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  • 1975
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (156)

Grady is a sitcom from NBC that aired from 1975 to 1976. The show is a spin-off from the popular sitcom, Sanford and Son and features Whitman Mayo in the title role. It follows the life of Grady Wilson, a widower who has recently moved from Watts to Westwood to stay with his daughter, Nancy Wilson (Carol Cole), and her family.

Grady is a retired janitor who has moved from his old neighborhood to live with his daughter and her affluent family. He is a charming and affable man who is always eager to make new friends and explore new opportunities. However, he often finds himself at odds with his daughter and her family due to his more laid-back and carefree lifestyle. Grady regularly clashes with his son-in-law, lawyer Hal Marshall (Joe Morton), who disapproves of Grady's ways.

The show explores the cultural divide between Grady and his daughter's upper-class lifestyle. Grady often finds himself in situations where his old-fashioned beliefs clash with Nancy's modern ways. While Nancy wants to assimilate her father into her high society lifestyle, Grady often chooses to do things his own way, including his taste in music and his sense of style.

The relationship between Grady and his son-in-law, Hal Marshall, is also a key aspect of the show. Hal is a successful lawyer who is very image-conscious and tries to mold Grady into his exacting standards. Hal is often rigid in his ways, and Grady's more laid-back approach to life often clashes with Hal's beliefs.

The show features a talented and diverse cast of actors, with standout performances from Whitman Mayo as Grady and Carol Cole as his daughter, Nancy. Mayo is a natural comedian who brings his signature warmth and charm to the show. Cole delivers a strong performance as Nancy, playing her character with a mix of sophistication and vulnerability. Joe Morton's Hal Marshall is an excellent foil for Grady, providing a contemporary counterpoint to Mayo's old-school charm.

Grady is a witty and humorous show that explores the cultural divide between generations and social classes. The show is well-written and well-acted and is a must-watch for fans of classic sitcoms.

Grady is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on December 4, 1975.

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The Weekend
10. The Weekend
March 11, 1976
Hal and Ellie jump at the chance to grab a second honeymoon when Grady takes the kids for the weekend.
Grady Takes a Wife
9. Grady Takes a Wife
March 4, 1976
Ellie has a wild dream that Grady meets and marries a Go-Go dancer.
8. Bureaucracy
February 12, 1976
Grady decides to take on the government as his social security have not come.
The Strike
7. The Strike
January 29, 1976
Hal and the local teachers decide to go on strike.
The Meterman
6. The Meterman
January 22, 1976
Grady comes up with a money making scheme to feed expiring parking meters then asking the car owners for a fee. It all goes south when he gets unwanted attention on the news.
Night School
5. Night School
January 8, 1976
Hal welcomes a new student in his American History class. The new student is his father in law Grady.
Grady's Night In
4. Grady's Night In
December 25, 1975
Grady has become his own private detective to find two rolls of quarters that have gone missing.
Merry Birthday, Happy Xmas
3. Merry Birthday, Happy Xmas
December 18, 1975
Ellie puts together a surprise party for Grady, while Hal keeps him busy at the local bar.
The Driving Force
2. The Driving Force
December 11, 1975
Grady decides the bus is no longer for him so he decides to take his driving test. His family has other concerns about him driving.
Be It Ever So Humble
1. Be It Ever So Humble
December 4, 1975
Grady and his family move to a new home, where the adventures just begin.
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  • Premiere Date
    December 4, 1975
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (156)