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  • 2012
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The Titanic miniseries from ABC in 2012, crafted by well-known "Downton Abbey" scribe Julian Fellowes, is a multifaceted examination of one of history's most infamous occurrences. The sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage in April 1912 remains one of the most tragic maritime disasters in modern history, an event that has been memorably retold through various cinema and television productions. However, with an impressive ensemble cast including Thomas Aldridge, Ruth Bradley, Drago Bucur, David Calder, Stephen Campbell Moore, Jenna Coleman, Pandora Colin, Olivia Darnley, and Jos, this miniseries brings new life to the tale.

This dramatized version of the RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage is not merely an historic account but is also a vivid exhibition of the society and time period. Cleverly touching on aspects of class, social structure, and relationships, this miniseries gives viewers a rich tapestry upon which the story unfolds. Echoing the themes of wealth, status and ambition which also propelled Julian Fellowes' other works, Titanic 2012 is rife with complex characters and intertwining narratives.

The narrative runs in an interesting non-linear sequential pattern, diving across time to show the intertwined journeys of different characters, weaving personal sagas, love stories, and life's trials into a piece of historical drama. Each episode zeroes in on different factions or groups aboard the Titanic, allowing the viewers to invest in the characters and making the prospect of their impending tragedy all the more haunting.

Thomas Aldridge delivers a commendable performance as he attempts to navigate the tumultuous world aboard the iconic ship and experiences the almost charismatic atmosphere present amongst the cross-section of society. Ruth Bradley impressively handles her role with a distinctive flair, as she battles with the constraints of society and her desire for freedom. Drago Bucur, David Calder, Stephen Campbell Moore delve into their roles, painting the images of perfectly flawed characters existing in a time of opulence and grandeur.

Jenna Coleman, Pandora Colin, and Olivia Darnley offer us equally captivating performances as they dive deep into the intricate web of relationships, love, and loss. Their acting chops blend seamlessly with the historic backdrops, bringing an air of authenticity mixed with dramatic flair to the show.

Over and above the characters and their personal struggles, the show does a commendable job of recreating the period it represents. Whether it's the grandeur of the first-class suites or the grim, dank quarters of the third class, everything has been created with careful attention to detail. Similarly, the costumes and appearances of each character further underline the socio-economic realities of the time.

The creators have gone to great lengths to make sure all aspects of human nature are represented in the show - from heroes and villains to those simply swept along by fate. They have taken pains to make sure viewers feel the impending doom that hangs over the ship, making for a suspenseful and heart-wrenching watch.

Viewers would be remiss not to mention the real star of the show - the Titanic herself. The painstaking details the production team put into recreating the atmosphere aboard the ship is visible in the grand architecture, lush furnishings, and overall aesthetics of the ship.

Altogether, this multi-angled approach to the narrative is what makes this Titanic iteration interesting and sets it apart from the rest. It's a carefully crafted miniseries that not only pays tribute to the real men, women, and children aboard the ill-fated ship but also presents a snapshot of an era in a way that's compelling to watch. With its poignant storytelling and vivid characterization, Titanic 2012 ensures that the story of the Titanic and its passengers is not forgotten, making it a must-watch for any history buff or drama enthusiast.

Titanic is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on April 14, 2012.

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Blood & Steel: The
12. Blood & Steel: The "Unsinkable" Sets Sail
July 29, 2012
While the coveted ticket holders and ship's principals prepare for Titanic's maiden voyage, a little girl named Sarah boards the ill-fated beauty with her mother, in search of a better life.
Blood & Steel: The Tipping Point
11. Blood & Steel: The Tipping Point
July 22, 2012
Mark learns his daughter's name, only to follow a trail of hope and disappointment. A calamitous decision means too few lifeboats onboard, and illness forces Pirrie to forsake his place on the ship.
Blood & Steel: A Crack in the Armor
10. Blood & Steel: A Crack in the Armor
July 15, 2012
Mark abandons London and stays where his heart is -with the ship -and learns the steel is inherently weak. Sofia nurses her injured father, Emily gets six months and Conor is shot during a raid.
Blood & Steel: Burden of Proof
9. Blood & Steel: Burden of Proof
July 8, 2012
His faith in Pirrie once again damaged, Mark faces a new crisis -abandonment. Under pressure from her father, Sofia is forced to choose either Mark or Andrea. In a breathtaking ceremony, the Titanic is launched.
Blood & Steel: High Stakes
8. Blood & Steel: High Stakes
July 1, 2012
Dirty politics surround the election, and Emily's the scapegoat. Even safety issues turn political when Ismay, Chairman of White Star Lines, crushes Mark's solution. Conor crosses the line, and Mark chooses Belfast over leaving with Sofia.
Blood & Steel: The Truth Shall Set You Free
7. Blood & Steel: The Truth Shall Set You Free
June 24, 2012
Mark's situation seems to improve when J.P. Morgan arrives in town to witness the progress of the RMS Titanic. When Sofia attempts to make their relationship public and Mark declines, she decides to study abroad.
Blood & Steel: The Impostor
6. Blood & Steel: The Impostor
June 17, 2012
Whilst Mark and Sofia frolic by the sea, Henry Carlton learns of Mark's true identity and love affair with daughter Kitty. Upon Mark's return, Henry has Mark summoned by the Old Chairman to pay the price.
Blood & Steel: Under Lock and Key
5. Blood & Steel: Under Lock and Key
June 10, 2012
After Doyle exposes Mark's past, Mark sets out on a secret quest. When a collision sends the RMS Olympic back to the shipyard, Mark must study the implications of the wreck from the view of the Titanic's metallurgy.
Part 4
4. Part 4
April 15, 2012
The crew spots an iceberg and takes evasive action, but too late to prevent a collision; Throughout the ship, secrets and resentments are revealed, love and fury are sparked but when the unthinkable happens, each person's life will change.
Part 3
3. Part 3
April 14, 2012
A kindly steward is startled by an impulsive gesture; Bruce tries to calm rising panic; steerage passengers and crew members are locked in.
Part 2
2. Part 2
April 14, 2012
In Belfast, White Star Line chairman Bruce Ismay dismisses designer Thomas Andrews' concerns; after boarding the Titanic, an engineer, Jim, meets an unsettling steerage passenger; passengers race for spots on the remaining lifeboats.
Part 1
1. Part 1
April 14, 2012
Tension runs high during a tea party, the ship encounters an iceberg causing chaos and panic. A passenger on board, Louisa, has to choose between her husband and daughter.
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    April 14, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (3,497)