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The series One Step Beyond is all about a collection of stories and songs that were very inspirational and meaningful. The series which aired in the form of episodes 25 minutes each was a narrative of these logical stories which were based on real time events and real life experiences some of which were beyond the understanding of science.

The series comprised stories of different nature portraying issues like disasters, the myth and truth about the presence of ghosts on earth, assassinations, people disappearing, the existence of imaginary creatures on earth.

The series which was full of suspense was developed by Mervin Gerard and production was done by Collier Young.

The film which lasted for three seasons was broadcast on ABC.

The Sacred Mushroom which was one of the very first and main episodes in the series was all about the invention of drugs that are capable of altering the way the human mind functions. A guy named Newman was behind this finding as on one of his trips to Mexico he came across a lady who was gifted in using mushrooms for magical purposes. Newman ate some of them as he was made to believe by the lady that these mushrooms were capable of increasing the mental capacity of humans.

The characters in the series were played by actors and actresses who at the time were not popular in the film industry. They include Elizabeth Montgomery featuring, Charles Bronson featuring as Yvette Mimieux, Warren Beatty, Christopher Lee, Beverly Washburn, Robert Blak, Cloris Leachman, Mike Connors and Pernell Roberts.

Apart from these actors and actresses other members of the crew included John Newland who also participated as the host and directed most of the series. Others were Robert Douglas and Will White.

Music for the series was provided by Harry Lubin. He made use of songs in what was considered a soundtrack album One Step at a Time.

The complete series with all 96 episodes is available on DVD.

Tuesdays at 10:00 pm et/pt on American Pop Classics
3 Seasons, 97 Episodes
January 20, 1959
Science Fiction
Cast: John Newland
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One Step Beyond Full Episode Guide

  • After going into a trance a newspaperman writes a story about a volcano eruption--the day before it occurs.

  • Much to the dismay of his fiancee, artist Paul Roland keeps painting the image of a woman from his nightmares.

  • A stringent governess disciplines her charge by destroying her toys. Then the child starts cultivating an imaginary tiger.

  • An aspiring writer meets a femme fatale each night at precisely midnight. She soon leads him into a life of crime.

  • A girl under hypnosis has a vision which causes her to become hysterical.

  • A political theorist sniffs a rare flower and is turned into a fiery revolutionary.

  • The survivor of a World War II concentration camp receives a visit from a German officer who is dead.

  • During World War II, a German general plans a special party for some French peasants--right before he plans to ship them to labor camps.

  • A lawyer, having put an innocent man on death row for the murder of a woman he knows to be alive, is haunted by his machinations.

  • Three sailors from the H.M.S. Hood have premonitions: two see death, the third sees living to an old age. Then word is passed that the German battleship Bismarck has been sighted.

  • Because of mental illness that is prevalent in her family, a woman has always been wary of having children. Then one night she hears the sobs of a weeping child.

  • A man's recurring nightmare takes its toll on his health and romantic relationship.

  • Strange things are happening in regards to a man named Wyndham Roberts. He's attending church and he's also in the local police station confessing to a murder.

  • A stranger rescues a family from an earthquake but he's later discovered to have died in prison some time before.

  • A political refugee doctor takes asylum in a convent thought to be haunted.

  • A phony psychic has a shocking real vision of her son committing a murder.

  • Documentary episode about the use of mushrooms in religious rituals.

  • A former newsman, now living in poverty, finds he writes his best stories when he's asleep.

  • A boxer decides to continue his career in London during the Blitz in 1940.

  • A Union officer decides to make an example out of a lost Confederate soldier who stumbled into a Union camp.

  • Even though her husband has been MIA for over two years, a woman hesitates to remarry because she's certain he's still alive.

  • It's raining rocks in Chico, California and a stranger claims he can make it continue.

  • A pregnant woman starts getting haunted by premonitions of a plane crash.

  • A bomb deactivator in post-World War II London is driven to dismantle one final bomb.

  • A reporter investigating a series of arsons is driven by a voice encouraging additional fires.

  • A man suddenly begins to babble on and on about people he doesn't even know.

  • An English girl, on vacation in France with her American friend, has a vision of a soldier's death.

  • A woman believes she has the power to cause death merely by wishing it.

  • Sally Ellis leaves home after an argument with her father who blames her for the accidental death of her brother. After a period of time the father relents and asks Sally to return home. She decides to hitchhike back--in a blinding rainstorm over treacherous roads.

  • During the Korean War, a wounded soldier attempts to re-join his unit but may need the help of pyschic forces.

  • An adulterous couple is haunted by the ghost of a cyclist they accidentally ran over and killed.

  • A wheelchair bound woman is forced to turn to telepathy to save her from an approaching tidal wave.

  • A dead artist's fame rests on one painting that was unfinished when he passed away but is now complete.

  • A young boy is devastated when his grandfather dies without keeping a promise.

  • In Hong Kong, a British army officer searches frantically for his missing Asian wife. In desperation, he turns to an elderly Chinese man who tells him to look for her in the "House of the Dead."

  • A shy and lonely young man looks out his window one day and sees an incredible sight--it's himself strolling down the street with a gorgeous young woman.

  • A man's newly purchased watch seems to be bringing about murderous dreams.

  • A young convict tries to get in on an impending prison break.

  • Harry and Ellen Grayson are a couple who can't seem to stop bickering. One night, Harry drives away from their mountain cabin vowing never to return. But things don't always go as planned.

  • Vacationing at a tropical resort, a lonely man spends an enchanting evening with a sweet young thing but the next day she is gone and the other resort guests insist that he spent the evening alone.

  • After years in show biz as a psychic act, Peter Hurkos is called upon by the police to help solve a brutal murder.

  • In Amsterdam during World War II, Peter Hurkos falls 30 feet off the roof of a building. When he awakens in a hospital, he discovers that he has psychic powers. Later, after the war is finished, Hurkos embarks upon a career in show business.

  • A pilot who disappeared while surveying woods suddenly re-appears and seems to have gone mad.

  • A man is seen beating a woman to death. Minutes later, they appear at a dinner party unscarred and uninjured.

  • A mute circus clown befriends a woman trapped in an abusive marriage but this friendship is no laughing matter to the husband.

  • Three explorers, who are lost in the desert and running low on supplies, suddenly meet up with a man who offers to lead them back to civilization.

  • Suspecting that a friend is having an affair with his wife, a man decides to make sure that the friend's next ski trip is also his last.

  • A World War II pilot, while in a hospital recovering from overexposure to the sun, becomes possessed by the spirit of a long deceased Egyptian prince.

  • After a woman mysteriously vanishes, her husband asks the police to help him find her. But they accuse him of murdering her.

  • In Vienna, some sort of spirit appears determined to keep a shy youth from winning the heart of a waitress.

  • President Abraham Lincoln dreams that he is dead. Then, on the following evening, he takes that infamous trip to Ford's Theater.

  • An actress is haunted by the cries of her recently deceased child.

  • A Chinese box which allegedly has special powers creates havoc for three men on a hunting trip.

  • In 1906 San Francisco, a bellhop has premonitions of a great earthquake but nobody believes him.

  • A condemned murderer manages to escape the gallows and take refuge in a ghost town.

  • In New Orleans, a wino is held for a murder committed by a piano player.

  • A young farm girl acquires the ability to read people's minds. This gift proves instrumental in the rescue of two young children.

  • The son of a lawyer inherits an old burlesque house and gets a glimpse of his father's past.

  • Simon Lockhart appears to be in excellent health for a man his age but he keeps insisting that he's going to die--and on this very day.

  • A turn of the century newlywed claims that her evil twin sister is responsible for a series of fires set in orphanages. Investigating the claim, it's discovered that the sister died years ago in a fire at the orphanage where the sisters lived.

  • In 1939, German glider enthusiasts plan to meet on the first weekend after World War II ends. Needless to say, things don't come off as originally planned.

  • Two visions of death: a banker's wife sees her husband's death while a machinist sees his own.

  • An artist witnesses an attempted suicide by a young woman in an adjacent building. When he rushes there to save her, he discovers that the apartment is empty.

  • A wealthy but cruel woman unknowingly owns a cursed necklace which later inflicts a horrible punishment upon her.

  • A runaway child, upon being returned safely to his parents, says that he wasn't alone when he left home. He claims he was accompanied by a huge beast.

  • A 16th century Scottish earl has his son's lover executed for being a witch but before she dies she places a curse on his family--every oldest son and first heir to the earldom will die before his father. Fast forward to the current century where the current earl tries desperately to prevent the curse from coming to fruition once again.

  • During World War II, an alcoholic pharmacist's mate must operate on the injured captain of his ship while getting instructions over the radio from the chief medical officer of a nearby ship. But for the operation succeed it might take something more than radio instructions.

  • A man with a rare blood type donates it to save a young girl's life. Later, he has visions about her death and becomes obssessed with protecting the girl.

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