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The Steve Harvey show is a sitcom. Steve Harvey plays the character of Steve Hightower who was a 1970s funk musician. Now he is a high school vice principal. Due to budget cuts, Steve has to start teaching drama and art class. The fictional school is set in Chicago's west side also stars comedian Cedric the Entertainer, who is Steve's best friend and a coach for the school. Wendy Robinson plays the principal of the school.

Steve is given a run for his money with his students. The ladies man Romeo and his friend Stanley bring all sorts of hijinks and problems into Steve's life now that he is back to teaching in a real classroom.

The show has been full of special guest stars during its six-season run. Including Snoop Dog, Jerry Springer, Sean Combs, Brian McKnight, Busta Rhymem and many more. The show won many awards, including many NAACP awards.

The Steve Harvey Show is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (122 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 1996.

Where do I stream The Steve Harvey Show online? The Steve Harvey Show is available for streaming on The WB, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Steve Harvey Show on demand at FuboTV, Pluto TV online.

The WB
6 Seasons, 122 Episodes
August 25, 1996
Cast: Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, Merlin Santana, William Lee Scott, Wendy Raquel Robinson
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The Steve Harvey Show Full Episode Guide

  • Steve is a little too enthusiastic in his glee over Romeo, Bullethead, and Lydia's impending graduation, especially when Lydia wins the class-valedictorian race and Romeo is voted the senior speaker for commencement. Meanwhile, Steve and Regina compete with each other over who can book the coolest celebrity to speak at the commencement ceremony.

  • Regina hires a new assistant to fill in while Lovita is on maternity leave, but after Regina gives the homely girl a killer makeover, she thinks Steve may be making a play for her. Meanwhile Romeo tries to decide whether to go to college or go to work with his father driving a cab, as Lydia muses on her college dorm assignment to roommate, Laquitia Jefferson.

  • In the midst of planning Lovita's (Terri J. Vaughn) baby shower, Regina (Wendy Raquel Robinson) has to suddenly leave town and rely on Steve (Steve Harvey) to plan the shower, leaving all of the shower games, goodie bags and girlie details in "Big Daddy's" hands. Meanwhile, Romeo and Bullethead create a stack of fake teacher evaluations aimed at discrediting Mr Hightower.

  • Steve (Steve Harvey) and Lovita (Terri J. Vaughn) square off against each other in sleazy campaign tactics when they run for one open slot on the apartment building tenant board and the usually friendly "game night" turns ugly.

  • Steve plans an elegant dinner party with friends in celebration of his relationship with Regina, but when Regina starts assuming responsibility and takes over with the details and planning of the dinner party, Steve reminds her that "Big Daddy" is in charge at "home" and Regina is in charge at work, which leads to an argument about her bossy demeanor. Meanwhile, Cedric is hesitant to participate in Lovita's childbirth class; and Steve's students plan senior-class pranks.

  • Regina's cousin stays in the principal's home after leaving her husband, but her arrogance irks Regina's friends, particularly Steve, whose weekend plans with his main squeeze are jeopardized. Meanwhile, Cedric and Lovita both think that they've accidentally learned the gender of their unborn child after promising each other that they would wait until the birth.

  • In response to staff rumors of favoritism, Regina makes Steve proctor a test during the annual faculty luncheon. But a disturbance in the cafeteria causes him to miss the appointment, which allows Romeo and Bullethead to cheat on the exam. Meanwhile, Cedric and Lovita try to con their way into getting their still unborn child accepted into a prestigious school for children.

  • Steve is confused by Regina's mixed signals when first she wants to keep their relationship casual, but then pulls out all the stops for their one-month anniversary including a romantic dinner, a hand-knitted sweater, and a bed covered in rose petals. Meanwhile, Steve allows the class members to each teach a lesson to the class.

  • Steve's parents are coming to town to visit, but to avoid the pressures of marriage he excludes Regina from their dinner plans, leaving Regina offended and Steve unable to explain. Cedric advises Steve to write down his feelings on paper to help him later explain the reasoning behind his actions; unfortunately, his venting mistakenly gets sent to Regina via e-mail.

  • Lovita advises Steve to give Regina a duplicate key to his apartment to show how serious he is about their relationship. Meanwhile, Lydia downplays her intelligence to help her boyfriend, Arthur, feel better about himself, as Lovita begins to feel left-out when her girlfriends seem to pay more attention to Cedric than to her.

  • The sixth and final season begins as Regina pulls the plug on faculty displays of affection on school grounds. The principal's newly minted relationship with Steve prompts the edict after the music man tries to kiss her at school. Regina ushers her co-workers into her office and tells them that they all need to set an example for the students regarding proper behavior. She is adamant that the students never find out that she is "breaking off a piece for 'Big Daddy'". However, she fails to heed her own advice and soon Bullethead catches her in a clinch with Steve in her office. Elsewhere, Cedric is upset by wife Lovita's uncharacteristic lack of interest in him, and finds odd ways to channel his energies.

  • Cedric and Lovita secretly set Steve and Regina up on a blind date. Romeo and Bullethead send Lydia false college acceptance letters. Lovita suffers from mood swings. - - -With two tickets for a Chicago Bulls basketball game in hand, Regina asks Steve to join her. Unaware of their plans for the game and worried Steve and Regina will end up spending the rest of their lives alone, Lovita asks Cedric to help arrange a blind date between them. While Cedric struggles to understand why Lovita is suddenly so sensitive and irritable, Romeo and Bullethead set out to punish Lydia for bragging about her college applications. As part of the plan to set up the blind date, Lovita asks Steve to go out with a friend. Though suspicious, he's persuaded to give it a try when the woman described sounds wonderful. Similarly, Cedric turns to Regina with an offer to date a friend of his and she gets excited when Cedric describes the mystery man. However, when their blind dates are set for Friday, both St

  • Regina puts Cedric and Lovita in charge of planning Booker T's prom; Lydia thinks a boy she likes is going to ask her to the dance, but the teen has other plans. - - -Still depressed over her own disappointment years earlier, Regina delegates the planning of the Senior Prom to Cedric and Lovita. While Romeo looks to auction himself off as a date to the highest bidder, Lydia makes it perfectly clear she wants Arthur Rabinowitz to be her date. And with Arthur's help, Bullethead hopes his date will be a radio station contest's mystery celebrity. Meanwhile, as Cedric and Lovita secure the Grandview Hotel's main ballroom for the big event, Regina's prom memories continue to drag her down. Arthur turns to Steve seeking advice about how to ask the girl of his dreams to the prom. While Steve is certain the young computer whiz kid intends to ask Lydia, he's surprised when Arthur lands a date with classmate Julie Feldman. When Lydia learns the truth, she holds Steve responsible for ruining he

  • Regina agrees to go on a date with Steve's old pal Clyde, but only if Steve joins them and escorts a friend of hers. Meanwhile, Lydia doesn't realize that the cheerleaders only want to hang out with her because she works in a hip clothing shop. - - -When Lovita gets a tattoo, Cedric strongly objects. Refusing to be drawn into the middle of a marital spat, Steve ushers them out of his apartment so he can prepare for a date. But when former band mate Clyde arrives looking for some help in finding his way home, he inadvertently ruins the cover story Steve used to get Paula to come to dinner. Meanwhile, after Lydia is assigned to work on a class project with Romeo and Bullethead, the school's cheerleaders target her for friendship in order to take advantage of her employee discount at a popular clothing store. As Cedric and Lovita continue to disagree over the tattoo, Clyde falls head over heels in love with Regina. And when Steve presses her for just one date with his old friend, Regin

  • Clips from past episodes_4-18 are featured as a television producer interviews Steve's friends for a documentary about the former singer. - - -Steve's friend Byron, a television producer, decides to make Steve the subject of a documentary identifying a celebrity whose fifteen minutes of fame has expired. Cedric, Lovita and Regina seize the opportunity to be interviewed for the program and warm to the chance to see themselves on television. But when questioned, Regina won't divulge any information about her personal relationship with Steve and neither Cedic nor Lovita have a bad word to say about him. As the interviews progress, Byron realizes the scandalous stories about Steve might have to come from the students. Unfortunately, Romeo, Bullethead and Lydia don't have anything but positive anecdotes about Steve. Byron then questions Steve, hoping he might reveal a few skeletons in the closet, but Steve, instead, tells him that he's had a happy life educating and serving as a role model fo

  • "When a storm leaves their apartment flooded", Cedric and Lovita need a new venue for their party.THIS SHOULD BE CHANGED: Cedric states that the apartment flooded due to them using spurs on the waterbed.

  • The sitcom celebrates its 100th episode with this musically themed installment, which includes performances by R&B singer Ron Isley and rapper Lil' Bow Wow. Steve and his former Hi-Tops bandmates learn that the pint-size rap singer wants to release a new version of the band's song "Break Me Off a Piece of That Funk." The young singer also wants the Hi-Tops to appear in the single's music video, which would include a dance routine choreographed by Regina featuring students from Booker T. However, Steve jeopardizes the deal by bad-mouthing Lil' and his manager, who both overhear his comments. - - -When youthful rapper Lil' Bow Wow wants to sample Hi-Tops music in his latest song and music video, he contacts his old babysitter, Lovita, for help. Told that Lil' Bow Wow is one of the country's hottest stars, and that the band will be paid for their efforts, Steve agrees to a meeting. And because Lovita set it all up, Cedric successfully presses to be included in the Hi-Tops, too. At the

  • Romeo moves in with Steve after the teen's family departs for New York and the boy stays behind to finish the school year at Booker T. Meanwhile, a misunderstanding causes Regina to invite herself on a ski weekend that Cedric and Lovita had planned to take alone. - - -With his family moving to New York City, the only way Romeo can graduate is to find a responsible adult with whom he can live until the end of the school year. And when Romeo turns to him for help, Steve politely refuses. Meanwhile, when Lovita asks to borrow a pair of skis for a romantic weekend with Cedric, Regina mistakenly assumes that she's being invited, too. Cedric insists he will correct the misunderstanding, but can't bring himself to tell Regina that she can't come along. In order to stay in school, Romeo enlists Bullethead and Lydia in an effort to change Steve's mind. And when his friends all express reservations about his being able to handle the responsibility of being a parent, Steve is determined to pro

  • Steve has a hard time relinquishing his duties as acting principal when Regina returns to school, creating tension between them. Meanwhile, Cedric's in the doghouse after Lovita discovers he has a private savings account. - - -Upon returning to work following the death of her husband, Regina wastes no time taking control of the school from Steve. From assuming responsibility for the athletic department budget, to reviewing the results of the career placement tests, Regina reasserts her authority at school. But when she decides to cut the budget for his new state of the art study hall, Steve decides he's had enough and resigns. After a palm reading by Lydia suggests looming trouble with money and romance, Lovita learns Cedric has been secretly keeping a separate bank account. Once Lovita moves back into Steve's apartment, Cedric uncovers evidence she has been hiding money from him, too. And upon confronting his wife about her own secret account, it's Cedric who ends up moving-in at S

  • Steve manages an all-girl singing group called Jail-Bait, and books a gig for them that he hopes will revive his own show-business career. His plans may be dashed when Regina's advice to the girls causes them to question their act. - - -To mark his return to show business, Steve agrees to manage the all-girl-singing group, "Jailbait." Ignoring Regina's accusation that he is exploiting the young girls, Steve hires Cedric to help with the band's choreography for an important talent showcase at Club Mystique. Meanwhile, as Romeo takes advantage of the fact that Bullethead looks exactly like rap singer Reeses Pieces, Cedric and Lovita discover arguing puts them in the mood for lovemaking. After Vicky, Lauren, Karen and Tammy stumble into a meeting of her Teenaged Feminists, Regina convinces them to trade their skimpy outfits for a more conservative look. And after revising their songs to reflect a feminist point of view, the girls arrive at the club to unveil their makeover for Steve. M

  • Steve handles the arrangements for the school's annual Teachers Appreciation Day assembly, angering Cedric, who usually plans the event. The acting principal then suffers from the stress of organizing the occasion and dating a younger woman. - - -With Regina at home recovering from the death of her husband, Steve is made Acting Principal at school. But when Steve takes on the responsibility for the upcoming Teachers Appreciation Assembly, Cedric says the event has always been his to plan. Undaunted, Steve forges ahead and, ignoring Cedric's complaints, chooses Bullethead to host the event with Lydia and Romeo serving as his writers. Meanwhile, Steve asks Lovita and Cedric to entertain Regina so he can invite his new girlfriend to the apartment for a romantic dinner. Upset with his usurping Cedric's authority, Lovita demands that Steve turn the assembly plans back over to her husband. But when Cedric and Lovita appeal to Regina, Steve collapses from what appears to be a heart attack.

  • Steve tries to be a good friend and lets Regina stay with him in her time of need. Meanwhile, Cedric's visiting Grandma Puddin' makes some soul food out of the cherished possession Regina's husband left her in his will. Romeo, Bullethead and Lydia steal Steve's briefcase and hold it for ransom after the teacher refuses to chaperone a class trip to an amusement park. - - -Following the death of her husband, a grieving Regina reveals she's giving all of Jordan's personal fortune to charity. However, Steve attempts to head off the hasty decision by attending the reading of the will. Meanwhile, in hopes they can use it to persuade Steve to chaperone their Senior Class trip, Romeo, Bullethead and Lydia steal his briefcase. And when Cedric heads out of town for a coaching convention, he leaves Lovita to entertain his irascible Grandma Puddin'. When Puddin' consoles Regina, Lovita is convinced Grandma plans to make Regina her grandson's bride. Steve is desperate for the return of his brief

  • Steve takes over as principal when Regina leaves town for her wedding, but she returns early from her honeymoon with tragic news. Elsewhere, Lydia nags Romeo and Bullethead about letting her join them during senior skip day. - - -Regina leaves Steve in charge at school as she heads off to elope with basketball star Jordan Maddux. Though Cedric and Lovita are certain of getting a special day off, Steve has other ideas. Seeking revenge, Cedric uses his new position as apartment manager to file a complaint about Steve's illegal satellite TV dish. But as Steve, Cedric and Lovita argue, Regina arrives to announce Jordan died of a heart attack while they made love. Meanwhile, surveillance cameras on campus tip Steve off to plans for Senior Ditch Day. Hoping to ease her pain, Steve offers to share his apartment with Regina for as long as necessary. Convinced Jordan's family seeks revenge, Regina refuses to attend her late husband's funeral. Meanwhile, when Steve uses the information from t

  • Steve, depressed and feeling jilted over Regina's impending nuptials, kicks his effort to get her back into high gear when he hears of their accelerated plans to elope. Meanwhile, Lovita tells Cedric to flirt with the female landlord of an apartment they want; and Lydia discovers that she was adopted. - - -As Cedric and Lovita search for an apartment of their own, Steve takes bets on how long it will take for Regina's engagement to fall apart. But when Regina announces she and Jordan have decided to elope instead of waiting for the wedding, Steve knows there is little he can do to stop them. In a last ditch effort, Steve plants seeds of discontent with Regina and her fiancĂ©, Jordan, by raising the issue of a pre-nuptial agreement. Meanwhile, Lydia's interest in life takes a nosedive after learning she was adopted. Heeding Steve's advice, Jordan produces a contract that causes Regina to wonder about their future. Hoping to take advantage, Steve looks to exploit Regina's growing inse

  • Regina recruits Steve and Cedric to perform at a charity function to impress the wives of her boyfriend's teammates, since she's having some trouble fitting in. Elsewhere, Bullethead and Romeo join Lydia's new club, but their ideas on how to spend the organization's funds cause division among the group's members.

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