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  • 1960
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The Lawrence Welk Show was a musical variety television series that aired from 1955 to 1982. It was a wholesome family show that featured the best in popular music, dance, and comedy. The show starred Lawrence Welk, a popular bandleader and accordionist, and his orchestra. One of the most popular members of the cast was Myron Floren, an American musician who specialized in playing the accordion, piano, and most keyboard instruments.

The Lawrence Welk Show was filmed in a ballroom setting and featured a live audience. The show had a format that included a mix of musical numbers, skits, and guest appearances. Each week, Lawrence Welk and his orchestra would perform some of the most popular songs of the day. The show was known for its catchy tunes, upbeat tempo, and toe-tapping rhythms.

One of the standout performers on The Lawrence Welk Show was Myron Floren. Floren was a talented musician who brought an energy and enthusiasm to every performance. He was known for his dexterity on the accordion and his ability to play a variety of other instruments. Floren was also a great showman who could engage the audience with his humor and charisma.

The Lawrence Welk Show was a popular program that appealed to audiences across America. It was a family-friendly show that featured wholesome entertainment that was suitable for all ages. The show was a reflection of the times, and it captured the spirit of the era in which it was produced.

The Lawrence Welk Show became an important part of American Pop Classics history. The show was beloved by millions of viewers who tuned in every week to enjoy the music, dance, and comedy. It was a show that brought joy and entertainment to people of all ages, and it was a reflection of a simpler time in American culture.

In conclusion, the Lawrence Welk Show was a musical variety television series that aired from 1955 to 1982. It featured Lawrence Welk, his orchestra, and a cast of talented performers who entertained audiences with music, dance, and comedy. Myron Floren was one of the most popular performers on the show, and his talent and showmanship added to the show's popularity. The Lawrence Welk Show was a wholesome family show that captured the spirit of the times and brought joy to millions of viewers across America.

The Lawrence Welk Show is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on June 17, 1960.

The Lawrence Welk Show
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My North Dakota Home
21. My North Dakota Home
January 6, 1967
This was the first show of the new year in 1967, and include performances by the Lennon Sisters, Jo Ann Castle, and more.
New Year's Special
20. New Year's Special
January 5, 1962
The first show of the new year in 1962.
Top Tunes and New Talent Show
19. Top Tunes and New Talent Show
December 15, 1957
A classic Christmas special as only Lawrence Welk could deliver! In this episode, Christmas is in the air with musical selections that truly celebrate the season.
Winter Show
18. Winter Show
December 23, 1966
This is the Christmas episode from 1966.
Christmas Special
17. Christmas Special
December 18, 1959
This Christmas Special from 1959 includes special guest Janice Bailey.
Christmas Show
16. Christmas Show
December 19, 1958
This is the Christmas Special from 1958, which includes many Christmas classics!
Southtown USA
15. Southtown USA
February 21, 1964
The special guests for this episode are the Mills Brothers.
Valentines Day
14. Valentines Day
February 10, 1962
This episode has special guest, Pinky Savitt.
Valentine's Day
14. Valentine's Day
February 9, 1962
This episode has special guest, Pinky Savitt.
Variety Special 2
13. Variety Special 2
October 18, 1957
A stellar episode of Lawrence Welk and his band.
Mardi Gras
12. Mardi Gras
February 23, 1968
A Mardi Gras celebration, Lawrence Welk style!
Salute to Norma Zimmer
11. Salute to Norma Zimmer
November 12, 1965
A tribute to Lawrence Welk's "Champagne Lady," Norma Zimmer.
Veteran's Day Show
10. Veteran's Day Show
November 5, 1965
A show dedicated to the members of the armed forces.
Stephen Foster Tribute
9. Stephen Foster Tribute
May 30, 1969
Most of this episode is set in the Stephen Foster period as a tribute to the "Father of American Music."
Friends and Family
8. Friends and Family
March 17, 1967
The special guest for this episode was Lil' Wally.
The in Crowd Special
7. The in Crowd Special
August 6, 1965
Variety special with performances by Norma Simmer, Jo Ann Castle, and more.
September Swing
6. September Swing
September 16, 1966
Opening episode from the show's 12th Season on ABC.
September at Home
5. September at Home
September 17, 1965
This is the season premiere of Season 11, which takes place at the Country Club Mobile Home Estates in Escondido, CA.
The Gypsy Show
4. The Gypsy Show
January 15, 1965
This was a Gypsy-themed special.
A Tribute to the Movies
3. A Tribute to the Movies
April 5, 1963
A nod to Academy Award Winners, with musical hits from the past.
Variety Special
2. Variety Special
April 13, 1962
Guest stars for this episode include Roberta Shore and Joe Livoti.
5th Anniversary Show
1. 5th Anniversary Show
June 17, 1960
This was the 5th Anniversary Show, with special guest Janice Bailey.
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The Lawrence Welk Show is available for streaming on the American Pop Classics website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Lawrence Welk Show on demand at Amazon Prime.
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    June 17, 1960
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