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The Beverly Hillbillies depicts the ultimate rags to riches situation. A family of country hicks living on a farm with few modern conveniences accidentally strike oil on the land. Almost immediately they pack the entire family up in the good old jalopy and head west to the posh town of Beverly Hills. They buy a great big house and soon the viewer gets to see this out-of-place family make one cultural blunder after another. A lot of episodes involve the shady banker Milburn Drysdale who is only interested in the Clampett's money and not their well=being at all. When it comes to fitting in among their new hometown, the laughs keep coming as no one in the family blends in at all. This long-lasting show can be watched in black and white or color as it was later adapted.

The Beverly Hillbillies is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (273 episodes). The series first aired on September 26, 1962.

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9 Seasons, 273 Episodes
September 26, 1962
Cast: Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Max Baer, Jr.
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The Beverly Hillbillies Full Episode Guide

  • Elly May's cheating suitor is unmasked and his plans revealed. Jethro comes out of his hideout when the wedding plans are announced.

  • A fortune hunter charms everyone at the Clampett household and sets his sights into marrying Elly May.

  • An unemployed actor sees a chance to marry a millionaire when he learns about Elly May's background. The actor woos Jane Hathaway to reach the hillbilly girl.

  • Jethro steals away as his former ugly girlfriend announces she's coming to visit the Clampetts.

  • Elly begins working at Drysdale's bank and becomes close friends with Ms. Hathaway. Eventually Elly May moves into Ms. Hathaway's flat.

  • Granny and Elly May return home only after being assured their rights will be respected.

  • Female Clampetts part company with Jed and Jethro leaving them on their own in the mansion.

  • Granny and Elly May ally with other women's lib supporters to resist against a Karate expert and his minions, Jed and Jethro.

  • Jed and Jethro suffer the consequences of women's lib when Grammy and Elly May support a women's group.

  • Drysdale's secretaries form a group known as GRUN to express publicly their demand for better work conditions. The Clampetts join them in their efforts.

  • Drysdale persuades the hillbillies to remain waging the war against the Grunions.On the other hand, at his bank the secretaries rally to protest their situation.

  • The Clampetts head to beach in order to face the onslaught of warring aliens. Surfers become the victims of this misunderstanding.

  • Drysdale's scheme to discredit Mark have the Clampetts quite convinced they're at war.

  • Granny's boundless imagination leads her to imagine the poor Shorty has transformed into a seal.

  • Disgruntled with Elly May and Mark's love affair, Granny summons Shorty Kellems, an old suitor of Elly May's. But her plan stumbles upon some snags.

  • Drysdale attempts to win the Clampetts' favor through Mark but the navy officer suggests the banker to donate a sum on behalf of the oceanography. Drysdale gets angry and throws Mark out of his office.

  • Jed wants to become a frogman as well so he starts taking lessons. Granny, still confused about all this stuff, believes he's also got under a spell.

  • When Granny learns that Elly's suitor is teaching him to be a frogwoman, she runs as hell to help the poor girl shun her fate.

  • Granny convinces Jane Hathaway to kiss Elly's suitor to grant a perfect transformation from frog to man.

  • Poor Granny is befuddled when a potion to cure Mark apparently backfires and the Navy frogman is turned into a frog.

  • Granny distrusts Mark Templeton, Elly's latest suitor. She considers the man something of a freak: half-man, half-frog.

  • The poor Clampetts are thrown into a psychiatric ward after being labeled as paranoiacs. Still they persist on their idea of meeting the President.

  • Believing that the President will accept their donation to fight smog, the Clampetts head straight to Washington, only to be arrested before they can meet the President.

  • Jethro considers he must do something to eradicate smog from L.A. and comes up with a new car. Drysdale concocts a scheme to convince Jed of returning his money. He uses a comedian to impersonate President Nixon.

  • Mr. Drysdale gets involved in the scheme of removing the smog of California when he fears that Jed is being duped. Honest John and his wife, Flo work together, as she disguises herself as Shifty's Spanish speaking mother. They are close to getting away with the money when Flo is knocked unconscious. Granny gives her a dose of tonic to revive her, which makes Flo tell the truth.

  • Honest John returns with the prodding of his wife, to con the Clampetts out of their fortune. His scheme this time is to tell Jed he needs funding for his drilling of the San Bernardino Mountains to clean up the smog from the air. Jed tells Mr. Drysdale he need some money for a drilling project, which makes him believe he has found more oil.

  • While the Clampetts join Granny in the cabin, Shorty uses the mansion as a hotel for women, inviting all the secretaries from the bank to spend the day. When Jethro hears about Shorty's idea, he sneaks out to join him.

  • The Clampetts scheme to give Gloria a glimpse of what her new life will be like now that she has married Shorty. Jed tells Granny to fix up the cabin for her while Shorty is put back in his cage. After a day of farm work, Shorty gets a look at his new bride, complete with ratted hair and a dirty face.

  • Shorty can no longer be trusted and the Clampetts have built a cage to hold me until the ceremony. With Jethro as the guard, Shorty makes his escape and is found back at the bank with Gloria. When it is discovered that a judge can marry the couple, Jed rushes Elverna to the bank to finally complete the wedding.

  • Shorty is still trying to prevent being a married man by sowing his wild oats at the bank with the secretaries. Miss Jane and Jed hope to make him remain interested in Elverna by pasting her face on a picture of a beauty pageant winner. That would have worked until he saw her in her bathing suit.

  • Shorty and Elverna's wedding day has arrived and he is in a panic. He will do anything to escape being married, including making Elverna believe he is a gambler since her family has had a past with gambling. Meanwhile back at the bank, Mr. Drysdale is in hot water over a bonus he hasn't paid his secretary, and her brothers have come to collect.

  • Jed has Mr. Drysdale arrange a bachelor party for Shorty, creating an old fashioned Oriental slave auction with Shorty acting as a sheik with a harem.

  • Jed finds out that Shorty had never left Beverly Hills and is living in their cellar. When a friend from back home, Shad Heller arrives they decide that Shorty should marry Elverna Bradshaw from back home.

  • As Jed and Howard Hewes finalize plans for getting the new airport set up, Mr. Drysdale decides to come down and meet Mr. Hewes in person. He is elated to meet the billionaire until he sees his signature and realizes that this is a different Howard Hughes.

  • The Clampetts head to Hooterville to visit Bobbie Jo and Steve's new baby. While there, Steve tells Jed that the town needs a crop dusting plane. Jed makes a call to Mr. Drysdale to inform him that he needs to purchase a plane, which he mistakes as a jet. Jed informs him that he has made a deal with Howard Hewes to buy the town a plane, which Mr. Drysdale believes is the famous eccentric billionaire.

  • Lance Bradford may have been a hero in the Air Force, but in the field of banking he has much to learn. Mr. Drysdale earges Lance to get new accounts. Jethro says he will open a new account, depositing his whole allowance if he will teach him how to get girls.

  • The Drysdale's nephew, Lance Bradford has returned as a hero and is to be made a Vice President of the bank. But when Jethro mistakes the welcoming ceremony as being for himself after having saved a dog, he bumps his car into the stage and knocks him unconscious, When Lance awakens, he sees Elly May and falls in love with her, much to the horror of Mrs. Drysdale.

  • Granny wants to get rid of Shorty and send him back home, believing he is a bad influence on the family. When he withdraws all his money from the bank, Mr. Drysdale fears it is because the women had dunked him in the pool and Jed may be next to remove his money from the bank.

  • Mr. Drysdale wants to get his hands on Shorty Kellem's money when he comes to Beverly Hills for a visit. Mr. Drysdale mistakes a conversation he overheard, believing Shorty has more money than Jed and will do whatever he can to woo him into his bank.

  • The Clampetts have returned to Beverly Hills and Granny begins her search for a man for Elly May again. When Elly sees a veterinarian see likes, Granny wants to help her out but is having trouble seeing without her glasses. Jethro makes a supreme sacrifice by charming Miss Jane away from the vet so that Elly could meet him, but a huge meal has put him asleep leaving Miss Jane with Jed.

  • Now that Shifty Shafer/Honest John has been kicked out of New York City, the Clampetts decide to take up residence on their new property in Central Park, by building themselves a cabin. Meanwhile, Mr. Drysdale and Miss Jane have finally catch up with the Clampetts and try convincing them to return to Beverly Hills.

  • Shifty Shafer, known as Honest John by the Clampetts, attempts to sell the family portions of New York City while showing them the sights. Mr. Drysdale and Miss Jane rush to aid the Clampetts before Honest John dupes them out of their fortune.

  • Now that Elly May has agreed to marry Mathew Templeton back in the Ozarks, Mr. Drysdale rushes to stop the wedding before he loses the biggest account in his bank. While in the hills, Mr. Drysdale buys up the bank of Bugtussle to keep the Clampetts account.

  • As the Clampetts head into the Silver Dollar City Fair, Granny has only one thing on her mind....getting Elly May a husband. While Elly May has her fun with the games, Granny points her out to the fairgoers to draw attention towards her. Back in Beverly Hills, Mr. Drysdale has put himself in charge of overseeing the mansion, Elly's pets and Jethro, so that his biggest account will be safe.

  • The Clampetts are headed home at the right time since the Silver Dollar Fair is in full swing, where Elly May can meet a young man to marry. Meanwhile, back in Beverly Hills, Jethro is delving deep into the college atmosphere by protesting everything he comes across, including hippies. His protest has sent the hippies to the bank where Mr. Drysdale poses as one himself to help keep his bank safe from the hippies.

  • Granny has had enough of the good life and wants to move back home in the hills. The deal is sealed when she learns that the daughter of Elverna Bradshaw from back home is set to be wed, and Granny wants to get Elly May married first. As they get set to go back home, Jethro decides he wants to remain in Beverly Hills and attend college.

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