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Set in Minneapolis, Minnesota "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" is a classic and timeless situation comedy. The show revolves around a 30-something woman named Mary Richards who works in the newsroom at a small local television station. Mary is a nice single person who has some interesting friends and co-workers. On a regular basis challenging and humorous situations arise with these characters.

The cast members of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" include Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards, Ed Asner as her boss Lou Grant, Ted Knight as news anchor Ted Baxter, Gavin MacLeod as staff writer Murray Slaughter and Valerie Harper and Cloris Leachman as Mary's friends Rhoda Morgenstern and Phyllis Lindstrom respectively.

Mary's professional relationship with her boss Lou Grant is the source of many funny situations and dialogue. Ted the anchorman regularly becomes confused by and mispronounces words while on the air and Murray the writer always has funny lines to add to every situation.

Two of Mary's neighbors figure prominently in the show. Rhoda and Phyllis are very different from each other but they are both good friends of Mary's. Phyllis is married but Mary and Rhoda are unmarried and still dating.

Other characters on this show are TV host Sue Ann Nivens who is played by Betty White and Ted's girlfriend Georgette Franklin who is played by Georgia Engel.

During its seven seasons on the air "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" became a favorite television program for many viewers and it remains very popular in reruns today. The various characters on the show interact with each other splendidly and the plots are well-written.

Each episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" is 30 minutes in length and more than 160 episodes of the show were made. The show's inspirational theme song and opening scenes are instantly recognizable to TV fans around the world.

Three different spinoff series were created from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". These are "Rhoda", "Lou Grant" and "Phyllis".

The Mary Tyler Moore Show is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (168 episodes). The series first aired on September 19, 1970.

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7 Seasons, 168 Episodes
September 19, 1970
Cast: Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner, Valerie Harper, Gavin MacLeod, Ted Knight
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The Mary Tyler Moore Show Full Episode Guide

  • In the final episode, WJM is sold, and Mary, Lou, and Murray are astounded to learn that they've all been fired. Ted, meanwhile, has been spared the axe.

  • Mary's guest of honor at her latest dinner party is none other than Johnny Carson, but a blackout dims her plans.

  • While discussing Mary's marital status, Murray, Ted and Lou fantasize about what it would be like to be married to her.

  • Murray agrees to write a small article for Ted for $200, but when the article becomes a success, Ted takes all of the credit for himself.

  • Mary becomes the butt of numerous jokes when she accepts a date with a charming, older man who turns out to be Murray's father.

  • The news staff is thrilled when WJN's former weather man returns for a visit after landing a highly successful network job in New York. As usual, though, Ted has a scheme.

  • When the Happy Homemaker show gets cancelled, Sue Ann finagles her way into a newsroom job.

  • The Baxters become the stars of their own hit variety show, but success comes with a price.

  • In order to return a favor, Lou reluctantly agrees to set his old army buddy up on a date with Mary. To make matters worse, Lou must negotiate with Ted's new agent--Georgette.

  • The staff is upset when the station manager hires a renowned critic who viciously attacks Minneapolis and its denizens.

  • Hoping to increase their leverage against the station, Lou and Mary join forces to demand a raise, but the scheme backfires.

  • At a convention in Hollywood, Ted is terrified and befuddled when an attractive young newspaper reporter tries to seduce him.

  • Lou is afraid that Mary is becoming addicted to sleeping pills when, after too many sleepless nights, she turns to prescription medication for help.

  • As the station prepares for the annual Teddy Awards, Murray is convinced that he will be overlooked yet again.

  • Lou may have finally met his match when he proposes to Mary's Aunt Flo, a dedicated, hard-nosed journalist like himself.

  • A frightened Mary faces a contempt charge for refusing to reveal a source, but her attorney shows more interest in her than in her case.

  • A psychiatrist's test shows that the Baxters' adopted son, David, is a genius, in spite of the fact that he is failing in school. Meanwhile, Mary gets stuck with an unenviable job.

  • Wanting to keep Murray at WJN, Lou promotes him as Mary's co-producer, but pandemonium soon erupts.

  • After suffering a mild heart attack, Ted adopts a new, "live for the moment" attitude, leaving the gang longing for the old Ted.

  • Mary's judgment is called into question when she hires a female sportscaster--an ex-Olympic swimmer who may have trouble staying afloat as a broadcaster.

  • Sue Ann is depressed when her competitive younger sister is offered a job at a rival network as their homemaker star.

  • Mary tries her hand at creative writing, but Lou's harsh criticism severely deflates her ego.

  • When Georgette suddenly goes into labor at one of Mary's dinner parties, it's up to Lou and Mary to deliver the baby.

  • Longing to hear the patter of little feet around the house, Ted and Georgette face some heart-breaking news.

  • Sue Ann's love life is bubbling over with excitement, but Mary, unfortunately, may have to burst her bubble.

  • When Mary uncovers some incriminating evidence about an old friend who is running for congress, she hopes to keep the story under wraps, but Lou has other ideas.

  • Mary's arrogant Aunt Flo engages Lou in a heated competition to see which of them is the better journalist.

  • Unhappy with the new station owner's policies, Murray strongly voices his disapproval, but is he being brave or merely foolish?

  • A jealous Lou plans a counter-attack when his ex-girlfriend brings a date to one of Mary's parties.

  • After spending the night with Sue Ann, Lou confides in Mary, who just can't seem to keep a secret.

  • Lou finds that he is sadly out of touch when he invites Mary to his old stomping grounds in Washington, D.C. for a press junket.

  • When newlyweds Ted and Georgette face a bout of marital strife, Ted is reluctant to see a counselor.

  • Murray jumps at the chance to produce Sue Ann's cooking show, forgetting to look before he leaps.

  • Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Mary is caught in the middle when two charming bachelors vie for her affections.

  • Sue Ann is getting nowhere chasing Lou, so she recruits Mary to help lure Lou back to her apartment for a romantic dinner.

  • When Mary meets and falls for the man of her dreams, she has some trouble getting used to his very public displays of affection.

  • After thirty long years, Lou reconnects with the woman who once wrote him a "Dear John" letter, and he has plenty to say.

  • Mary plays the unwitting hostess at Ted and Georgette's hilariously spontaneous wedding ceremony.

  • Mary and Sue Ann volunteer for a "big sisters" program, but maybe bringing the girls by the station for a visit isn't such a hot idea.

  • Ted is upset when Lou refuses to let him serve as the grand marshal of a circus parade, but that's peanuts compared to what happens to Chuckles the Clown.

  • The WJM staff is excited when Mary's Aunt Flo, a renowned journalist and something of a prima donna, pays a visit, but Lou is unimpressed.

  • When Ted auditions to host a game show in New York, the rest of the gang has mixed feelings about his leaving.

  • Murray wants desperately to tell Mary his deepest secret--that he has always been in love with her. Mary, meanwhile, is completely oblivious to his feelings.

  • Forgive me, father, for I have sinned! Mary is afraid that her friend is leaving the priesthood because of his feelings for her.

  • Lou's feelings are bittersweet when he gets invited to his ex-wife's wedding.

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