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  • TV-G
  • 1991
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.1  (9,663)

The Best of Clarissa Explains It All is a nostalgic television series that aired on Nickelodeon from 1991 to 1994, featuring Melissa Joan Hart as the lead character, Clarissa Darling. This show was all about Clarissa, a spunky teenager who loved to share her insights about her life and the world around her in a funny and relatable way. The show captured the lives of teens, their daily struggles, and joys in a way that appealed to audiences of all ages.

Set in suburban Connecticut, Clarissa lived with her parents and her little brother Ferguson, and their daily antics were a staple of the show. The show aired for a total of five seasons and a hundred episodes, with each episode consisting of two main storylines. Clarissa was also known for her unique fashion sense and quirky hairstyles, which often featured elaborate hats, bright colors, and funky accessories.

The Best of Clarissa Explains It All was a compilation of the best and most memorable episodes of the show, packaged into a fun, nostalgic trip back in time. Fans of the show could relive their favorite moments from the series, from Clarissa's never-ending battles with her little brother Ferguson to her epic pranks on her best friend, Sam. The show appealed to a wide audience, from young children fascinated by Clarissa's quirky personality and colorful outfits to adults who fondly remembered their own teenage years.

The Best of Clarissa Explains It All showcased some of the most iconic moments from the show, such as when Clarissa turned her room into a circus to avoid cleaning it, or when she created her own newspaper to expose the injustices at her school. The show also explored complex issues that were relevant to young people at the time, such as body image and self-esteem, relationships, and the pressure to conform to society's expectations.

Melissa Joan Hart was the backbone of the show, and her portrayal of Clarissa was nothing short of outstanding. She had an effortless charm that captured the hearts of audiences, making her relatable to teenagers and endearing to adults. Her comedic timing was impeccable, and her ability to connect with viewers was unmatched. Hart was not just a talented actress but also had a hand in shaping the show's direction, providing valuable input on the storyline and character development.

The supporting cast was just as talented, with Jason Zimbler playing the role of Ferguson, Clarissa's little brother. Despite being an annoying pest, Ferguson was a lovable character who brought a lot of humor to the show. Elizabeth Hess played the role of Clarissa's mother, Janet, a kind and supportive mother who was always there to offer advice and guidance to her daughter. The chemistry between the actors was outstanding, making the show feel authentic and genuine.

The Best of Clarissa Explains It All was unique in its ability to resonate with audiences. It managed to capture the essence of teenage life without feeling patronizing or condescending, and it tackled important issues with sensitivity and humor. The show's success was due in part to its endearing characters and witty writing, as well as its relatable themes and universal humor.

In conclusion, The Best of Clarissa Explains It All is a must-watch for anyone who grew up in the '90s or is a fan of classic Nickelodeon shows. The show was a cultural phenomenon that defined a generation, and its legacy continues to live on. With its timeless humor and relatable themes, it remains one of the best teen shows of all time.

The Best of Clarissa Explains It All is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on March 23, 1991.

The Best of Clarissa Explains It All
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The Last Episode
13. The Last Episode
October 1, 1994
Clarissa ponders how weird the time space continuum is. Clarissa's last assignment for the Dispatch will be an article dedicated to the future...where will everyone be in 20 years?
Clarissa Gets Arrested
12. Clarissa Gets Arrested
July 23, 1994
Clarissa is tired of people being apathetic about important issues and she decides it's time to take action. She discovers that Woolcott Industries is still doing animal testing at the local plant. Clarissa is determined to write an editorial blasting them and, in addition, she and Sam stage a peaceful protest outside the plant. Both Sam and Clarissa wind up in jail debating over whose parents to call and come bail them out.
11. U.F.O
July 16, 1994
Clarissa discovers that real science can be really weird. After interviewing a woman who supposedly spotted a U.F.O., Clarissa decides to get to the bottom of the U.F.O. phenomena herself.
Ferguson Explains it All
10. Ferguson Explains it All
April 23, 1994
Ferguson commiserates on being the youngest in a family. No matter what...he's always the victim. But starting today, things will never be the same. Ferguson has ordered a pair of mind control glasses. A mere glance will have people in his power. He searches everywhere for Clarissa--she's the first family member he's going to put under his mind control spell.
Dear Clarissa
9. Dear Clarissa
March 12, 1994
Since Clarissa has so many opinions these days, she thinks it would be really cool to be a professional opinion-giver. Her advice column has been in the school paper for a few days and the response has been great but the letters have been pretty silly.
Janet & Clarissa, Inc.
8. Janet & Clarissa, Inc.
February 5, 1994
Clarissa has a class assignment to invent and market an environmentally safe product. Janet is in the kitchen making health treats which are delicious and they bounce when dropped on the floor. What a great idea for a fun new food product: "Bouncy Balls". Clarissa actually has people interested in ordering Bouncy Balls, but could she and her mom go into business for real??
Educating Janet
7. Educating Janet
October 16, 1993
Janet's a substitute teacher at Clarissa and Ferguson's school for two weeks. Clarissa feels it's cramping her style and is miserable when Janet is offered a permanent position.
The Zone
6. The Zone
July 10, 1993
Clarissa goes to music class and the only instrument left is the flute. It used to be a drag to play but she's been playing effortlessly and beautifully. Mrs. Doppeldew, the music teacher, wants Clarissa to do a flute solo at next week's music recital.
Hero Worship
5. Hero Worship
June 26, 1993
Eve, the meek and mousy new girl in school, worships Clarissa and starts copying her style. Clarissa gets fed up when she starts taking over her life.
4. Roadtrip
May 8, 1993
The annual family vacation to Lake Winnemucca is usually filled with doom and disaster. But this year is going to be different. . .the whole family is going to the Grand Canyon!
Editor in Chief
3. Editor in Chief
November 23, 1993
Clarissa becomes the editor in chief for her school newspaper. Sam also decides to work for the paper by writing alternative music reviews. Clarissa explains she has to be objective and can't play favorites.
3. Commitment
April 17, 1993
Clarissa likes Clifford, but she isn't ready to go steady. He dates another girl who spreads a rumor that Clarissa is too fickle to commit. Clarissa decides to prove her wrong by going steady with another boy.
A New Mom
2. A New Mom
November 13, 1993
Clarissa has a history assignment: take something old, tired, and worn out and reinvent it. Clarissa tries to remodel her mother.
2. ESP R Us
March 27, 1993
Clarissa and her friend Olivia often share the same thoughts and tastes, so Olivia is convinced she's a psychic. Clarissa decides to have Olivia take a psychic test to prove her wrong. When the test results arrive they're accompanied by a bill for 99.95. Now it's up to Olivia to use her ESP to pick the winning Lotto number so they can pay the bill.
The Cycle
1. The Cycle
October 23, 1993
Clarissa is dropping hints about how badly she wants a car, but her parents just keep saying "NO CAR"! But they didn't say "NO MOTORCYCLE"!
The Flu
1. The Flu
March 13, 1993
When Marshall and Janet come down with the flu, it's up to Clarissa and Ferguson to take care of the household chores.
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    March 23, 1991
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    7.1  (9,663)