Watch TV Shows on Comedy Partners

Comedy Partners is a digital media content distribution company based in Pacifica, California. Originally, the company was based in Seattle, Washington when the founder - Pete Strong - devised the idea in his basement. It started with only a few homemade videos of comedy and grew into the national organization it is today through expanding and high viewer ratings that encouraged foreign investment from firms in countries such as Japan, Switzerland, and even Iceland.

In California, Comedy Partners works to provide the newest and best comedy specials from standup comedians such as Brian Callen, Eddie Murphy, Shanay Robinson, and Bo Burnham. Typically, when a comic produces a special, companies like Comedy Central will attain the first rights of production and distribution. After this point, Comedy Partners will negotiate with companies to license the rights of the shows and provide the show to their viewers free of charge.

Viewers can access the content on the media channels website or via apps. There are currently plans to create a new cable tv channel in California that would broadcast all of Comedy Partners' content. In 2014, the company merged with a small distributor of music albums called "Insight Media" and the channel plans to begin including local and international musicians in their content offerings.

Shows include: "A Night at the Roxbury," "High Noon: Shanghai's Finest Detective," "Tokyo Drift," "Dubai is on Fire," and more. The mix of modern and classic comedy has resulted in global critical acclaim and a "Groundbreaking Award" from Improv Olympics.