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Human Resources is a reality show about recycling and repurposing. The show follows a company called TerraCycle that seeks to reuse anything that has been discarded in order to create a more ecologically conscious world. The company takes anything at all, including cigarette butts, from the trash to create new things that can be used again without the waste of throwing things away.

Human Resources is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on August 8, 2014. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.0.

Human Resources is available for streaming on the Pivot website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Human Resources on demand at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Pivot
3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
August 8, 2014
Cast: Steph Tsang, Rick Zultner, Dan Harris, Tom Szaky
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Human Resources Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Stephen meets with Tom to discuss ways to improve sales for the energy bar recycling program as part of his five-year self-improvement plan, S.T.E.M. -- Stephen Total Evolution Makeover. With Gina as the Larabar brand manager, Tom suggests Gina and Stephen partner together to boost Larabar collection numbers.

  • Tom, Tony and Rick travel to Japan to meet with big brand representatives, hoping to take TerraCycle's personal care waste collections global.

  • Design teams up with R&D to create a gamified recycling bin as part of an interactive recycling initiative for Pepsi. Tiff and Darshan meet with Rick to plan how to scientifically measure changes in recycling rates. The Design team and interns brainstorm what encourages people to recycle and create ideas for three prototypes: a visual response steampunk design bin, a gamified bin with a launcher element, and a compliment bin which pays you a compliment for recycling. After hearing Raj is learning how to drive in the United States, Andrew and Stephen offer to be his instructors. But first, Rick and Stephen head to Palmer Square to measure for a recycling rate baseline. Back at TerraCycle, Tiff, Darshan and the interns are racing to build their three prototype bins by the end of the week. Raj has his first driving lesson with Andrew and Stephen where he learns the rules of the American road. Rick, Tiff and Darshan return to Palmer Square to test the three prototype bins. Despite having the lowest success rate, Pepsi favors the compliment bin and its scalability. Tiff and Darshan get to work on the final compliment bin, as the prototype needs a lot of work. After work, Raj practices parallel parking with Andrew and Stephen one last time before his driver"™s test. Design team gets the final compliment bin up and running just in time for one final test. Despite Andrew and Stephen"™s efforts, Raj fails his driver"™s test. But, there is always next time! Tiff and Darshan present the final bin to Pepsi, and Rick presents the data. The bin has increased recycling by 28% percent, and Pepsi is pleased with the results.

  • In order to secure a 3D printer for the Design team, Tiff and Darshan must work with the science team to create a recycled filament using Terracycle's waste streams. New employee Gina tries to assimilate into Terracycle's unique work environment.

  • Steph is challenged with replicating the success of Terracycle UK's public locations program here in the United States. Dan's position as "Zero Waste Box Sales Machine" is threatened by Rhandi's new hire to the department, old-school Rich.

  • In the season three premiere, Tom works to secure an investment that could change the future of TerraCycle, and tasks Tony with creating the perfect presentation. Dean plans a surprise party for Dara's 10-year work anniversary.

  • A haircare and beauty brand challenges the TerraCycle team to come up with new and interesting ways to help inspire college-age kids to recycle their personal care and beauty waste. Steph come up with a recycling marathon, an idea that Tony quickly dubs a "Recycle-a-thon," stealing Steph's thunder in the process.Back at the office, Liana gives Tom an overview of the new (and first formal) human resources policies she'd like to put in place. Tom doesn't want the changes affecting TerraCycle's quirky office culture, but agrees to move forward.Steph presents her progress to Tom and Tony: she secured a fraternity and sorority at a local university to compete in the on campus "Recycle-a-thon." Tony, believing himself the Project Manager, attempts to take control of the project even though this is the first time he has heard of Greek Life. In response to the tension between Steph and Tony, Tom incorporates their competition into the pilot program by tasking each of them with leading a participating team: it's boys versus girls. Tony and Steph, accompanied by Dan and Sara respectively, head to the university to meet with the Greek houses and explain the rules for the weeklong competition to collect personal care and beauty waste. The teams are excited, and spend the afternoon placing their collection boxes around campus and spreading the word about the competition. Back at Terracycle HQ, Tom alleviates some of the Staff's negativity towards the new policies, explaining that the changes are a signal of company growth. A few days later, the sorority and the fraternity do the final weigh-in of the waste collected during the competition. The results are close, but it's the sorority that comes away victorious. The girls are thrilled to win the competition and all that comes with it: charity points from the waste collected that translates to a monetary donation and the "sweet" Adirondack chairs.

  • In order to seal a deal with a client, Rhandi and Stephen must collaborate to find a solution for an exciting new waste stream.

  • Tiffany organizes an "experience booth" at a local race in order to to help promote a new partnership collecting used sports energy packets; and Tom forms a TerraCycle running team to compete in the race.

  • The pressure's on when Stephanie and Stephen are sent to London to study TerraCycle UK's public collection program for coffee capsules. Back in Trenton, the team looks to Albe for a solution when the wifi goes out.

  • Tom is challenged to come up with a creative way to highlight an oral care brand brigade for Earth Day. He suggests that they create a playground out of oral care waste and give it to the local school that can collect the most oral care waste. However, TerraCycle has a difficult challenge ahead: they'll need to determine whether they can make the playground in time for the fast approaching Earth Day.Tom assigns Andrew as Project Manager since they are up against a tough deadline and limited budget. The pressure is on Stephan to find enough oral care waste material, and on Rick to find a formulation for the waste that's durable enough for a playground.When Karina brings her daughter Olivia to work, Tom, who's expecting his first child, sees a learning opportunity and convinces Karina to let him watch Olivia for the day. While Olivia spends time in Tom's office, Andrew stops by to give Tom an update on the playground. Tom tells Andrew (along with encouragement from young Olivia) that they need to double the size of the playground. Nervous about the new request, Andrew quickly tells Rick and Stephen about Tom's new directive and demands positive results. Fortunately, Stephan is able to hunt down more oral care waste, and Rick finds the perfect formulation. But Andrew continues to be anxious about the limited time and insists Rick and Stephan call the manufacturer. Much to Andrew's delight, the manufacturer confirms that they will be done processing the material soon and the playground will be built on time. It's finally Earth Day, and Tom, Andrew, Rick, and Stephen head to Beloved Charter School to see the completed playground for the first time. Tom is happy with the result and the hard work of his staff; the team proudly presents the playground to a group of excited children.

  • Stephanie gets creative when she's put in charge of overseeing the marketing campaign to promote collections of used pet food packaging for TerraCycle. Elsewhere, tensions are high as Dan, Diandra and Dean compete for the best parking.

  • Darshan's patience is tested when he's charged with managing TerraCycle's quirky new Artist-in-Residence, who has one month to create three pieces of art constructed from waste. The TerraCycle staff is upset about a new "no dogs allowed" policy.

  • To meet Tom's request to secure partnerships with feminine hygiene brands, Tony must successfully sell the idea of used tampon recycling to women. While Dara is on maternity leave, Dean seeks out new lunch companions.

  • In the second season premiere, Dan and Rhandi are successfully selling Zero Waste boxes to large businesses, but the real challenge comes as they expand the program to medium-sized business.