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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is an Australian murder mystery series based in Melbourne that tells the story of a different murder each episode. The show was first broadcast by the Australian network ABC1 in 2012 as a 13 part season of one hour episodes; the eponymous Miss Phryne Fisher is a 1920s society woman who uses her beauty, charm and a pearl handled pistol to solve a different murder in each episode. The character is based on a series of popular Australian mystery novels by Kerry Greenwood known as the Phryne Fisher Mysteries.

Adapted by writers Deb Cox and Fiona Eaggers the first season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is set in 1920s Melbourne, Australia and shows the return of Phryne from a tour of foreign countries. Returning to her hometown Miss Fisher moves in with her Aunt, who is determined to introduce her niece to Melbourne society and find a rich husband for her. Throughout the season the major reason for Phryne's return to Melbourne is revealed as her wish to make sure the man she feels is responsible for the mysterious disappearance of her sister, Murdoch Foyle stays in jail for life.

In the first episode of the season Phryne clears the name of a young woman, Dot Williams who is accused of murder; after clearing her name Phryne employs Dot as he maid and assistant in investigations. She also befriends Detective Inspector Jack Robinson and his assistant Constable Hugo Collins. With the police using their own means to investigate the different murder occurring in each episode and Phryne using her feminine wiles and humor to help solve crimes the group find their way to the identity of each killer. Although firmly based in the genre of amateur murder investigators Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries differs from the majority of the genre through its setting in the Jazz era in Australia. The characters of Phryne Fisher and her Aunt Prudence inject humor into each episode through the skills of actresses Essie Davis and Miriam Margolyes, respectively.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on February 24, 2012.

Where do I stream Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries online? Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
February 24, 2012
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Essie Davis
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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Full Episode Guide

  • A prize-winning scientist is murdered on the grounds of the Royal Observatory-and a killer who has traveled halfway around the world catches up with a member of the Fisher family. Phryne must save a life and help restore an old marriage, even as she celebrates a new one.

  • A concierge is stabbed and pushed to his death from the rooftop of the Grand Hotel, an establishment that was once a part of Melbourne high society but has now fallen on hard times. Jack calls Phryne in on the case, which looks like a robbery gone wrong until a strange connection to the Fisher household emerges.

  • One of the patients in a controversial sanatorium for women is electrocuted in her room. Though it could have been a tragic accident, Phryne has other ideas. What kind of appliance was the woman plugging into the electrical outlet-and where is the appliance now?

  • When street urchins from a local gang begin to disappear from a poor neighborhood of Melbourne, suspicion falls on a hospital employee who has been using them in his petty crime operation. Cuts on two dead boys suggest they were involved in knife fights, until Phryne and Jack realize there was a darker purpose to the killings.

  • The strangling of an old lady in her restaurant's kitchen signals the latest flare-up in a feud against a rival Italian eatery. But with organized-crime involvement and grudges stretching back to the old country, this is no ordinary food fight.

  • The body of an unidentified woman is found outside the perimeter of a Royal Australian Air Force base, and an airman is missing. Is there a connection? Phryne finds one when she traces the dead woman to a group of Russian leftists and a deadly conflict between the airmen and the base's unionized workers.

  • While holidaying with Aunt Prudence at a snowbound chalet, Phryne and her friends rush to solve a murder before they become the next victims.

  • The death of a teenager escaping from a halfway house for wayward girls touches Phryne deeply as her investigation leads to corruption in high places.

  • The Fisher household's new wireless broadcasts bad news with an on-air murder, prompting Phryne and an undercover Jack to battle a wily killer.

  • Phryne investigates two suspicious deaths at an idyllic vineyard, where murder and hostile townsfolk combine to produce an especially thorny case.

  • Phryne wades into the world of showbiz when a silent movie that's being produced by one of her oldest friends is derailed by murder.

  • Dr. Mac implores an estranged Jack and Phryne to work together to solve a professor's murder. In the process, they find a valuable stolen manuscript.

  • When a female race car driver is found dead in her roadster, Phryne struggles to convince Jack that her death was no accident.

  • Good sportsmanship is scarce when Phryne finds the competitive captain of an Australian Rules football team hanging by a rival team's scarf.

  • The world of high fashion turns deadly when Phryne goes to an exclusive salon for a fitting, only to discover that a prominent lady has been killed.

  • Phryne is embroiled in the dangerous world of fight-rigging and tribal payback when a gang leader is murdered outside a traveling boxing tent.

  • It's off to the seaside for Phyrne and her friends. But their holiday goes awry when burglary, murder and buried treasure are thrown into the mix.

  • With Aunt Prudence swept up in the new spiritualist fad, Phryne becomes embroiled in a murder committed 10 years prior on the battlefield.

  • Phryne disobeys Jack's orders and goes undercover as a fan dancer to investigate a murder involving Jack's former father-in-law.