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  • TV-PG
  • 1999
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.6  (3,169)

The Tribe is a post-apocalyptic drama TV series that takes place in the near future after a viral outbreak has wiped out all adults, leaving behind children and teenagers to fend for themselves. The show follows the lives of a group of kids who have created their own societies and tribes to survive in this new world.

The main character of the show is a young girl named Amber (played by Michelle Ang), who becomes the leader of the Mall Rats tribe. Along with her friends, including the tough but kind-hearted Trudy (Antonia Prebble), the street-smart and fast-talking Ebony (Meryl Cassie), and the rebellious Jack (Tom Hern), Amber must navigate through the violent and dangerous world of the post-apocalyptic society.

Each tribe has its own unique set of rules and beliefs, and conflicts arise between them as they struggle for resources and power. The Chosen, a religious cult led by the mysterious and charismatic Zoot (Nick Miller), seeks to control all the tribes and impose their own strict beliefs.

As the kids deal with everyday challenges like finding food and water, they also face more serious issues like disease outbreaks and power struggles. The show explores deep themes of trust, survival, and morality, as the characters are forced to make tough decisions that will determine their fates.

Throughout the series, we see characters grow and change, as they face heartbreak and loss, betrayal and redemption. They form friendships, fall in love, break apart, and come back together again, all while trying to survive in this dangerous world.

One of the strengths of the show is the diverse cast of characters, who come from all different backgrounds and cultures. There's the computer genius and inventor Ved (Michael Wesley-Smith), the athletic and loyal Lex (Caleb Ross), the tough and independent Salene (Victoria Spence), and the artistic and fiery Ellie (Vanessa Stacey), among many others.

The Tribe also features fantastic costumes and makeup, as each tribe has its own distinct look and style. The soundtrack, which features a mix of electronic music and tribal beats, adds to the show's futuristic and otherworldly feel.

Overall, The Tribe is an exciting and engaging drama that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It's a story about survival and resilience, but also about the power of friendship and the human spirit. With a talented cast of young actors and an inventive and thought-provoking plot, The Tribe is a must-see show for fans of post-apocalyptic fiction.

The Tribe is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (265 episodes). The series first aired on April 23, 1999.

The Tribe
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Special Features: The Tribe On Tour Documentary
57. Special Features: The Tribe On Tour Documentary
October 1, 2003
This documentary joins The Tribe on their tour through Spain, Germany, the UK and the United States.
Special Features: The Tribe Music Video You Belong To Me
56. Special Features: The Tribe Music Video You Belong To Me
October 8, 2003
The full music video of You Belong to Me.
Special Features: The Tribe Music Video This is the Place
55. Special Features: The Tribe Music Video This is the Place
October 1, 2003
The full music video of This is the Place, that frequents in casinos in the show.
Special Features: The Tribe Music Video Abe-Messiah
54. Special Features: The Tribe Music Video Abe-Messiah
January 1, 1970
The full music video of Abe Messiah, the end title song of Season 2 and Season 3.
Special Feature: The Making of the Tribe Documentary
53. Special Feature: The Making of the Tribe Documentary
January 1, 1970
The documentary "The Making of The Tribe" gives an insight on what the actors think is so special about the character they played. It shows how the show was made and what made it so successful.
52. 52
September 6, 2003
The Mall Rats mobilize, determined to save as many people from the new virus as possible. Ebony resorts to desperate measures, Lottie's thieving lands her in trouble, and the tribe acquire a boat to flee the City.
51. 51
September 6, 2003
The City has no power or water, and Ram scrambles to bring the computer Zoot back under control. Mega tries to make a deal with Lex, the Guardian recognizes Alice and KC, and May gets Ruby a pregnancy test.
50. 50
August 30, 2003
The Mall Rats organize a party to celebrate their victory, but it is spoiled when Lex allows Mega to escape. Meanwhile, Amber and Jay become worried by Ram's computer Zoot, and Gel dresses to impress Lex.
Erinnerungen an fr
49. Erinnerungen an fr
March 11, 2004
Lex encourages Ebony to delete Mega but they are stopped when Amber and the rebels arrive and take Mega to the Mall. Ram returns to the city with Ruby and Lottie. Amber is upset that Jay's memory still hasn't returned. Ebony is furious with Slade after he reveals that Mega is his brother. Jack and Amber catch Ram working on a new AI software with ominous potential.
Wer bin ich?
48. Wer bin ich?
March 10, 2004
Slade welcomes new allies to Liberty to join the battle against Mega. After the memory deletion process, Amber fakes forgetting everything but is shocked to find that Jay truly has forgotten everything. Ruby angrily confronts Slade. Mega increases defences at the Hotel in preparation for the impending war.
Ram, der Retter?
47. Ram, der Retter?
March 9, 2004
Salene comforts a guilty Trudy who blames herself for Jay and Amber's capture. May sneaks back into the city. Slade apologises to Ruby about Ram's lie about his illness. Ram and Jack work together to hack Mega's computer systems before Jay and Amber's memories are erased.
Die Strafe
46. Die Strafe
March 8, 2004
Jay renounces the rebellion live on CityNet. Slade blames Ram for making Ruby believe he was dying. Mega throws Trudy out of the Hotel. May confronts Salene about her alcoholism. In an attempt to impress Gel, Sammy passes out with alcohol poisoning. Mega sentences Jay and Amber to have their memories deleted.
Ellie vermittelt
45. Ellie vermittelt
March 5, 2004
Amber and Jay are held captive at the Hotel by Mega, who tells Amber that Trudy led him to Jay. After finding Salene passed out, Ellie attempts to find May. Ebony is shocked when Ruby reveals to her that she is having Slade's baby. Mega has deep suspicions about Ram.
Lex, der Held
44. Lex, der Held
March 4, 2004
Lex and Jack search for a way out of the city. May attempts to talk to Salene about her feelings. Mega continues to comfort Trudy in an attempt to find out information. May reveals that she has decided to leave the Mall. The virtual reality program continues to offer an alternative to the world that has descended into darkness.
Jack in Gefahr
43. Jack in Gefahr
March 3, 2004
Trudy and Brady seek refuge at the Hotel under Mega's care. Ebony and Slade continue their attacks against Mega's defences. Gel and Sammy continue to speculate about who May's letter was for. Mega opens up to Trudy in an attempt to get her to trust him. And Jack loses Mega's trust after stealing software for Lex.
Trudys Flucht
42. Trudys Flucht
March 2, 2004
Trudy leads an assault on the rebel hideout after the Technos find it. Gel finds a letter May wrote not knowing it was intended for Salene. Ebony leaves Liberty to take action on Mega. The rebels return to the Mall and notice Jay and Amber's odd behaviour. Salene is surprised when she finds out May's letter was about her. A distraught discovers Amber and Jay are an item.
Die Piratensendung
41. Die Piratensendung
March 1, 2004
Amber arrives at the rebel hideout to meet Jay, Darryl and Lex to deliver a message over CityNet to the city telling the truth. Ruby is shocked when she brings Slade breakfast only to find Ebony had spent the night with him. May comforts Trudy on the rooftop. Ruby and Ebony squabble over Slade.
40. 40
July 26, 2003
Ellie's short temper lands her in trouble with Mega, Jay is conflicted in his feelings for Trudy, and Ruby's jealousy about Slade and Ebony's relationship intensifies.
39. Trauer
February 26, 2004
Lex struggles to cope with news of Siva and Java. Amber reluctantly appears on CityNet. Sammy agrees to sell bootleg games. May finds Salene drinking at an illegal bar and saves her from the Technos. Ram decides now is the time to make his move.
Java in Liberty
38. Java in Liberty
February 25, 2004
Ruby reveals her plan to have Slade's baby to Siva. Ellie calls Jack a traitor for working with Mega. Sammy is upset after Gel's departure. Ram returns to Liberty with Java and the three sisters are reunited. May and Salene discuss their relationship. Lex takes bets on the fight between Ebony and Java.
Das Wiedersehen
37. Das Wiedersehen
February 24, 2004
Ruby gloats to Ebony after spending the night with Slade. Lex hassles Jack and reminds him to get the software he needs. Mega is unhappy with Jack's progress on his work. Tensions rise between Jack and Ellie. Gel seeks out May and Salene for relationship advice. Amber refuses to promote Mega's punishment game on CityNet. Ram escapes Liberty.
Jacks Job
36. Jacks Job
February 23, 2004
Ruby and Slade spend the night together. Ebony is surprised to see Jay in Liberty. Jack returns to the Mall but is reluctant to tell the Tribe what Mega has in store for him. Lex tries to persuade Jack to get the software from Mega's computer. Ebony and Ram decide that Slade will lead their alliance.
Alte Freunde
35. Alte Freunde
February 20, 2004
Lex returns to the Mall and reveals news about Liberty. Salene defends May's right to stay as a member of the Mall Rats. Mega offers Jack a job at the Hotel. Gel is happy when Lex accepts her dinner invitation. Jay is restrained by Slade and Siva when he explodes in anger seeing Ram.
34. Schwestern
February 19, 2004
Java reassures Mega that Jay and Ebony won't join forces. Ebony arrives at Liberty and is happy to see Siva. Amber dreads her first broadcast on CityNet. Ruby is upset when she finds Ebony - in Slade's bedroom. May insists Salene returns to the Mall but Salene refuses to go without her. Lex heads to the city to steal Ram's software. Jack and Ellie prepare to deceive Mega. Lex sends Jay to Liberty.
Die Suche geht weiter
33. Die Suche geht weiter
February 18, 2004
Mega is upset with Java after Jay and Ebony escape. Ruby catches a thief, Lottie, in her saloon but takes her under her wing. Java and her men search the Mall. A terrified Trudy panics about whether or not Jay will be okay. Ruby confronts Lex over his efforts to hide his profits. Ram asks Lex for better software from Mega's hard drive.
Ebonys Retter
32. Ebonys Retter
February 17, 2004
Trudy confronts Mega about what he has done with Jay, who is being tortured through a series of virtual reality environments created by Mega. Amber and Jack work together using Mega's last bug to manipulate Mega. May tries to find antibiotics to help Salene as her injury gets worse. Slade warns Ebony to get out of the city.
31. Ungeziefer
February 16, 2004
Amber fears about losing her son to Mega. Mega instates new security regimes on the city after Ebony's attack on the supply truck. Salene cuts her hand on rusted barbed wire. Ebony continues her siege regardless of the bounty on her head. Ruby is furious when she discovers Lex's casino scheme. Amber visits Mega to accept the presidency.
30. 30
June 21, 2003
Amber refuses Mega's offer to be President of the City, while Siva and Ruby find out about Lex's scheme. Ebony carries on with her attacks on the Technos, and Trudy and Jay continue to bicker.
29. 29
June 21, 2003
Mega implements his strategies on the City, while Ebony plans her attack against him. The Mall Rats are sent the very best food as part of their deal with Mega, whereas May has to fend for herself, and Lex finds a new get rich quick scheme.
28. 28
June 14, 2003
Ebony plays mind games with the now imprisoned Java, Jay is conflicted about the Mall Rats' plan for Mega, Salene and Mouse are asked to join the Ecos, Slade takes Darryl to Liberty, and May is voted out of the tribe.
27. 27
June 14, 2003
The Mall Rats try to decide what to do about Mega, while Mega himself blocks Jack's access to his secret files. Meanwhile, Ram continues his study of Slade's brain and Salene's paranoia almost leads to trouble.
26. 26
June 7, 2003
The Mall Rats try to convince May to lure Mega into a trap, Slade takes Ebony to meet a familiar face, Ruby snoops on Ram, and Mouse sneaks out of the Mall to head to the Eco tribe.
25. 25
June 7, 2003
Amber meets Ebony as arranged, Lex and Siva head to Liberty, Jack and Ellie follow May to her secret rendezvous with Mega, and Salene's alcoholism escalates.
24. 24
May 31, 2003
Lex and Siva find themselves imprisoned together, Amber confronts Mega about the ill treatment received by the work parties, and Ebony plays mind games with Java.
23. 23
May 31, 2003
Amber experiences a work party firsthand, Lex is a prisoner of the Zootists, Siva tries to convince Ebony of Java's deceit, and Ellie suspects Gel may be the spy.
22. 22
May 24, 2003
Amber is angered by Mega's creation of work details, Ebony finds things unraveling around her, Sammy inadvertently ends up alone in Zootist territory, and Slade meets Siva in secret.
21. 21
May 24, 2003
Jay is worried by Mega's deception, while Mega himself plans a mass bar coding of everyone in the City. Salene's dependence on alcohol becomes a cause for concern, while Slade let's Ram in on a secret.
20. 20
May 17, 2003
Amber is seriously ill, with Jay's attentions towards her an annoyance to Trudy. Java threatens Siva with retribution if she continues to hinder her plans, and May almost comes clean to Salene, but her malice gets the better of her.
19. 19
May 17, 2003
Lex and Ram narrowly escape an angry mob, while back at the Mall, Amber is injured and the tribe is worried about the anarchy outside. Mega encourages Java to increase Ebony's dose of Paradise, and Slade finds Darryl.
18. 18
May 10, 2003
The explosion has left the Mall Rats shaken, and they decide to send Amber to try and talk some sense into the other tribes. Meanwhile, Siva makes a last ditch appeal to Ebony, and Mega becomes frustrated with Darryl.
17. 17
May 10, 2003
The Zootists prepare for the "return" of Zoot, with the tribe making a breakthrough as to how his reappearance will be engineered, while Java continues to use Ellie, sending her back to the Mall with a deadly package in tow.
16. 16
May 3, 2003
Lex narrowly avoids death, Amber finds out about Trudy and Jay, Java tries to manipulate Ellie, and Slade spies on Ebony.
15. 15
May 3, 2003
Ebony continues to be manipulated by Java and Mega, with Siva unsure of the damage being done to her sister. Trudy worries about Jay's feelings for her, and Lex tries to convince Ruby to free him.
14. 14
April 26, 2003
Lex reveals Ram's real identity to Ruby, Trudy worries about Amber's reaction to her and Jay's relationship, and Ellie, suffering from amnesia, reappears in the City, only to be taken prisoner by the Zootists.
13. 13
April 26, 2003
The Mall Rats meet with Ebony and her followers, Amber and Salene arrive back in the City, Lex goes on the hunt, May continues her spying, and Ram makes a breakthrough.
12. 12
April 19, 2003
Amber and Salene head home, while Trudy and Jay agree to keep their relationship secret. Mouse and Sammy tell Jack of their encounter with "Zoot", leading to a discovery. Mega and Java plot their next move, and Slade encourages Ram to walk.
11. 11
April 19, 2003
Amber and Salene arrive at the Ecos' place, where they hold a ceremony for Pride. Jack is horrified after his run in with "Zoot", prompting fear among the tribe, while Sammy and Mouse have a similar close encounter.
10. 10
April 12, 2003
Amber and Salene head for the Ecos' place. Mega manipulates May into agreeing to spy on the Mall Rats for him, while he and Java meet in secret. Sammy and Gel upset Trudy, and Slade gets in trouble.
9. 9
April 12, 2003
The Mall Rats bury Pride. Ebony and her sisters spread Zoot's message across the City, with Java happy and Siva increasingly concerned, Mega preys on May's guilt, and Ram opens up about his past.
8. 8
April 5, 2003
Ebony, Java and Siva set up headquarters at their old high school, with Ebony increasingly deluded. Salene arrives back at the Mall, but Pride is nowhere to be seen, while Trudy is conflicted in her feelings for Jay.
7. 7
April 5, 2003
The City is spiraling out of control, and Ebony is an unwitting pawn in Mega and Java's game. Lex saves Gel with a little help from Slade, leaving Siva convinced she has been abandoned. Meanwhile, May's lies lead to tragedy.
6. 6
March 29, 2003
Ebony is convinced of Zoot's power, Amber and Jay get closer, Siva stumbles on Lex's stash, Slade tries to break Ram, and Mega and Java plot their next move.
5. 5
March 29, 2003
As May searches the City for Pride, she experiences the Zoot rumors firsthand. Mega and Java play mind games, Salene's situation is increasingly perilous, and Jack tries to convince Gel to go to the Mall with him.
4. 4
March 22, 2003
Ebony feels neglected by Jay, and Lex continues to search in vain for Tai-San. Jack arrives back in the City and meets a new friend, but danger is not far away, while Ram grows increasingly desperate.
3. 3
March 22, 2003
The City is awash with rumors about Zoot's reappearance. Amber receives devastating news, Salene is still imprisoned, and Slade has a change of heart about Ram.
2. 2
March 15, 2003
The Locos' police car reappears in the City, and as Ebony's nightmares continue, Trudy has one as well. Lex tries to keep the peace, Mega and Java collaborate further, and Ram is delirious at Ruby's saloon.
1. 1
March 15, 2003
Ebony continues to be plagued by visions of Zoot, and he is also seen around the City by others. Mega has secret plans, Salene is in trouble, Sammy is hooked on Paradise, and a new face saves Ram.
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    April 23, 1999
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    7.6  (3,169)