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Loosely based on the long running comic book series of the same name, Birds of Prey is set in New Gotham City shortly after its usual protector, Batman, vanishes mysteriously. Batman's protege, Barbara Gordon (Dina Meyer), previously fought crime under the name Batgirl until a bullet paralized her. Turning to her computer and weapons expertise, she continues her crusade against the forces of evil under the name Oracle.

Helena Kyle (Ashley Scott) is the daughter of Batman and his one-time foe, Catwoman, and has inherited metahuman abilities. She teams up with Oracle, acting as her field agent and using the name Huntress.

The two work as a team cleaning up the streets in Batman's absence, and along the way encounter a teenage runaway by the name of Dinah (Rachel Skarsten) who soon joins them making the trio into the Birds of Prey. Along the way they clash with villains from Batman's old rogues gallery, and are assisted by Alfred Pennyworth (Ian Abercrombie) and police detective James Reese (Shemar More) of the Gotham PD.

The series was created by Laeta Kalogridis, and also features Mia Sara as Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

Birds of Prey is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on October 9, 2002.

Where do I stream Birds of Prey online? Birds of Prey is available for streaming on The WB, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Birds of Prey on demand at Amazon, Vudu, DC Universe, Google Play, iTunes online.

The WB
1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 9, 2002
Science Fiction
Cast: Ashley Scott, Dina Meyer, Rachel Skarsten, Shemar Moore, Mia Sara
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Birds of Prey Full Episode Guide

  • Helena begins to feel more comfortable about the direction her life is taking, after coming clean to Reese about who she really is. Helena decides to end her therapy sessions much to Dr. Quinzel's dismay. When someone starts turning people into clay, Barbara cancels her vacation with Wade to help solve it. Although the modus operandi fits Clayface, he is still locked up in Arkham Asylum, so Huntress investigates those connected to Clayface. When Huntress goes to talk to Clayface in Arkham Asylum, he plays a game of cat and mouse with her. When Clayface makes a startling revelation to Huntress, he brings out the rage in her. It is revealed Clayface has a son who is trying to follow in his father's footsteps; Huntress, Oracle and Dinah have to find a way to stop him without getting turned into clay. Alfred, frustrated with Barbara turning away Wade, invites him to the Clocktower to see what she really does.

  • Helena debates attending her high school reunion. When people in New Gotham City for the high school reunion start dying, Huntress investigates. Barbara joins Wade and his parents for dinner, with a less than desired result. Detective Reese shows up at the reunion, and Helena has to make a difficult decision.Cameron develops a crush on Helena and uses his meta powers to ensure no one else at the reunion gets near her. Huntress has to jump into action to prevent more tragedy from happening.

  • When women with meta-powers are being kidnapped in New Gotham City; Huntress goes in search of answers. Dinah feels under-appreciated by Huntress for her fighting abilities. When Huntress dismisses Dinah's sentiments, it only makes Dinah more angry and resentful. Huntress discovers the location of the abducted women is a underground gladiator-style arena where she is captured. When Oracle loses communications with Huntress, Dinah goes down to rescue her. However, when Dinah is captured and the girls are injected with a rage inducing drug, Huntress and Dinah are forced to fight each other in the arena. Oracle, with Detective Reese's help, has to find a way to counteract the drug or risk Huntress and Dinah killing each other.

  • After, criminal underlord, Al Hawke escapes prison, he undergoes extensive plastic surgery to alter his appearance. Huntress becomes suspicious about Detective Reese's connection to Al Hawke, when Reese seems sympathetic towards Hawke. Frankie Spitz hires The Specialist, a meta who can walk through walls, to assassinate Al Hawke. Huntress makes a startling discovery about Detective Reese's connection to Al Hawke. Dinah discovers the new identity of Al Hawke, she seeks out Hawke to avenge the death of her mother. When The Specialist proves to be a formidable foe in pursuing Al Hawke, a very unlikely ally comes to his rescue.

  • When, Sandy, an old high-school friend of Helena's comes to New Gotham, she brings with her some unresolved issues of Batgirl's (Oracle) past. Det. Reese calls on Huntress's help on a case where a string of murders are committed with throwing stars. When Dinah becomes infatuated with a guy at school, she uses her mental abilities to lead him to believe they have more in common than they actually do. Oracle, overwhelmed with guilt, once again dons the Batgirl suit in an attempt to redeem her past with Lady Shiva.

  • When Darkstrike, a powerful ally and old friend of Oracle, comes into town to work on a case, Huntress becomes territorial. Darkstrike is in New Gotham to hunt down The Crawler, a guy who abducts women and kills them. When a girl gets abducted, Huntress and Darkstrike must work together to save her in time.Dinah's vision shows her a link between Darkstrike and The Crawler. Oracle and Dinah must discover what it all means before Huntress becomes his next victim.

  • Detective Reese and Huntress team up to work on a case of high society grab-and-run crime gang. Huntress goes undercover and joins the gang. Barbara's relationship with Wade becomes more serious. Dinah has a hard time dealing with the loss of the mother she hardly knew. Huntress learns there is a big boss behind the gang, little does she know Dr. Quinzel is behind it all. When Wolf gets wind of Det. Reese and Det. McNally closing in on them, without Huntress's knowledge, Colin and Wolf take near deadly action to stop them. As a result, Det. Reese becomes angry with Huntress and gives the communication ring back to her. When Huntress's cover is blown, Dinah takes action. Det. Reese and Huntress come to a mutual understanding, and Reese takes back the communication ring.

  • When the Black Canary comes to New Gotham, Dinah soon discovers that the Black Canary is her real mother and their relationship becomes very conflicted . Dinah learns she has telekinetic abilities. When Al Hawke, New Gotham's organized crime godfather, gets wind of Black Canary's presence, he seeks out revenge against her for the incarceration of his father. Detective Reese becomes secretive with Huntress about his connection to Al Hawke. When Al Hawke faces off with Black Canary, Huntress and Dinah try to save Black Canary, which ends with explosive results.

  • After a woman is killed, Huntress brings the dead woman's baby back to the clock tower to figure out what to do with him. They soon discover this is no ordinary baby when his aging cycle proves to be extremely advanced. Barbara discovers the baby is meta-human. Dr. Quinzel hires a group of highly professional mercenaries to retrieve the genetically manufactured baby. When a now teenage baby Guy disappears, Helena asks Reese for his help. When Dr. Quinzel activates baby Guy's attack mode, Huntress has to decide if she will fight him.

  • When meta-humans are being killed off by their own meta-powers, Helena gets on the case. Detective Jesse Reese gets a new partner, Detective Claude Martin, who is seemingly obsessed with meta-human events. Dinah starts at her new high school and has a hard time fitting in. Wade asks Barbara to join him and his parents for dinner. Detective Martin puts doubts in Reese's head about the trustworthiness of metas, affecting his relationship with Huntress. Huntress has to get the help of other metas to defeat the killer.

  • Dr. Quinzel continues to try and pierce through Helena's secrets in their therapy sessions. Meanwhile, when Slick, a meta-human that Dr. Quinzel hires, botches a armored car robbery, she sends him to kill the cops on the case. Slick's ability to alter his molecular structure from solid human form to water, gives him a distinct advantage over his prey. Dinah hides her past from Oracle and Helena, as she continues her weapons training. Huntress and Detective Reese's attraction to each other grows. Barbara's day-time job as a school teacher brings her together romantically with a co-worker who is oblivious to her crime-fighting activities. Huntress has to get very creative in order to defeat Slick in his liquid form.

  • The series introduces a trio of super-heroines: Helena Kyle, aka Huntress, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman; Oracle, aka Barbara Gordon/Batgirl; and Dinah, a meta-human with mental abilities. New Gotham City is darker than ever, since the absence of Batman who took a permanent hiatus after the death of Helena's mother and a near deadly attack on Batgirl, leaving her paralyzed. Oracle and Huntress take up the mantle as the protectors of Gotham City, when Dinah, a runaway, seeks them out for mentor-ship as she is developing her mental abilities.