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  • 1951
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (726)

The Roy Rogers Show was a popular Western television series that aired on NBC from 1951 to 1957. Starring the legendary Roy Rogers, the show featured a blend of action, adventure, music, and wholesome family values that appealed to viewers of all ages. The show followed the adventures of Roy Rogers, a singing cowboy and his wife Dale Evans, who often rode alongside her husband, as well as their trusted friend Pat Brady, who was known for his expertise with guns, horses, and gadgets. Together, they fought lawlessness and injustice in the Wild West, always standing up for what was right and never backing down in the face of danger.

The cast of The Roy Rogers Show was led by Roy Rogers himself, who was one of the biggest Western stars of the era. Known as the "King of the Cowboys," Rogers had an easy charm, a beautiful singing voice, and a natural physicality that made him perfect for the role of a hero. Dale Evans, his co-star and wife, was also a talented singer and actress, and she brought a warm, maternal presence to the show. Finally, Pat Brady played the role of their comic relief sidekick, providing humor and laughs throughout the series.

One of the most distinctive features of The Roy Rogers Show was Trigger, Roy Rogers' famous horse. Known for his beauty and loyalty to Rogers, Trigger was a beloved character on the show and became one of the most famous horses in TV history. In addition to Trigger, the show also featured a variety of other horses and animals, such as Bullet the Wonder Dog and Pat Brady's Jeep, Nellybelle.

The stories on The Roy Rogers Show were varied and exciting, with each episode featuring a new adventure for the main characters to tackle. As in any good Western, there were plenty of showdowns, gunfights, and horse chases, as well as plenty of opportunities for Roy and Dale to serenade one another with beautiful songs. However, the show also emphasized important values such as honesty, loyalty, and community, and often featured uplifting messages about the importance of family and standing up for what is right.

Perhaps part of what made The Roy Rogers Show so popular was its strong sense of nostalgia for the Old West. The show took place in a mythical version of the Wild West that was full of cowboys and outlaws, cattle drives, and saloon fights. However, despite the often violent nature of their work, Roy and his friends represented a more idealized version of the West, one in which good always triumphed over evil and justice always prevailed.

Overall, The Roy Rogers Show was a beloved television series that captured the hearts of viewers with its action-packed adventures, beautiful music, and strong emphasis on family values. It was a seminal show that helped to define the Western genre on television, and remains a classic example of the era of early TV programming.

The Roy Rogers Show is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on December 30, 1951.

The Roy Rogers Show
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Flying Bullets
23. Flying Bullets
June 8, 1956
Pat is elected sheriff of Martin County and his first order of business is to arrest the man who shot old mountain man Cliff Miller.
Death Medicine
22. Death Medicine
September 7, 1952
An elderly old man with diabetes is kidnapped by an employee and his gang, who plan to hold him for ransom. Roy and Dale must find the man and give him the insulin injection he needs before it's too late.
Haunted Mine of Paradise Valley
21. Haunted Mine of Paradise Valley
May 25, 1956
A dying prospector confides to Roy that the map to his gold mine is hidden in a shaft of the old abandoned Bedford Mine. When his widow comes to Mineral City, Roy and Dale set out to help her find the map.
The Hermit's Secret
20. The Hermit's Secret
May 18, 1956
Ruby Barton's husband has been murdered, and the culprit is a former gangster now posing as a harmless old invalid. When the evidence seems to point to Ruby's uncle as the killer, Roy and Dale are not convinced and set out to trap the real killer.
Shoot to Kill
19. Shoot to Kill
May 11, 1956
A photographer talks Pat into posing for a picture pretending to rob a stagecoach. Pat doesn't know that this picture will be the beginning of a lot of trouble for him.
Dead Men's Hills
18. Dead Men's Hills
May 4, 1956
Roy, Dale and Pat give a hand to an injured sheriff battling a gang headed by a notorious outlaw near the desert town of Dead Man's Hills.
Peril from the Past
17. Peril from the Past
April 20, 1956
Two men arrive in Mineral City with a plan - they know that the teller at the bank once served time in prison for killing a man, and they threaten to expose his past unless he helps them rob the bank.
Outlaw's Town
16. Outlaw's Town
April 13, 1956
Roy and Pat pose as outlaws and travel to a desert town known as a safe haven for criminals in order to lure the outlaws out of town so the law can capture them.
Go for Your Guns
15. Go for Your Guns
April 6, 1956
Dale is worried about her nephew, Bob, who idolizes a notorious gunfighter. Especially when it turns out that the gunfighter is actually fronting for a vicious gang of holdup men.
Phantom Rustlers
14. Phantom Rustlers
March 30, 1956
An epidemic of cattle rustling hits the small ranchers and farmers in the valley and the cattle seem to just vanish into thin air.
The Train Robbery
13. The Train Robbery
March 23, 1956
A crooked postmaster hires two gunmen to rob a train carrying a valuable shipment to the bank.
Ride in the Death Wagon
12. Ride in the Death Wagon
March 16, 1956
A wealthy but ailing woman donates a large amount of money to build a clinic. However, the money is mistakenly given to a crook posing as an armed guard. Roy and Dale set out to capture the robber and return the money.
Ghost Gulch
11. Ghost Gulch
March 9, 1956
Rancher Jim Barton disappears one day, worrying his wife and housekeeper. A crooked rancher, who wants Barton's land because gold has been discovered on it, has kidnapped him.
The Outlaw's Girl
10. The Outlaw's Girl
March 2, 1956
Thelma, a young and naive friend of Dale's, has fallen in love with a hard-nosed, vicious gangster named Chick Dillon.
Treasure of Howling Dog Canyon
9. Treasure of Howling Dog Canyon
February 24, 1956
A saloon girl marries a miner and then has him murdered in order to attain his piece of a treasure map. She is determined to complete the map and her murdered husband's stepson holds the last missing piece!
The Double-crosser
8. The Double-crosser
February 17, 1956
Dale suspects Mayor Ralph Colton of dishonestly so she tells him that she has some money she wants to invest. Complications ensue when she discovers that a bandit gang is actually blackmailing Colton.
The Unwilling Outlaw
7. The Unwilling Outlaw
February 10, 1956
Jed Collins, a law-abiding bank employee, gets involved with a gang of bank robbers after his wife's death leaves him alone to fend for his daughter, Lucy.
The Set-Up
6. The Set-Up
February 3, 1956
Roy intervenes when an outlaw gang tries to kill old Granny Hobbs, a trapper, because she refuses to sell her land. When the gang plots to have Granny declared insane so they can take her property, Granny, Roy and Dale devise a trap for them.
Doc Stevens' Traveling Store
5. Doc Stevens' Traveling Store
January 27, 1956
Gregarious old "Doc" Stevens travels the territory in his "store on wheels". What no one realizes is that this "store" actually hides a transmitter that enables him to send information to a gang of vicious criminals in the area.
4. Jailbreak
January 20, 1956
When a young man has been wrongly accused of murdering his fiancé's father, Dale helps him escape from jail so they can prove his innocence.
The Minister's Son
3. The Minister's Son
January 13, 1956
In order to catch a ring of counterfeiters, a government agent poses as a minister's son in Mineral City.
The Desert Fugitive
2. The Desert Fugitive
January 6, 1956
Roy helps his friend Bill Harris find his twin brother's killer.
Bullets and a Burro
1. Bullets and a Burro
December 30, 1951
An outlaw gang, headed by the sheriff's brother, plots to steal an old prospector's life savings.
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  • Premiere Date
    December 30, 1951
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (726)