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For a family oriented television series. Bonanza may be of interest to you. The show is at times funny and other times dramatic. A definite G rating makes it perfect for the whole family to enjoy. The time frame the show takes place is during the Civil war and post Civil war. Located near Virginia City, Nevada is a large ranch known as the Ponderosa. It is owned by Ben Cartwright. In the series Ben Cartwright is a single father with three sons. Adam Cartwright is the oldest. Followed by Hoss Cartwright and Little Joe Cartwright.

Each episode focuses on a specific issue. Sometimes the issue may be of inter-personal relationships involving the family. A prospective romance in the making, sibling rivalry or rebellion against family traditions usually can make for an interesting show.

However, some of the episodes' are not focused on family issues but rather community issues. How a community can pull together in the midst of crisis. Many times the pulling together is preceded by a division in the community. The crisis many times can still be viewed today in society as we know it.

Issues at hand may be with an unfair justice system. A man falsely accused. Somebody's greed that threatens the safety and security of the community. These are a sample of some of the issues that may be posed in the show. During the 50 minutes, the approximate time of each episode, struggles of personal and community values may be challenged but in the end conflicts are resolved bring all closer together.

Just as in life today times of crisis may be challenging. We may still find time to grin and laugh at the amusing things that life may bring us. In this series you will find yourself doing the same exact thing. Enjoying entertainment whether alone, with a friend or with family.

Bonanza is a series that is currently running and has 14 seasons (431 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 1960.

Bonanza is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bonanza on demand atAmazon, FlixFling, FlixFling Free, The Roku Channel Free, Sling, Hoopla, FlixFling VOD online.

14 Seasons, 431 Episodes
September 12, 1960
Action & Adventure
Cast: Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, Michael Landon, Victor Sen Yung
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Bonanza Full Episode Guide

  • Bill Tanner, posing as a soldier he had killer earlier, is searching like a predator with Joe and his wagon stocked with goods as his prey. Waking one morning, Joe discovers his goods have been stolen from the wagon and that Bill is now using this as motivation for a good game of cat and mouse...providing more excitement for Bill and his hunt.

  • Griff posses as Theodora Duffy, the "wife" of a government agent in order to nab a group of wanted war criminals.

  • Candy is arrested after a man posses as him while robbing an old woman, causing her to suffer a heart attack. His fate is in the hands of a confident, yet inexperienced attorney.

  • Jamie falls in love with the abused wife of a highly unpopular schoolmaster of Virginia City.

  • The life of a dog is put on trial when Jamie falls in love with an Irish Setter, but his rightful owner would rather have him destroyed than live at the Ponderosa.

  • A lonely old man wants to adopt a pair of orphans, but he will need to get past the bureaucrats first, who may just shoot down his plans.

  • A new doctor in Virginia City is secretly fighting the demons of drug addiction, morphine to be precise.

  • Ben purchases a beautiful black stallion for Joe's birthday. This present would bring him both joy and sorrow as the horse is stolen and retrieved, yet tragedy will soon ensue.

  • When Samuel Clemens (AKA Mark Twain) comes nosing around town investigating a the mysterious death of miners, he starts an uprising with accusations of claim jumping and murder.

  • Outlaws await to rob a stage coach which contains Ben and a pregnant young woman on board.

  • A parolee is left in Ben's care and brought to the Ponderosa. Griff King has a hard time adjusting as a free man after being hired by Ben as a ranch hand.

  • Ben is taken as a hostage while inspecting conditions at a Nevada State Prison, as requested by the governor.

  • A boy is accidentally killed while performing an initiation in a secret club, and one of Jamie's friends is blamed for his death.

  • John Dundee, an ex-con is helped by Ben to readjust his life in the world. But things are complicated because of the men who framed him, his former business partners, failed to help out his wife as they had promised.

  • When the men arrive to retrieve the money owed to them, Alice is shot and killed in the ruckus. Joe begins a search for his wife's killers to bring them to justice.

  • Ben's evil twin, Bradley Meredith begins to liquidate the Ponderosa assets while Ben is away on a vacation.

  • Major Donahue is in pursuit of Cody Ransom, a Confederate officer and his men, despite Ben's attempt to arrange a surrender.

  • Ben and Joe are jailed as part of the Younger clan after arriving in town to free Hoss, who was captured earlier and also mistaken as a Younger Brother.

  • When a young boy is killed during a bank robbery in Virginia City, Ben and Jamie go on a hunt on behalf of the boy's grandfather to find his murderers.

  • Hoss is near death and can only be saved by the man who shot him after an ex-Confederate soldier demands $50,000 from Ben.

  • Joe and Hoss enter a new world when they arrive in Agua Santos, Mexico. Joe breaks a law by removing his hat in church and Hoss encounters more oddities when trying to gain his release.

  • Anna Kosovo, a friend of Ben Cartwright, fears for her life when her husband becomes a raging lunatic and barricades the both of them inside their home, threatening to kill anyone who tries to get inside.

  • Ben is challenged by a fired ranch hand, Cactus, to get himself hired as a ranch hand and prove that Ben's aging body is better than Cactus.

  • A woman who is thought to be a witch by some of the citizens of Virginia City is enlisted to help in the search for Jamie. The youngster has been missing in the high country and the Cartwright's hope that Judith Coleman can use her gift of clairvoyance to find the boy. Having been treated as an outcast in the past, she first refuses to assist them until her fiancee, a minister, insists she helps as much as possible.

  • Hop Sing falls in love with a young woman he meets while panning for gold on his vacation. His heart is broken when a judge confirms that the law prohibits an interracial marriage.

  • After having his horse break a leg, Joe is left stranded alone in the desert. Near exhaustion, he is discovered by an Indian. But the young man leaves Joe behind, stealing his gun. When the grandfather of the young Indian finds out what has happened, he explains that what he has done is wrong and tells him to retrieve Joe.

  • Jamie's grandfather comes to claim him just as Ben is arranging for his final adoption.

  • The peace and serenity of the Ponderosa is disrupted when a gambler, Luke Calhoun, brings his daughter with him for a stay after losing all his money in a stock scheme. But things become hectic when the Ponderosa because a make-shift casino.

  • When the Doyle gang escape while being transfered to a prison in Virginia City, they take Jamie and three others hostage.

  • When a former actress kills her former boyfriend, Hoss takes the blame for his death. The dead man is the son of a senator, who vows to take down the Cartwrights as revenge for his son's death.

  • A blinded veteran of the Civil War returns to Virginia City to find the killer of his brother.

  • A classmate of Jamie witnesses a brutal murder, but is too terrified to recount what has happened. Her military father believes she is covering up because of her improper behavior.Meanwhile, the killer is hired as a helping hand at the Ponderosa.

  • When the infant son of a Virginia City doctor dies in childbirth, his wife leaves him behind and the doctor abducts a baby from a woman.

  • Hoss creates a "fixed" horse race in order to help a lazy dreamer and his family.

  • Joe volunteers his service in helping the sheriff escort an old outlaw to jail. But when the outlaw kills the lawman and puts a slug into Joe, he is forced to carry on with the task by himself.

  • Hoss is reluctantly made a judge of a contest for the most beautiful baby in Virginia City.

  • Joe is found shot in the back and delirious by a pair of cowboys who were roaming the prairie.

  • Hoss is made responsible for the son by the wife of a man he helped send to prison.

  • Ben takes Jake on an extended tour of the Ponderosa to teach him a lesson after he recklessly wrecks a wagon which also kills a horse.