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"Grady" was the first of three spin-offs from the highly successful "Sanford and Son" franchise. Grady Wilson, Fred's longtime friend, moves out of his old home in Watts and into his daughter's home in Westwood. Redd Foxx makes a special guest appearance in the second episode. Unfortunately, the series never caught on. After twelve episodes, it was cancelled. Whitman Mayo returned to "Sanford and Son" and would go on to guest star in the revival series "Sanford".

1 Season, 10 Episodes
December 4, 1975
Cast: Whitman Mayo, Carol Cole, Joe Morton, Rosanne Katon

Grady Full Episode Guide

  • Hal and Ellie jump at the chance to grab a second honeymoon when Grady takes the kids for the weekend.

  • Ellie has a wild dream that Grady meets and marries a Go-Go dancer.

  • Hal and the local teachers decide to go on strike.

  • Grady comes up with a money making scheme to feed expiring parking meters then asking the car owners for a fee. It all goes south when he gets unwanted attention on the news.

  • Hal welcomes a new student in his American History class. The new student is his father in law Grady.

  • Grady has become his own private detective to find two rolls of quarters that have gone missing.

  • Ellie puts together a surprise party for Grady, while Hal keeps him busy at the local bar.

  • Grady decides the bus is no longer for him so he decides to take his driving test. His family has other concerns about him driving.

  • Grady and his family move to a new home, where the adventures just begin.