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Neil Grimsley is the kind of guy that could never seem to get anything going in his life. The best job he could get is as a gas station attendant, but it is rarely enough to pay the bills. Instead of worrying about anything, Neil just keeps on playing video games and becomes infatuated with the Legend Of Zelda. When Neil gets an eviction notice from his landlord, he also finds out that his girlfriend is leaving him to be with his brother. With his life collapsing around him, Neil decides to take one last chance at beating that video game.

While he is playing the game, Neil finds a pond and decides to drown his character in the pond to simulate drowning himself. When his character disappears into the digital water, Neil passes out and wakes up inside the video game. Now he needs to rely on help from two extremely unpleasant old men to rescue the princess from the evil Lord Gannon. For the first time, Neil feels like he has a purpose. But it is the kind of purpose that can get a guy killed, for real.

The Legend of Neil is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on December 17, 2012.

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Comedy Partners
3 Seasons, 12 Episodes
December 17, 2012
Cast: Tony Janning, Mike Rose, Felicia Day, Eric Acosta
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The Legend of Neil Full Episode Guide

  • Series Finale. It's Neil versus Gannon. After fighting through Level 9, Neil is near death. Can the Fairy forgive Neil for being a horrible father in time to save his life? Will the Old Man come out of retirement to help him? Who's side is Wizrobe really on? Will Neil have what it takes to free Princess Zelda and become King of Hyrule? Watch the epic 22-minute monster finale. It's got Kung fu fights. Originally broadcast as Season 3, episode 7.

  • Neil faces his deepest fears including his creepy, demeaning doppelgÄnger and finally receives the Magical Sword. Neil has officially defeated Levels 6 and 7, so Wizrobe is charged by Gannon to defend Level 8 himself. Wizrobe and Neil go head-to-head in a surprising showdown. Originally broadcast as Season 3, episode 6. Also includes minisode - Glarry Botter.

  • Neil returns to the Old Man and takes his 3-day training course. Equipped with new moves, Neil ventures to find the Magical Sword in the Graveyard of Living Nightmares, but first he must fight... himself! Originally broadcast as Season 3, episode 5. Also includes the minisode - Dirty Old Man Dance.

  • Amidst a Hyrulian Civil War battle, Tyrelda reveals that he is Zelda's last living brother. Together he and Neil fight half lion-half horse creatures the only way they know how - a dance-off! Neil returns to the Fairy, only to discover her children have been captured. Originally broadcast as Season 3, episode 4. Also includes the minisode - Elf vs. Wild.

  • While searching for Level 6, Neil comes across two giants statue creatures who leave him broken and bloodied. He finds the Fairy giving birth to a litter of children and it's clear who the father is. Finally Neil tries to get to Level 6, but instead meets Princess Zelda's brother, Tyrelda. Originally broadcast as Season 3, episode 3. Also includes the minisode - Armos Banter.

  • Filmed as a parody of "The Office." Neil battles a two-headed dragon and Dark Nut, while Gannon, Wizrobe, Zelda, and others discuss his continued success. Originally broadcast as Season 3, episode 2. Also includes the minisode - The Gloffice Prank.

  • The legend continues with Season Three. Neil is living back in New Jersey regaining his old job and old girlfriend. But after finding out his family has been telling him lies, he transports himself back into the game where he finds Old Man, now retired, and Fairy, now pregnant. Originally broadcast as Season 3, episode 1. Also includes these extras - Hyrule Horizons, Uninteresting Man, and Promo Outtakes.

  • Neil is rescued by a "secret" Moblin and learns some valuable lessons. On one hand, free medical care is pretty awesome. On the other hand, you get what you pay for. It's a shootout as Neil is cornered by his old Moblin drinking buddies, and a scorned Fairy refuses to help. In the finale of Season 2, we finally get a glimpse of Gannon's face, and he unleashes a most powerful minion Dark Night, er, Dark Nut to capture Neil. Originally broadcast as Season 2, episodes_4-18 5, 6 and 7.

  • Hyrule bursts into song in a very special musical episode. Fairy's in peril, Gannon vents to Wizrobe, and Neil's got to get through Level 2 all without missing a beat. And later, Neil finally gets a drink, makes some friends and gets to party. He simply has to keep his identity secret because the party is hosted by Moblins. Originally broadcast as Season 2, episodes_4-18 3 and 4.

  • The legend continues with Season Two. Neil finds himself back inside the game world facing arrow-shooting Moblin foes and goes for broke playing the "money making game" with seedy Elves. Originally broadcast as Season 2, episodes_4-18 1 and 2.