Watch TV Shows on American Pop Classics

American Pop Classics is a library of old and iconic films that some would argue helped shape the way some movies are made today. Primarily on Hulu, American Pop Classics features a massive library of television and movies from the 1950s, the 60s and the 70. One of those lost classic shows is That Show With Joan Rivers.

One of the most notable hit series from the 1970s is Lancelot Link Secret Chimp, which used to be a show for the kids that ran on Saturday morning. While American Pop Classics primarily showcases their movies and television shows on YouTube, they also have a couple of other on-demand channels as well such as Amazon and Verizon FiOS.

American Pop Classics state that new movies and titles are added every single month as more are found and acquired. Referred to as the "golden age of Hollywood", there are many of the iconic and popular shows from decades ago on the station today.

Shows like Popeye, Sherlock Holmes, Man with a Camera, Bonanza, The Bushwhackers, Red House, Jackie Robinson Story, War Devils, House on Haunted Hill and many more. There are hundreds of exclusive titles just on Hulu alone with more being added as time goes on.