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Kickin' It is a live action comedy show about a mall-based karate dojo. The show follows the adventures of a group of teens practicing at the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy. His students practice and struggle to improve the reputation of the dojo in the national Bobby Wasabi chain. They also use their martial arts skills and lessons in their personal lives.

Jason Earles stars as Rudy, the owner and sensei of the poorly performing dojo. His students include an honor student, a lone wolf, and a clumsy student studying martial arts to avoid taking a dance class. Jack, a new kid in town, joined the dojo as an experienced martial artist. His grandfather had trained the owner of the chain, Bobby Wasabi. Milton, the honor student, started studying at the dojo after being bullied for learning the French Horn. Kim is the only girl in the group. She was a member of a rival dojo, The Black Dragons, and left after discovering they tended to cheat. Jerry is the honor student in the group. He is studying martial arts to fulfill a P.E. credit at school. Eddie tends to be slightly uncoordinated. Training with the others allows him to get in shape and gain a sense of accomplishment. Kim and Jack each appear to have crushes on each other.

The group's adventures include treasure hunts, boosting the morale of former sumo wrestlers, and defending the mall's Halloween celebration. The owner of the martial arts school chain, Joel McCrary as Bobby Wasabi, also stops by the dojo occasionally. Once to deliver a prize for winning an inter-dojo competition, a wax statue of himself. Owners and employees of other shops in the mall also appear in some episodes. This includes the source for the group's favorite food, Falafel Phil's.

Kickin' It is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (84 episodes). The series first aired on October 8, 2011.

Where do I stream Kickin' It online? Kickin' It is available for streaming on Disney XD, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kickin' It on demand at Disney+, Amazon, DisneyNOW, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Monday 8:30 PM et/pt on Disney XD
4 Seasons, 84 Episodes
October 8, 2011
Cast: Leo Howard, Dylan Riley Jacob Synder, Mateo Arias, Olivia Holt, Alex Jones
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Kickin' It Full Episode Guide

  • Kim returns from Japan with her sensei, Tomo. After hearing the impact he's had on their lives, Sensei Tomo makes Rudy the offer of a lifetime.

  • Jack suspends Jerry from taking his black belt test.

  • The gang decide to buy themselves a boat but they run out of money and come up with an alternate plan.

  • A documentary film crew from the Karate Channel comes to film a typical day in the dojo.

  • Milton meets the president of a powerful brotherhood, who has plans to steal an original "Star Wars" lightsaber. Kim visits Jack.

  • Jerry quits his job at the bowling alley and joins Joan as a mall cop.

  • Jack, Jerry, and Milton team up to compete in a Commando Paintball Challenge.

  • Jack and Milton recruit legendary daredevil Spanky Danger.

  • At the Seaford History Museum, Milton and Jerry help out.

  • The pupils celebrate the anniversary of a victory at Seaford Hill.

  • Jack and Jerry discover Milton is a talented magician, so they decide to put his talents to use to make some money.

  • It's Pirate Day, honoring Seaford as a historical spot for pirates.

  • When Jack and Milton can't stop arguing, Rudy decides a road trip will solve the situation.

  • Milton dresses up as an original superhero for a convention, but must assume the role when a crisis arises.

  • Milton hopes to woo his ex-girlfriend with his dad's classic convertable. The code of conduct for the gym is ignored when Rudy and Jack invite seemingly friendly bodybuilders to train.

  • Milton, Jerry and Joan decide to make a martial arts video as a new MA performance group called the "Tiger Trio."

  • Rudy inherits a seemingly worthless piece of land, but when Jack and Milton encourage him to explore, they make a shocking discovery.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Jack and Milton are back in Seaford after three months in Washington, D.C. Upon their arrival, they discover that Rudy has opened a dojo in a new mall and that Phil has opened a bowling alley where Jerry works.

  • Rudy reveals the history of the legendary Wasabi Code, taking the gang back in time to China where they learn about ancient versions of the Wasabi Warriors.

  • Jack and Milton are invited to join an elite team of teen spies who complete secret missions.

  • Life is turned upside down when Bobby Wasabi moves into the dojo; Milton dates a new girl that isn't quite what he imagined.

  • Kim enters the Seaford 500 Go Kart race but is told she can't race in the boys' division.

  • Jack competes in tryouts for a band that is scheduled to participate in a battle of the bands competition.

  • Kim and Jack take the fall for Jerry's latest prank.

  • When Phil's mom stops by on his birthday, he struggles to maintain the facade that he is a futon-store owner who is married with two kids.

  • Milton watches the temple while the monks are away.

  • Jerry inadvertently launches himself into space; Murray tries to solve a mystery at the bingo hall.

  • Rudy, Jerry and Milton transform the Shaolin Temple into a resort hotel in an effort to pay back a loan on a failed business venture.

  • Jack and Kim help Rudy recruit Sloane, a prized female student, to join the dojo. But when Kim encourages Sloane to follow a dream, Rudy and Jack blame her for sabotaging their star.

  • After suffering a humiliating loss, Kim's entire gymnastics team quits, including her coach. With only one week left before the big meet against Seaford's arch rivals, Kim is ready to accept defeat, until Milton recruits an Olympian to coach the team.

  • When Jack is given the opportunity to move into his own Sensei position, he clashes with Rudy about his readiness. To prove he's more than capable of the position, he enters a tournament and is shocked when he discovers his competitor.

  • Bobby forces Rudy to share his dojo with the Black Dragons after Rudy's mobile karate studio accidentally crashes into the Black Dragon dojo, temporarily closing it.

  • Jack and Kim admit that they have feelings for each other, but can they have a secret relationship?

  • Frank gets suspended from school after being accused of kidnapping the school's beloved pet turtle. But Jack believes that Frank is innocent and defends him.

  • In the shows 50th episode, the gang witnesses a robbery and is then placed in witness protection after the burglar escapes from prison and is determined to find them.

  • Milton and the gang go to a family reunion in Scotland and an ancient feud between his ancestors, the McKrupnicks and the McCrarys, is unintentionally reignited. Meanwhile, Rudy and Jerry try to photograph the Loch Ness Monster.

  • Milton is offered a job by a flashy billionaire after creating a prize-winning pair of super-strong gloves, but Jack and Jerry are suspicious of the businessman's intentions. Meanwhile, Rudy and Sam visit a carnival, and Rudy is mistaken for a performer.

  • Jack assumes a leadership role at the dojo when Rudy reluctantly agrees to babysit a mischievous boy for a few days. Unfortunately, Jerry struggles to adjust to Jack's new regime.

  • In the third season premiere, Phil is mistaken for an international spy, so Jack poses as a secret agent in an effort to stop the real spy.