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The series originally aired on the Nickelodeon network for five seasons. It is a teen based sitcom following the adventures of the main character Clarissa. The most notable feature of the character is that Clarissa directly speaks to the audience by looking into the camera and talking. The series was created by Mitchell Kriegman and debuted in 1991.

Clarissa Marie Darling is the main character of the show. The show centers around Clarissa, Janet her mother, Marshall her father and a younger brother named Fergueson. She also has a best friend named Sam. It is important to note that her best friend Sam is a boy. There were not many shows airing on television at the time that featured best friends of different genders.

This show was Nickelodeon's first series that centered around a female in the leading role. The thinking among network executives at the time was that a show with a female lead would not equally appeal to both boys and girls. Clarissa Explains It All shattered that myth and indeed proved that female lead shows would do well. The ratings for the show remained strong among both boys and girls throughout its run.

While the show was set in an imaginary suburb in Ohio the show was actually filmed on Nickelodeon's Florida studio in Orlando. The show's continued popularity made it the headline for Nickelodeon's Saturday night television line up. The series ended on December 3, 1994 airing a total of 65 half hour episodes. Upon completion the show immediately went into syndication, where it aired nationwide and continued to garner excellent ratings.

The Best of Clarissa Explains It All is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (62 episodes). The series first aired on March 23, 1991.

Where do I stream The Best of Clarissa Explains It All online? The Best of Clarissa Explains It All is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Best of Clarissa Explains It All on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, iTunes online.

5 Seasons, 62 Episodes
March 23, 1991
Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: Melissa Joan Hart, Jason Zimbler, Elizabeth Hess, Joe O'Connor
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The Best of Clarissa Explains It All Full Episode Guide

  • Janet's a substitute teacher at Clarissa and Ferguson's school for two weeks. Clarissa feels it's cramping her style and is miserable when Janet is offered a permanent position.

  • Clarissa goes to music class and the only instrument left is the flute. It used to be a drag to play but she's been playing effortlessly and beautifully. Mrs. Doppeldew, the music teacher, wants Clarissa to do a flute solo at next week's music recital.

  • Eve, the meek and mousy new girl in school, worships Clarissa and starts copying her style. Clarissa gets fed up when she starts taking over her life.

  • The annual family vacation to Lake Winnemucca is usually filled with doom and disaster. But this year is going to be different. . .the whole family is going to the Grand Canyon!

  • Clarissa becomes the editor in chief for her school newspaper. Sam also decides to work for the paper by writing alternative music reviews. Clarissa explains she has to be objective and can't play favorites.

  • Clarissa has a history assignment: take something old, tired, and worn out and reinvent it. Clarissa tries to remodel her mother.

  • Clarissa and her friend Olivia often share the same thoughts and tastes, so Olivia is convinced she's a psychic. Clarissa decides to have Olivia take a psychic test to prove her wrong. When the test results arrive they're accompanied by a bill for 99.95. Now it's up to Olivia to use her ESP to pick the winning Lotto number so they can pay the bill.

  • Clarissa is dropping hints about how badly she wants a car, but her parents just keep saying "NO CAR"! But they didn't say "NO MOTORCYCLE"!

  • When Marshall and Janet come down with the flu, it's up to Clarissa and Ferguson to take care of the household chores.

  • After being asked to babysit Little Elsie Soaperstein, Clarissa prepares for her dangerous babysitting job with this little monster.

  • Clarissa carefully scrutinizes a portrait she found in the attic of Madame "CL". Janet tells her it was her great-great aunt once removed. Olivia comes over and convinces Clarissa to dance with her in the talent show.

  • Sam's mom Debbie is in town for two weeks for the Roller Derby playoffs. Sam is upset because he never gets to really see her and the hotel she's planning on staying in is across town. Clarissa invites Debbie to stay at her house.

  • Sam comes in after a bad date. Clarissa tells him he just hasn't found the right "one" yet. As they list the qualities of the perfect girl for Sam, it occurs to him that the perfect girl is...Clarissa!

  • Sam sets up himself and Clarissa on a double blind date. Clarissa is beseiged by visions of a blind date from hell. But after Sam describes how cool her date is, she begins to think that she might be the geek. Meanwhile, Ferguson's attempt to represent his parents in small claims court results in several countersuits.

  • Ferguson convinces Clifford to star in his cable access show called "Boy Thoughts." Once the show is a hit, Clifford doesn't have time for Clarissa.

  • Ferguson has fallen in love and is asking everyone for advice, including Clarissa, who wants to give him the worst advice possible. Yet every bad idea she gives him works in his favor and all the girls go crazy for him. Clarissa decides to destroy the monster she created. Her new advice to Ferguson is "just be yourself."

  • Clarissa poo-poos riding her bike as she approaches driving age... until her bike is stolen and realizes how useful it is as transportation.

  • Janet recruits the whole family to participate in Volunteer Day at the Children's Museum. Clarissa desperately wants to get out of this assignment and lucks out when the museum closes because of boiler problems. Unfortunatley, she unwittingly makes a suggestion that brings Volunteer Day, and a swarm of rambunctions tykes, to the Darling household.

  • Ferguson has decided to torture Clarissa by giving her "The Silent Treatment." Clarissa retaliates by devising a software program designed to gross him out when he steps into the bathroom. But Marshall accidentally becomes the recipient of this prank and Clarissa has no choice but to admit defeat to Ferguson.

  • Clarissa is broke and decides to get a job. She declines to use Ferguson's job placement business, but lets the librarian help her with her resume and job search. Clarissa gets multiple job offers, all of which she accepts. A major burnout causes her to be fired from all her jobs and owe money in damages.

  • Sam's mom, Debbie, comes to town to play in a roller derby match. Although she is the "Most Valuable Slayer," she announces that she wants to quit the derby and take Sam back to Seattle to live with her for good. As they reminisce about all the great times they've had together, Sam and Clarissa prepare to say goodbye.

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