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One of the most popular and well-known television comedy shows starring children is the "Our Gang" collection of comedy shorts. These comedies are not only classic but they retain a timeless quality that has made them popular with TV viewers for many years. Each episode features two or three short comedy films. The main stars of each production are young children who consistently find themselves in a host of funny situations. More than 200 short "Our Gang" films were produced.

The "Our Gang" comedies were created and produced by Hal Roach who tried to portray children in a realistic light. Many if not most of the shows were produced from a child's point of view. The show is also called "The Little Rascals".

In many episodes of "Our Gang" the child actors displayed wisdom beyond their years and created a democratic society of sorts governed by youngsters. Quite frequently the children are at odds with various authority figures such as parents, police and truant officers and teachers.

Utilizing teamwork and some ingenious ideas the children in "Our Gang" find creative and often hilarious solutions to the problems and challenges they encounter.

Because "Our Gang" episodes were produced for more than 20 years the producers of the show regularly replaced the cast members because they were too old for the parts.

Some of the child actors on "Our Gang" became well-known with TV and movie fans. Many of them had nicknames on the show with several being named after food items.

Among the cast members on "Our Gang" are "Buckwheat" Thomas, "Alfalfa" Switzer, "Porky" Lee, "Pineapple" Jackson and "Farina" Hoskins.

Some of the other most well-known and recognizable cast members of "Our Gang" are "Spanky" McFarland, "Stymie" Beard, Jackie Cooper and Darla Hood.

A bull terrier dog named "Pete the Pup" also starred in many "Our Gang" films. The dog is known for the dark ring that circles his eye.

Our Gang is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on December 13, 2010.

Where do I stream Our Gang online? Our Gang is available for streaming on Warner Bros., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Our Gang on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Warner Bros.
4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
December 13, 2010
Cast: Leonard Kibrick, Carlena Beard, Robert Blake, Tom Dugan, Georgie Billings
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Our Gang Full Episode Guide

  • When Buckwheat and Big Shot adopt a spotted dog, they decide to name it Smallpox. When they tell the other kids that they have just acquired Smallpox and want to give it to the whole Gang, the kids scatter to tell their parents, and soon radios are broadcasting warnings of a severe smallpox epidemic.

  • Froggy has a crush on Marilyn, but Marilyn only likes dancers, and so Froggy determines to become one. He gives a dancing recital in which he is the solo performer. Everyone is impressed until a rival for Marilyn's favors exposes Froggy's performance as a fake, but Marilyn decides she loves him anyway.

  • When their teacher keeps them after school, the "Our Gang" kids decide to play hooky next day and go fishing. However, they are unable to catch a single fish. They meet a fisherman, who shows them his huge catch. When he tells them it takes a great deal of study to become a fisherman, they rush back to school.

  • When the "Our Gang" kids invade a department store, they run into a group of burglars, who have looted the store and insist upon taking the kids with them as hostages. When the police take up the chase, they are aided in the capture of the criminals by some quick thinking on Froggy's part.

  • Mickey and Froggy both run for president of the Gang. Mickey runs on a platform of free lemonade, and Froggy offers free jelly beans. When the election winds up as a tie, the voters all switch their votes, and Janet is elected unanimously.

  • The "Our Gang" kids go off to spend the weekend with Mickey's Uncle. The fun starts when Froggy accidentally spills some Mexican jumping beans in with the chicken feed. Result: jitterbugging chicks. But that's only the beginning of the hilarious havoc they bring to the farm.

  • This is a juvenile musical comedy in the spirit and tradition of George M. Cohan. The theme is patriotic, and all of the "Our Gang" kids manage to get into the act. They do imitations of well-known stars such as Judy Garland, Eleanor Powell, and Carmen Miranda. Buckwheat does his bit with a Rochester imitation.

  • Because Janet thinks her parents don't love her anymore, she decides to run away from home and unwittingly involves the "Our Gang" kids, who are accused of kidnapping her. However, the Gang is collectively forgiven when they are instrumental in getting her to return home.

  • When all the youngsters in the neighborhood begin complaining about their wartime hardships, the "Our Gang" kids decide to put on a drama in which Mickey plays Ben Franklin and points out the patriotism involved in making sacrifices.

  • When the "Our Gang" kids get their clothes muddy, Spanky concocts a mixture of chemicals that removes the mud but leaves a foul and disgusting odor. The kids can't understand why the teacher won't let them stay in school. When the kids enter a movie theater, all the other patrons leave. Finally, the police emergency squad in gas masks removes them from the theatre and decontaminates them.

  • The casting director for Mammoth Pictures offers the Gang's dog, Rover, the chance to become the successor to Rin Tin Tin. However, Rover refuses to take commands in front of the camera--no matter how much the kids coax him--and so his career in films is ended before it begins.

  • The "Our Gang" kids decide to help Uncle Sam entertain the soldiers by forming their own U.S.O. unit. With the aid of Froggy's uncle, they organize a show in the local high school. Admission is free to all men in uniform, but civilians must pay 25 cents.

  • The "Our Gang" kids prove that the pen is mightier than the sword when they establish a crusading neighborhood newspaper and succeed in breaking up the nefarious Gas House Gang, a group of juvenile delinquents that have been exacting tribute from all the youngsters in town.

  • The "Our Gang" kids want to raise money to buy now football uniforms for their team, and so they decide to present a musical comedy in their basement theatre. Despite the success of their show, they are only able to raise $1.28. However, in the end, Froggy's uncle comes to the Gang's rescue with new uniforms.

  • When Darla learns that her father is getting married again, she remembers all the fairy tales about wicked stepmothers and enlists the Gang's help to mess up her Dad's nuptial plans. However, the Gang's shenanigans are exposed, and all the members spanked soundly as the film ends.

  • Miss Phipps, the gang's schoolteacher, arranges a classroom birthday party for Mickey. When the head of the school board learns of this, Miss Phipps is fired, but the Gang kids put on their thinking caps and figure out a way to have her reinstated.

  • The "Our Gang" kids decide to help national defense by organizing an Army with "Kernel" Spanky in command. An army major watches them drill and tells them how they can really help Uncle Sam. Darla starts collecting tinfoil, Mickey looks for old pots and pans, while Buckwheat collects old tire inner tubes.

  • Constructing a mechanical man to do their chores, the "Our Gang" kids sit back and anticipate a life of ease. However, Slicker and Boxer, archrivals of the Gang, have other plans, and they see to it that the Robot is more of a hindrance than help. Eventually it is discovered that inside the Robot is a boy, who has been causing all the trouble.

  • When Mickey is hit by an automobile, the Gang becomes aware that automobiles cause a large number of casualties. They decide to organize a safety society to impress people with the seriousness of the situation. Before they know it, the whole town is behind them.

  • Here's the perfect film to tie-in with your local Red Cross drive. When the "Our Gang" kids learn that the Red Cross needs funds, they decide to put on a minstrel show to raise money. The show, containing many favorite old minstrel songs and routines, is a smashing success, and the kids manage to help the Red Cross go over the top in its drive.

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