran for 25 minutes at a time and was more advanced than man TV series of its time, with fade outs when commercials where intended to start. The Adventures of Robin Hood was filmed on 35mm film so that the show was aired in the highest possible quality of that time.

The plot is set in The Kingdom of England back in the 12th Century, when Kind Richard ruled. Robin Hood is wrongly committed as the bad guy, when he is actually a really good character. Robin Hood lives in a lively forest called Sherwood Forest with a group of men who want to bring justice to the poor.

The Adventures of Robin Hood was a very popular show back when it aired in the US and Britain, and to this day people have a fond memory of the show and watch it again and again.

The Adventures of Robin Hood is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (220 episodes). The series first aired on September 25, 1955.

The Adventures of Robin Hood is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Adventures of Robin Hood on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla, FlixFling VOD online.

American Pop Classics
9 Seasons, 220 Episodes
September 25, 1955
Action & Adventure
Cast: Richard Greene, Bernadette O'Farrell, Patricia Driscoll, Alexander Gauge, Archie Duncan
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The Adventures of Robin Hood Full Episode Guide

  • Robin falls into clutches of a villain.

  • Robin mistaken for suitor of daughter of wealthy merchant.

  • Litle John acquires 3 dice-like stones that may tell future.

  • Crusader challenges Robin's prowess with the bow.

  • Masked man steals gold chain from Deputy Sheriff.

  • Deputy Sheriff threatens to hand serfs each day to trap Robin.

  • Duncan of Stoneykirk worries Robin with his interest in Marian.

  • Wild Highland clansman returns to bedevil Sherwood.

  • As research for journal, Sir Geoffrey becomes outlaw.

  • Little John edged out of Robin's favor by Will Scarlett.

  • Pedlar sells villagers useless potions.

  • Deputy Sheriff tries to trap Tuck for working with Robin.

  • Deputy Sheriff wants Robin's help.

  • Sir Watkyn plots to extort large sums of money from peasants.

  • Strange knight playing a harp is nearly killed.

  • Robin and Will help a prisoner.

  • Robin catches 3 knights, but one is Marian's cousin.

  • Harmless eccentric carries out experiments and taken advantage of.

  • Outlaw changes identities with murdered man and uses letter from Robin.

  • Marian takes Robin's place in archery contest.

  • Plot to catch Little John when his mother falls ill.

  • Spy for Prince John tricks two of Robin's men.

  • Tailor's assistant turns traitor to capture Robin.

  • Sheriff needs help from Robin after he starts a big fire.

  • Sheriff rigs a raffle to make money for Prince John.

  • Little John breaks leg and is taken to foreign doctor.

  • Robin and a minstrel spoil Prince John's latest plans.

  • Marian's nephew returns to England scornful of Robin and men.

  • Inventor of catapult has brother seized as hostage.

  • Sir Boland plans to marry off daughter to old guy for the money.