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  • 1996
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"The Steve Harvey Show" was a popular sitcom that aired on The WB from 1996 to 2002. Starring comedian Steve Harvey, the show was set at the fictional Booker T. Washington High School in Chicago and followed the lives of the faculty and staff, as well as the students.

Harvey played Steve Hightower, a former R&B singer who had fallen on hard times and was forced to take a job as a music teacher at Booker T. Washington. Throughout the series, Hightower often clashed with principal Regina Grier, played by Wendy Raquel Robinson, who was determined to run a tight ship at the school.

One of the standout characters on the show was Cedric Robinson, played by Cedric the Entertainer, Hightower's best friend and fellow teacher at the school. Cedric was often the source of comic relief on the show, with his hilarious one-liners and over-the-top antics.

Other members of the cast included Merlin Santana as Romeo Santana, a student at Booker T. Washington and Hightower's protégé; William Lee Scott as Stanley Oglevee, another teacher at the school who was often the butt of jokes from his colleagues; Terri J. Vaughn as Lovita Alizé Jenkins, Cedric's girlfriend and later wife; Tracy Vilar as Sophia Ortiz, the school's guidance counselor; Ariyan A. Johnson as Aisha Hinds, one of Romeo's classmates; and Netfa Perry as Freddie, a member of the school's choir.

Throughout the show's six-season run, "The Steve Harvey Show" tackled a wide range of issues, including teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, and social justice. The show was known for its mix of humor and heart, with many episodes balancing lighthearted comedic moments with more serious themes.

One of the most memorable episodes of the show was "Mama's Wedding," which aired during the show's fifth season. In the episode, Cedric and Lovita decide to get married, but their plans are thrown into disarray when Cedric's overbearing mother, played by LaWanda Page, arrives in town and starts interfering with the wedding preparations.

"The Steve Harvey Show" was also known for its guest stars, with many famous faces appearing on the show over the years. Some notable guest stars included Mo'Nique, LL Cool J, Gabrielle Union, and Brandy.

Overall, "The Steve Harvey Show" was a beloved sitcom that tackled important issues while still managing to be funny and entertaining. The show's memorable characters and relatable storylines made it a hit with audiences during its six seasons on the air.

The Steve Harvey Show is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (123 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 1996.

The Steve Harvey Show
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California or Bust-Up
13. California or Bust-Up
February 17, 2002
The series concludes with Regina accepting a great job opportunity in California and asks Steve to leave his life in Chicago, and move with her. Steve has to decide whether or not to let the love of his life walk out of his life forever, or take a chance on love in a far away place.
The Graduates
12. The Graduates
February 10, 2002
Steve is a little too enthusiastic in his glee over Romeo, Bullethead, and Lydia's impending graduation, especially when Lydia wins the class-valedictorian race and Romeo is voted the senior speaker for commencement. Meanwhile, Steve and Regina compete with each other over who can book the coolest celebrity to speak at the commencement ceremony.
My Fair Homegirl
11. My Fair Homegirl
January 20, 2002
Regina hires a new assistant to fill in while Lovita is on maternity leave, but after Regina gives the homely girl a killer makeover, she thinks Steve may be making a play for her. Meanwhile Romeo tries to decide whether to go to college or go to work with his father driving a cab, as Lydia muses on her college dorm assignment to roommate, Laquitia Jefferson.
The Shower Planner
10. The Shower Planner
January 13, 2002
In the midst of planning Lovita's (Terri J. Vaughn) baby shower, Regina (Wendy Raquel Robinson) has to suddenly leave town and rely on Steve (Steve Harvey) to plan the shower, leaving all of the shower games, goodie bags and girlie details in "Big Daddy's" hands. Meanwhile, Romeo and Bullethead create a stack of fake teacher evaluations aimed at discrediting Mr Hightower.
Hate Thy Neighbor
9. Hate Thy Neighbor
January 6, 2002
Steve (Steve Harvey) and Lovita (Terri J. Vaughn) square off against each other in sleazy campaign tactics when they run for one open slot on the apartment building tenant board and the usually friendly "game night" turns ugly.
Stuck On You
8. Stuck On You
December 9, 2001
Steve plans an elegant dinner party with friends in celebration of his relationship with Regina, but when Regina starts assuming responsibility and takes over with the details and planning of the dinner party, Steve reminds her that "Big Daddy" is in charge at "home" and Regina is in charge at work, which leads to an argument about her bossy demeanor. Meanwhile, Cedric is hesitant to participate in Lovita's childbirth class; and Steve's students plan senior-class pranks.
Dissin' Cousins
7. Dissin' Cousins
November 25, 2001
Regina's cousin stays in the principal's home after leaving her husband, but her arrogance irks Regina's friends, particularly Steve, whose weekend plans with his main squeeze are jeopardized. Meanwhile, Cedric and Lovita both think that they've accidentally learned the gender of their unborn child after promising each other that they would wait until the birth.
Dual Intentions
6. Dual Intentions
November 18, 2001
Regina goes on a singles outing that she booked prior to dating Steve, and when she calls him, another woman answers. Meanwhile, Lovita wants Cedric to sell his car so they can buy a minivan.
Principal's Pet
5. Principal's Pet
November 11, 2001
In response to staff rumors of favoritism, Regina makes Steve proctor a test during the annual faculty luncheon. But a disturbance in the cafeteria causes him to miss the appointment, which allows Romeo and Bullethead to cheat on the exam. Meanwhile, Cedric and Lovita try to con their way into getting their still unborn child accepted into a prestigious school for children.
Knit Picking
4. Knit Picking
November 4, 2001
Steve is confused by Regina's mixed signals when first she wants to keep their relationship casual, but then pulls out all the stops for their one-month anniversary including a romantic dinner, a hand-knitted sweater, and a bed covered in rose petals. Meanwhile, Steve allows the class members to each teach a lesson to the class.
E-Male Problems
3. E-Male Problems
October 28, 2001
Steve's parents are coming to town to visit, but to avoid the pressures of marriage he excludes Regina from their dinner plans, leaving Regina offended and Steve unable to explain. Cedric advises Steve to write down his feelings on paper to help him later explain the reasoning behind his actions; unfortunately, his venting mistakenly gets sent to Regina via e-mail.
Do Not Duplicate
2. Do Not Duplicate
October 21, 2001
Lovita advises Steve to give Regina a duplicate key to his apartment to show how serious he is about their relationship. Meanwhile, Lydia downplays her intelligence to help her boyfriend, Arthur, feel better about himself, as Lovita begins to feel left-out when her girlfriends seem to pay more attention to Cedric than to her.
Secret Lovers
1. Secret Lovers
October 14, 2001
The sixth and final season begins as Regina pulls the plug on faculty displays of affection on school grounds. The principal's newly minted relationship with Steve prompts the edict after the music man tries to kiss her at school. Regina ushers her co-workers into her office and tells them that they all need to set an example for the students regarding proper behavior. She is adamant that the students never find out that she is "breaking off a piece for 'Big Daddy'". However, she fails to heed her own advice and soon Bullethead catches her in a clinch with Steve in her office. Elsewhere, Cedric is upset by wife Lovita's uncharacteristic lack of interest in him, and finds odd ways to channel his energies.
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    August 25, 1996
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