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Featuring the first 19 Three Stooges shorts for the years 1934-36, these are classics that can’t be missed. Constantly being referenced by modern comedians and inspiring new and old fans to this day. Featuring every fan’s favorite Stooge, Curly these amazing shorts are sure to entertain. First up is the "Women Haters," initially unpopular when it was first released it was billed as a "musical novelty" as it is performed entirely in rhyme.

The second more popular short, "Punch Drunks," features boxing and seems to be when the trio first hit their comedic stride. Others include "Men in Black," the only Stooges short to be nominated for an Academy Award, "Hoi Polloi,” “Ants In The Pantry ,” “Movie Maniacs,” “Half-Shot Shooters,” everyone’s favorite “Disorder In The Court,” ”A Pain In The Pullman,” “False Alarms,” “Slippery Silks,” “Pop Goes the Easel," “Pardon My Scotch,” "Look at the grouse," “Three Little Beers ,” "Horses' Collars," "Three Little Pigskins" (keep your eyes peeled for a young and blonde Lucille Ball), "Uncivil Warriors," "Restless Knights," and "Whoops, I'm an Indian." The quality of these transfers will also delight fans as they’re clear and uncut.

Three Stooges Collection 1934-1936 is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (191 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 1930.

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8 Seasons, 191 Episodes
September 1, 1930
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Three Stooges Collection 1934-1936 Full Episode Guide

  • Larry is a pet dealer who's seeing Moe's wife while at the same time trying to steal Joe's fiancee. When Moe's become suspicious, Larry attempts to frame Joe as the boyfriend. Larry's plan backfires when Joe catches him and lets Moe deliver some punishment.

  • Nightclub performer Larry wants Joe and his sister Tiny to join the act. The only problem is that Tiny is afraid to sing in front of people. They take her to a psychiatrist (Moe) who cures her, and the act is a success.

  • Stranded in Mexico, the Stooges need a job and a pretty actress friend gets them an engagement at the Plaza de Toros. When they accidentally switch suitcases with that of their friend, they must sneak into her house to retrieve their own and are confronted by her jealous husband who vows to kill them if he sees them again. At the arena where they perform a comedy bullfight (Joe is the matador, Moe and Larry are in a bull costume) the husband bribes the attendants to let a real bull into the ring. Joe knocks the bull out with a head butt and becomes a hero.

  • A professor attempts to win a bet by turning the Stooges into gentlemen. After some lessons in etiquette, the boys make their society debut at a fancy party. They soon revert to their old habits and a wild pie fight ensues.

  • The Stooges need money for their father's operation, so they head for the country to prospect for uranium. Instead of uranium, they discover oil on their father's property and all their troubles are solved.

  • Joe accidentally takes a picture of a paper plate, which Moe and Larry submit to a magazine as an authentic picture of a flying saucer. Moe and Larry collect a big prize, but when the picture is proven to be phony, they're hauled off to Jail. Joe then gets a picture of a real spaceship and this time he gets the fame and fortune, while Moe and Larry wind up in a sanitarium.

  • The Stooges are the trainers of "Chopper", a beefy boxer, and they bet their bankroll on Chopper to win his next fight. When "Big Mike", their boss, tells them to have Chopper lose or they'll lose their lives, the boys try to soften up Chopper so he'll lose. The fight gets canceled and the Stooges have to contend with an angry Big Mike and his goons.

  • The Stooges reminisce about their wartime romances in Europe. After they finish their tales, they discover that Joe's girl Fifi, whom he left behind in Paris, has moved in next door. The only problem is that she's now married, with a very jealous husband. The husband turns out to be a real cad, and when Fifi overhears him tell about his plans to find a new wife, she clobbers him and goes back to Joe.

  • The Stooges hope to collect a reward by proving to a museum that cavemen still exist. They return from their expedition with a film purporting to show some stone age Stooges defending their women from other cavemen. The museum curators are about to pay they reward, until they overhear the Stooges talking about how they faked the film, with themselves playing the cavemen.

  • An eccentric scientist tricks the Stooges into joining himself and his daughter on an expedition to Venus. On Venus, the boys go exploring and encounter some cannibalistic amazons who plan to devour them. The Stooges escape and take off in the spaceship, which goes wildly out of control. As the ship is about to crash, the scene changes to the annual meeting of the Liars Club, where the Stooges win the prize as the biggest liars in the world.

  • The Stooges are three incompetent plumbers who foul up the plumbing in a fancy mansion where a society party is going on. They manage to catch a couple of thieves masquerading as guests before the whole party degenerates into a pie fight. [A remake of "Vagabond Loafers", with footage from "A Plumbing we will go" and "Half-Wits Holiday". Joe Palma (face hidden) stands in for Shemp.

  • The Stooges don't know it, but they are all engaged to the same girl, a gold-digger who plans to get an engagement ring from each of them and then abandon them. When all three show up at her house at the same time, a wild fight ensues, as each stooge accuses the others of making time with "his" girl. The gold-digger gets it in the end (literally) with tacks shot from a repeating rifle. [A remake of "Corny Casanovas".]

  • Set in a desert land where the Stooges run a restaurant, the boys need money to pay their fiancee's taxes, or the girls will be sold as slaves. Some crooks come into their restaurant and convince the boys to recover the stolen Rootin Tootin diamond. The Stooges decide to return the diamond to the government and get the reward money. They learn that the Emir of Shmo has absconded with the contraband jewel. They journey to the stronghold of Shmo where they disguise as Santa Clauses and scare the ruler into giving them the diamond.

  • The Stooges accompany professor Jones on an expedition to Venus, where they discover that the Venusians are planning to conquer the earth with an army of zombies. When the boys learn that they're going to be turned into zombies, they escape. The scene changes to the Stooges apartment where we learn they are just telling a bedtime story to their kids (also played by the Stooges) while they wait for the baby sitter to arrive. When the baby sitter shows up, she looks like one of the zombies and the boys exit in a hurry.

  • The Stooges witness an armed robbery and are brought in by the cops as suspects. After passing a lie detector test, the boys are freed and go back to their jobs in a Cafe. When one of the robbers comes into the Cafe, the boys recognize him and along with their friend Gladys trail him to a spooky house in the country where the crooks are hiding out. The bad guys abduct Gladys and the Stooges must rescue her. [A remake of "Shivering Sherlocks".]

  • Joe is engaged but can't get married until he recovers the engagement ring which has disappeared. The Stooges suspect the ring was stolen by Elmo, a beefy bully, who works at the same factory they do. They confront Elmo in the company gym, but he's too tough for them. Fortunately Joe's girl is even tougher, and she gets Elmo to confess and return the ring.

  • The Stooges appear in triplicate as three sets of triplets who were separated a long time ago. Their reunion causes confusion and troubles for various wives and sweethearts, but it all works out in the end.

  • To inherit a fortune, voice teacher Shemp must marry before six o'clock, but no girl will accept his proposal. Finally one of his repulsive students agrees to marry him, just in the nick of time. When the rest of the prospective brides hear about the inheritance, they show up at the ceremony and a free for all ensues. Shemp marries his student before the deadline, and then finds out that there is no inheritance. Moe and Larry have tricked him into marriage as revenge for their marrying his shrewish sisters. [ A remake of "Brideless Groom".]

  • The Stooges are government agent entrusted with protecting professor Sneed, who has invented a super rocket fuel. Larry is mistaken for the professor by foreign agents who kidnap the trio and take them to the country of Anemia where they are ordered to produce the rocket fuel or be executed. The boys come up with a concoction they try to pass of as the real stuff, but are exposed when the real professor and his daughter are also kidnapped. The Stooges help them escape, using their secret formula to fuel a jeep.

  • The Stooges apply for job as 'Yard Men' at Scotland Yard, thinking they'll become detectives, but instead wind up as gardeners. When they accidentally see a memo about the theft a famous diamond, the boys decide to go after the crooks. They find the crooks, but Shemp accidentally swallows the diamond, which was hidden in a bowl of candy. The bad guys want to cut the diamond out, but the boys foil them with the help of a friendly gorilla.

  • A sequel (sort of) to "Hoofs and Goofs", the Stooges are taking care of their sister Birdie who has been reincarnated as a horse. When they learn that her mate "Schnapps", a famous circus horse, is about to be destroyed, they got to the circus grounds to rescue him. The Stooges are successful, and Birdie and Schnapps are reunited.

  • Joe dreams that the stooge's sister Birdie has died and been reincarnated as a horse. The Stooges take Birdie home but must conceal her from the snoopy landlord. They succeed, but more complications ensue when Birdie gives birth to a colt. Joe wakes up to suffer some abuse from the real Birdie (Moe in drag), when he tells her he dreamed she was a horse.

  • Larry and Shemp reminisce about their experiences with Jean, a diamond crazy gold digger each of them was gypped by. After telling their stories, they have a run in with Moe, who is now married to the same women. When Jean shows up, they deliver some stooge-style revenge.

  • Told in flashback, Moe is on trial for assaulting Larry and Joe. It seems that Moe was in debt and suffering a nervous breakdown so Larry and Joe took him to the country for rest and relaxation. After a marauding bear ruined the peace and quiet, their cabin became the scene of a shoot-out between the sheriff and an escaped outlaw. The boys captured the bad guy, and the reward would have paid Moe's debts, but the crook escaped and Moe went after Larry and Joe with an ax. [ A partial remake of "Idiots Deluxe". ]

  • The Stooges are private detectives hired to protect a rich politician. After the man disappears, the boys wander around his spooky mansion confronting various villains and a dangerous dame. The Stooges vanquish the crooks (Shemp uses his "trusty shovel") and find the missing man.

  • The Stooges are movers for an express company and on a rainy night are sent to move some junk, including a suit of armor, from a spooky old house. The armor is haunted by the ghost of Sir Tom, who has no intention of leaving. The ghost foils the Stooges attempts to take the armor, and is about to skewer them with a sword when it's revealed that the Stooges were only telling a bedtime story to their "sons" (also played by the Stooges.)

  • The Stooges are would-be reporters, who are tricked into becoming stowaways by "Borscht", a spy for an enemy country. Stranded on a freighter on the high seas, they discover that Borscht has concealed some stolen microfilm in watermelons they brought aboard for him. After a wild chase, they subdue Borscht and recover the microfilm.

  • The Stooges go to criminology school and graduate with the lowest possible honors. The boys join the police force and are assigned to track down a crook called the "Eel", who disguises himself as a woman. The Stooges track the Eel to a hotel, but he slips through their hands after a wild chase. The Stooges are booted off the force and wind up as ditch diggers.

  • The Stooges escape from jail to prevent their newly rich dad from marrying Daisy, a gold-digger after his money. Shemp looks like dad, so he impersonates him and marries Daisy. What the Stooges don't know is that Daisy is in cahoots with some crooks, and they plan to bump off her new husband. The boys foil the crook's plan and take Pa home to Ma.

  • The Stooges are policemen on the trail of a murderer. They unsuccessfully interrogate an Italian organ grinder, among other suspects, and then catch the bad guy after a gunfight that nearly destroys the police station.

  • The Stooges are private detectives hired to find a missing girl. The boys disguise as pie salesmen and end up wandering around a mad scientist's mansion, trying to find the girl. The boys confront a gorilla and various other bad guys, before rescuing the girl.

  • Set in the old west, the Stooges must defend their honor against the Noonan brothers, three desperadoes who want to marry the same girls the Stooges are courting.

  • Would be detectives, the Stooges get a job guarding a Scotch castle while the owner is away. The servants are crooks intent on robbing the castle of its valuables. Though they do their best to frighten the boys off, the Stooges prevail and expose the crooked goings-on.

  • The Stooges run a tailor shop and need money to pay their creditors. A bank robber leaves his coat in the shop with a combination to a safe. When the crook comes back to retrieve the coat, the Stooges capture him and get his bankroll.

  • The Stooges are auto mechanics who need money so they can marry their girls. When some escaped convicts pull into their garage, the boys manage to capture them and use the reward money to marry their sweethearts.

  • The Stooges go out west for Shemp's health. The boys soon run afoul of a local villain who is forcing pretty Nell to marry him. The bad guy has Nell's sisters locked up, and its up to the Stooges to rescue them and save the day.

  • Set in the middle ages, the Stooges wish to marry their sweethearts, but the King won't give his consent until Princess Alicia gets married. The princess is abducted by Mergatroyd, an evil magician who plans to marry her and become ruler of the country. The Stooges help the princess escape and then defeat the magician and his henchmen in a sword fight

  • The Stooges are willed a lot of dough from a rich uncle, but the executor of the estate, Icabob Slipp, is a crook who absconds with the money. The Stooges trail him to a theater where they engage in a wild chase and ultimately recover their inheritance. [ the opening scenes are taken from "Hold that Lion". ]

  • Set in Elizabethan times, the Stooges help their friend Cedric the Blacksmith win the hand of the fair princess Elaine. The only problem is that Elaine is promised to the Black Prince who is plotting to take over the kingdom. The Stooges manage to foil the plot and the grateful King allows Cedric to marry Elaine.

  • Tax cheats Moe, Larry and Shemp decide they're so good at cheating the government, that they start a business as crooked tax advisors. They become rich, but an undercover agent from the IRS gets the goods on them, and it's off to jail for the Stooges.

  • The Stooges are entrusted with taking care of their friend's house while he goes off to get married. At first they only wreck the place a little bit, but when they try to install a television antenna, total destruction ensues. When their friend returns with his bride, she's so shocked she walks out on him.

  • The Stooges are pharmacists who invent a fountain of youth formula that can turn old people young. They turn an old lady into a beautiful young woman, but when her husband takes the formula it turns him into a gorilla.

  • The Stooges do a good turn and help a stranger open a safe in what they think is the man's house. Actually the man is a crook and the boys were unwitting accomplices to a robbery. Once they realize what's happened, the Stooges go after the bad guy and who's left on the train to Los Vegas. The boys trap the villain and recover the booty.

  • The Stooges escape from jail to prevent their newly rich dad from marrying Daisy, a gold-digger after his money. Shemp looks like dad, so he impersonates him and marries Daisy. What the Stooges don't know is that Daisy is in cahoots with some crooks, and they plan to bump off her new husband. The boys foil the crook's plan and take Pa home to Ma.

  • Shemp wins $50,000 in a radio contest and the Stooges move into the Hotel Costa Plente where they live it up and wreck their fancy suite. While they wait for the prize money to arrive, the boys are pursued by three gold-digging dames after their winnings. When the check arrives however, it's only for $4.85 after tax deductions. [Basically a remake of "Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb".]

  • Listen Judge (1952): Comedy is now in session! The Stooges are on their worst behavior in this wacky tale of law and disorder. Bubble Trouble (1953): You'll go ape for this classic comedy! The Stooges create an elixir that does more than they planned for, with hysterical results. Dunked in the Deep(1949): You can't conceal the comedy when the Stooges get mixed up in the spy trade.

  • Larry is a pet dealer who's seeing Moe's wife while at the same time trying to steal Shemp's fiancee. When Moe's become suspicious, Larry attempts to frame Shemp as the boyfriend. He gets Shemp a job as a door-to-door pajama salesman and sends him to Moe's apartment, and then tells both Moe and Shemp's fiancee to go there and catch him in the act. Larry's plan backfires when Shemp catches him and lets Moe deliver some punishment.

  • Larry and Shemp are living in a stolen railroad car. Larry wants to marry his girlfriend, but she won't consent until Shemp marries her sister. Shemp however, is constantly drunk and in love with "Carry", an imaginary giant canary. Moe is an investigator from the railroad, sent to discover how the car was stolen from a moving train. Moe is also in love with Shemp's girl. Shemp winds up with both women, but still prefers his imaginary canary.

  • CORNY CASANOVAS (1952): Love is in the air for these laughable Lotharios. The Stooges all romance the same gold-digging gal with hilarious results. A MISSED FORTUNE (1951): A wealth of zaniness! Shemp wins $50,000 in a radio contest and three lovelies try to swindle the trio out of their rapidly dwindling fortune. HE COOKED HIS GOOSE (1952): All's fair, and funny, in love and war when ladies' manLarry is caught cheating with both Moe's wife and Shemp's fiancee.