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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

The Mixtape is a television show by SoulPancake that originally aired on Pivot in 2014. The show is a mix of music, comedy, and life-affirming segments that capture the essence of human connection. Each episode of The Mixtape features a mix of artists, comedians, and everyday people performing music and sharing stories. The show is hosted by writer, comedian, and actor Jordan Carlos, who brings a charming and laid-back energy to the proceedings.

One of the standout segments of The Mixtape is the "Story Slam" where the audience is invited to share their personal stories with the rest of the world. These stories can be heartwarming, funny, depressing or anything in between, but they all serve to connect people and highlight the beauty of human experience. The Story Slam is a great way for the audience to feel included in the show and to see how their own lives connect to the themes presented.

Another great segment of The Mixtape is the "Cover Story", where a musician covers a classic song from a completely different genre. The results of these covers are often surprising and delightful, as the artists take familiar songs and make them their own. This segment is a great showcase for the creativity and versatility of the musicians involved.

The Mixtape also features a variety of musical performances, ranging from indie rock to soulful ballads. One of the highlights of the musical segments is the "Live on the Lever" series, where musicians perform on a ferry barge in the New York Harbor. The unique setting and stripped-down arrangements give these performances a raw and intimate feeling that captures the beauty of live music.

Throughout The Mixtape, SoulPancake promotes the power of positivity and connection. The show serves as a reminder that despite our differences, we all share common experiences and emotions. The humor, music, and storytelling featured on The Mixtape are all tools to help us connect with each other and find joy in our shared humanity.

Overall, The Mixtape is an uplifting and heartwarming show that celebrates the power of music and human connection. The mix of comedy, storytelling, and music makes for a unique and engaging experience that is sure to leave viewers feeling inspired.

The Mixtape by SoulPancake
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6. Creativity
September 22, 2014
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is interviewed about collective art.
Love & Fun-Draising
5. Love & Fun-Draising
September 15, 2014
SoulPancake and Rainn Wilson look into altruism and love, an interview with Olivia Wilde, the power of forgiveness, and artwork by Kimia Kline.
Dream Big
4. Dream Big
September 8, 2014
SoulPancake and Rainn Wilson look to space and beyond for the ideas dreams are made of. Featuring an interview with Elon Musk, proof happy people are more successful, and artwork by Becky Dreistadt.
Making a Difference
3. Making a Difference
September 1, 2014
SoulPancake and Rainn Wilson find out the power of kindness and giving back. Featuring an interview with System of a Down's Serj Tankian, a kindness triathlon, and a graffiti mural by Eric Skotnes.
2. Optimism
August 25, 2014
SoulPancake and Rainn Wilson look into positive thinking power. Featuring an interview with Russell Brand, artwork by Alisa Yang, and an optimism experiment.
Risk-Taking (Pilot)
1. Risk-Taking (Pilot)
August 25, 2014
SoulPancake and Rainn Wilson look into how to take chances, overcome fears, and connect with people. Featuring an interview with Mindy Kaling, David Jien's artwork, and a gratitude experiment.
  • Premiere Date
    August 25, 2014