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The series One Step Beyond is all about a collection of stories and songs that were very inspirational and meaningful. The series which aired in the form of episodes 25 minutes each was a narrative of these logical stories which were based on real time events and real life experiences some of which were beyond the understanding of science.

The series comprised stories of different nature portraying issues like disasters, the myth and truth about the presence of ghosts on earth, assassinations, people disappearing, the existence of imaginary creatures on earth.

The series which was full of suspense was developed by Mervin Gerard and production was done by Collier Young.

The film which lasted for three seasons was broadcast on ABC.

The Sacred Mushroom which was one of the very first and main episodes in the series was all about the invention of drugs that are capable of altering the way the human mind functions. A guy named Newman was behind this finding as on one of his trips to Mexico he came across a lady who was gifted in using mushrooms for magical purposes. Newman ate some of them as he was made to believe by the lady that these mushrooms were capable of increasing the mental capacity of humans.

The characters in the series were played by actors and actresses who at the time were not popular in the film industry. They include Elizabeth Montgomery featuring, Charles Bronson featuring as Yvette Mimieux, Warren Beatty, Christopher Lee, Beverly Washburn, Robert Blak, Cloris Leachman, Mike Connors and Pernell Roberts.

Apart from these actors and actresses other members of the crew included John Newland who also participated as the host and directed most of the series. Others were Robert Douglas and Will White.

Music for the series was provided by Harry Lubin. He made use of songs in what was considered a soundtrack album One Step at a Time.

The complete series with all 96 episodes is available on DVD.

One Step Beyond is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (125 episodes). The series first aired on January 20, 1959.

Where do I stream One Step Beyond online? One Step Beyond is available for streaming on American Pop Classics, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch One Step Beyond on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Viki online.

Tuesdays at 10:00 pm et/pt on American Pop Classics
5 Seasons, 125 Episodes
January 20, 1959
Science Fiction
Cast: John Newland
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One Step Beyond Full Episode Guide

  • Man is in church and confessing to murder at police station same time.

  • Washington ponders surrendering at Valley Forge.

  • Escaped convict meets ghost of aztec warrior in Mexican monastery.

  • Phoney fortune teller sees her son commit murder.

  • Man writes articles in his sleep.

  • Man is well known on an island he has never visited.

  • Confederate soldier saved by his dog after death.

  • Woman winds up at wrong seaside resort for her vacation.

  • Can tablets turn water into car fuel?

  • Woman repeatedly hears plane about to crash at 12:17pm.

  • Man suddenly becomes gravely ill.

  • Vacationer in France has vision of English captain being killed.

  • Woman believes she can cause death by wishing it.

  • Man kills bicyclist by accident; haunted by him one year later.

  • Wheelchair bound woman seeks help as tidal wave approaches.

  • Dead artist's fame rests on single painting finished after he dies.

  • Grandpa dies without filling a promise to young Doug.

  • Chinese man helps army officer seek wife in Hong Kong.

  • Three lost explorers in desert saved by mystery stranger.

  • During prison escape, one learns lesson from his gypsy friend.

  • Years of bickering bring couple to break up.

  • Couple meet on island and fall in love, but was she real?

  • Man awakens with psychic powers and can see good or evil in people.

  • Pilot seems to have gone mad after surveying woods.

  • Man witnesses murder in a hotel, then sees same couple later at dinner.

  • Carnival clown haunts abusive husband.

  • Ghost of prize fighter haunts London boxing arena.

  • Jealous man plans for best friend to die on hunting trip.

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