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Lost Tapes is an American television series that is centered on horrific creatures and paranormal phenomenon. This show is broadcasted on the famous nature television network, animal planet because it is a show where fact meets fiction in a bone chilling way. The genre of Lost Tapes is mostly horror, but it also is a documentary show and paranormal thriller that has the viewers quivering in their boots. It is narrated by Rick Robles, who uses a scary voice to narrate each horrific scene of this show. The format of this television show is in mocumentary format, or a documentary that features fake events. In addition, the children who are featured on this show, in episodes such as the thunderbird, are not physically harmed in the making of this show, but they can suffer from emotional trauma.

Viewers of Lost Tapes are taken into a horrific viewing experience as they watch all of the most hated horror stories come to life. This show features home tapes from a personal video recorder and these video camera images depict cruel and brutal attacks from many scary childhood nightmare creatures including: vampires, demons, giant snakes, Sea monsters, giant octopuses, Chupacabra, big foot and many more scary Halloween-like creatures.

The plot of this television show is to expose many circumstances of paranormal activity by showing the viewers videos of these creatures. The people who are attacked and shown in the videos are usually going on an excursion, either by themselves or in a small group of three or four people, in a remote area where escape is not possible. Then viewers are shown quick glimpses of these creatures. This show is truly terrifying and makes viewers wonder what is lurking in the woods.

Lost Tapes is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on October 30, 2008.

Where do I stream Lost Tapes online? Lost Tapes is available for streaming on Animal Planet, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Lost Tapes on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Animal Planet, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
October 30, 2008
News Documentary & Biography Nature
Cast: Loren Coleman, Dallas Santana, Jessica Lynch Alfaro, Craig Stanford
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Lost Tapes Full Episode Guide

  • Following a series of mysterious attacks, two reporters pursue the exclusive story of a radical private militia group hiding in the remote Wisconsin woods.

  • The Enigma Corporation journeys to Mexico City to investigate a series of ritual murders. While there, they uncover a cult intent on unleashing an ancient serpentine power which soon gets out of control.

  • A search and rescue team attempts to locate a group of lost hikers. What starts as a routine rescue mission quickly turns to horror when the team discovers that circumstances might have led the hikers to acts of cannibalism.

  • Two journalists eager to uncover the story of the century sneak onto a cargo ship rumored to carry the remains of a Himalayan explorer. What they find instead turns into an even bigger and deadlier story.

  • In the mountains of West Virginia, a routine raid on an illegal moonshine operation becomes a horrific nightmare as the agents realize they have become prey to primal forces beyond their control.

  • A team of paranormal investigators attempts to help a family troubled by mysterious occurrences having to do with their son.

  • The Enigma Corporation is hired by an oil company to investigate one of their remote drilling encampments to determine the cause of all the worker's mysterious deaths.

  • A filmmaker follows a treasure hunter and his crew as they attempt to recover the bounty from a ship that sank to the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Instead, they find themselves under attack from an immense multi-armed predator unlike any they've encountered.

  • The Enigma Corporation, a private security firm specializing in unexplained activity, travels to New Orleans to bring a murderer to justice - one that was reported dead eight years earlier.

  • A group of mischievous hoaxers attempt to re-ignite the legend of Massachusetts' Dover Demon, only to fall victim to the very creature they intended to imitate.

  • Terror lurks beneath the surface of Utah's Bear Lake, a creature equally at home on land as is in the murky depths of the lake. A lakeside celebration becomes a terrifying fight for survival as the monster begins to feed.

  • A former astronaut is placed under psychiatric and medical observation after reporting strange ailments with no known medical cause. Are her symptoms psychosomatic, or has she returned to earth the unwitting host to an unknown life form?

  • A family in New Jersey uncover an empty house in the pine barrens.

  • Two good friends document their adventure as they explore the sport of catfish noodling. Unfortunately, their chosen location happens to be home to the White River Monster, an aquatic beast that cruises the fresh waters of northeastern Arkansas.

  • An entomologist analyzes a new 100-legged monstrosity.

  • A serial killer with animalistic tendencies may prove to be an unnatural terror.

  • Deep in the bottomlands of rural Arkansas, a horrifying local legend comes to life. A city slicker joins his southern friends for his first deer hunt, but their actions draw the attention of a ravenous creature that roams Boggy Creek.

  • A news crew goes underground with a firemen to track down a family pet and unexpectedly find a different creature.

  • An odd shuffling noise during the night leads a family to discover a unknown room which is filled with bloodsuckers.

Lost Tapes Video Clips & Extras

Thunderbird Clip (2 min 10 sec) Death Raptor aka Owl Man Clip (2 min 4 sec) Cave Demons Clip (2 min 12 sec) Devil Dragon aka Megalania Clip (2 min 12 sec) Oklahoma Octopus Clip (2 min 37 sec) Monster of Monterey Clip (1 min 45 sec) Bigfoot Clip (2 min 30 sec)