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The Tribe is a dramatic television series with a science fiction edge. It tells the story of a futuristic world in which all of the adults have been killed off by a brutal plague. The children and teenagers of the world are now left to fend for themselves. The young people all band together in various tribes in order to be able to survive in this brand new world.

The main focus of the series is a tribe called The Mall Rats. The group is called the Mall Rats because they have taken refuge in an abandoned mall. There is a lot of violence and disorder in the world after the adults have passed and the Mall Rats find the mall to be a safe place.

Lex and Ryan are two bullies who attack the tribe repeatedly. After failing to get rid of them the Mall Rats decide to offer them a place to stay in the mall and access to the mall's food court. Lex and Ryan agree to use their strength to protect the Mall Rats and not attack them.

Although the Mall Rats have the physical comfort of the mall to hide in, they still need to work on some aspects. There is no water or food so the group bands together to invent a water filtration system. They also need to invent an alarm system for the mall to make sure bad people do not penetrate it.

The goal of the Mall Rats is to try and fix the city and get everyone living in peace and harmony again. They face many obstacles in trying to get this goal done including the murder of some of their group members. The Technos are a rival gang to the Mall Rats and they have better weapons and technology. The members must fight continuously in hopes of creating a better world in the future.

The Tribe is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (245 episodes). The series first aired on April 24, 1999.

Where do I stream The Tribe online? The Tribe is available for streaming on Shout Factory, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Tribe on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

Shout Factory
5 Seasons, 245 Episodes
April 24, 1999
Drama Romance Science Fiction
Cast: Caleb Ross, Victoria Spence, Meryl Cassie, Antonia Prebble
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The Tribe Full Episode Guide

  • This documentary joins The Tribe on their tour through Spain, Germany, the UK and the United States.

  • The full music video of You Belong to Me.

  • The full music video of This is the Place, that frequents in casinos in the show.

  • The Mall Rats mobilize, determined to save as many people from the new virus as possible. Ebony resorts to desperate measures, Lottie's thieving lands her in trouble, and the tribe acquire a boat to flee the City.

  • The City has no power or water, and Ram scrambles to bring the computer Zoot back under control. Mega tries to make a deal with Lex, the Guardian recognizes Alice and KC, and May gets Ruby a pregnancy test.

  • The Mall Rats organize a party to celebrate their victory, but it is spoiled when Lex allows Mega to escape. Meanwhile, Amber and Jay become worried by Ram's computer Zoot, and Gel dresses to impress Lex.

  • Ellie's short temper lands her in trouble with Mega, Jay is conflicted in his feelings for Trudy, and Ruby's jealousy about Slade and Ebony's relationship intensifies.

  • Amber refuses Mega's offer to be President of the City, while Siva and Ruby find out about Lex's scheme. Ebony carries on with her attacks on the Technos, and Trudy and Jay continue to bicker.

  • Mega implements his strategies on the City, while Ebony plans her attack against him. The Mall Rats are sent the very best food as part of their deal with Mega, whereas May has to fend for herself, and Lex finds a new get rich quick scheme.

  • Ebony plays mind games with the now imprisoned Java, Jay is conflicted about the Mall Rats' plan for Mega, Salene and Mouse are asked to join the Ecos, Slade takes Darryl to Liberty, and May is voted out of the tribe.

  • The Mall Rats try to decide what to do about Mega, while Mega himself blocks Jack's access to his secret files. Meanwhile, Ram continues his study of Slade's brain and Salene's paranoia almost leads to trouble.

  • The Mall Rats try to convince May to lure Mega into a trap, Slade takes Ebony to meet a familiar face, Ruby snoops on Ram, and Mouse sneaks out of the Mall to head to the Eco tribe.

  • Amber meets Ebony as arranged, Lex and Siva head to Liberty, Jack and Ellie follow May to her secret rendezvous with Mega, and Salene's alcoholism escalates.

  • Lex and Siva find themselves imprisoned together, Amber confronts Mega about the ill treatment received by the work parties, and Ebony plays mind games with Java.

  • Amber experiences a work party firsthand, Lex is a prisoner of the Zootists, Siva tries to convince Ebony of Java's deceit, and Ellie suspects Gel may be the spy.

  • Amber is angered by Mega's creation of work details, Ebony finds things unraveling around her, Sammy inadvertently ends up alone in Zootist territory, and Slade meets Siva in secret.

  • Jay is worried by Mega's deception, while Mega himself plans a mass bar coding of everyone in the City. Salene's dependence on alcohol becomes a cause for concern, while Slade let's Ram in on a secret.

  • Amber is seriously ill, with Jay's attentions towards her an annoyance to Trudy. Java threatens Siva with retribution if she continues to hinder her plans, and May almost comes clean to Salene, but her malice gets the better of her.

  • Lex and Ram narrowly escape an angry mob, while back at the Mall, Amber is injured and the tribe is worried about the anarchy outside. Mega encourages Java to increase Ebony's dose of Paradise, and Slade finds Darryl.

  • The explosion has left the Mall Rats shaken, and they decide to send Amber to try and talk some sense into the other tribes. Meanwhile, Siva makes a last ditch appeal to Ebony, and Mega becomes frustrated with Darryl.

  • The Zootists prepare for the "return" of Zoot, with the tribe making a breakthrough as to how his reappearance will be engineered, while Java continues to use Ellie, sending her back to the Mall with a deadly package in tow.

  • Lex narrowly avoids death, Amber finds out about Trudy and Jay, Java tries to manipulate Ellie, and Slade spies on Ebony.

  • Ebony continues to be manipulated by Java and Mega, with Siva unsure of the damage being done to her sister. Trudy worries about Jay's feelings for her, and Lex tries to convince Ruby to free him.

  • Lex reveals Ram's real identity to Ruby, Trudy worries about Amber's reaction to her and Jay's relationship, and Ellie, suffering from amnesia, reappears in the City, only to be taken prisoner by the Zootists.

  • The Mall Rats meet with Ebony and her followers, Amber and Salene arrive back in the City, Lex goes on the hunt, May continues her spying, and Ram makes a breakthrough.

  • Amber and Salene head home, while Trudy and Jay agree to keep their relationship secret. Mouse and Sammy tell Jack of their encounter with "Zoot", leading to a discovery. Mega and Java plot their next move, and Slade encourages Ram to walk.

  • Amber and Salene arrive at the Ecos' place, where they hold a ceremony for Pride. Jack is horrified after his run in with "Zoot", prompting fear among the tribe, while Sammy and Mouse have a similar close encounter.

  • Amber and Salene head for the Ecos' place. Mega manipulates May into agreeing to spy on the Mall Rats for him, while he and Java meet in secret. Sammy and Gel upset Trudy, and Slade gets in trouble.

  • The Mall Rats bury Pride. Ebony and her sisters spread Zoot's message across the City, with Java happy and Siva increasingly concerned, Mega preys on May's guilt, and Ram opens up about his past.

  • Ebony, Java and Siva set up headquarters at their old high school, with Ebony increasingly deluded. Salene arrives back at the Mall, but Pride is nowhere to be seen, while Trudy is conflicted in her feelings for Jay.

  • The City is spiraling out of control, and Ebony is an unwitting pawn in Mega and Java's game. Lex saves Gel with a little help from Slade, leaving Siva convinced she has been abandoned. Meanwhile, May's lies lead to tragedy.

  • Ebony is convinced of Zoot's power, Amber and Jay get closer, Siva stumbles on Lex's stash, Slade tries to break Ram, and Mega and Java plot their next move.

  • As May searches the City for Pride, she experiences the Zoot rumors firsthand. Mega and Java play mind games, Salene's situation is increasingly perilous, and Jack tries to convince Gel to go to the Mall with him.

  • The City is awash with rumors about Zoot's reappearance. Amber receives devastating news, Salene is still imprisoned, and Slade has a change of heart about Ram.

  • The Locos' police car reappears in the City, and as Ebony's nightmares continue, Trudy has one as well. Lex tries to keep the peace, Mega and Java collaborate further, and Ram is delirious at Ruby's saloon.

  • Ebony continues to be plagued by visions of Zoot, and he is also seen around the City by others. Mega has secret plans, Salene is in trouble, Sammy is hooked on Paradise, and a new face saves Ram.

  • The Mall Rats prepare for their assault on the Technos, while Ebony is plagued by disturbing visions.

  • Ebony is jealous of Amber, Trudy is distraught about losing Brady, Salene catches May playing the game again, and an old face from the past returns.

  • Amber, Ebony and Jay head back to the City, while Ram prepares himself for the end. Sammy tries to convince Mouse of Paradise's merits, and Pride comes clean to May about his and Salene's relationship.

  • The Technos roll out their latest technology in the City, and Lex spots an opportunity. Ebony is irritated by Amber and Jay's closeness, Sammy sneaks out again, and May is oblivious about Salene and Pride's relationship.

  • Ebony and Jay are invited to camp with the Ecos for a while, but Amber's presence makes Ebony uneasy. Sammy sneaks out to play the game, May tries to get back with Pride, and Salene reaches a decision.

  • Ram widens the search for Ebony and Jay, and the Technos put the City under martial law. Salene and Pride continue to bicker, Siva offers to teach Mouse how to read, and Ebony and Jay stumble upon two familiar faces.

  • Aware of Ebony's treachery, Ram is inconsolable. Pride helps Ebony and Jay escape the City, while also trying to make things up with Salene.

  • Jay is a prisoner of the Technos, and Ram has a very fiendish fate in store for him. Salene demands to know who stole her earrings, while supplies have also been going missing from the hospital store.

  • Ved enters reality space in a last ditch effort to save Ram, with Ebony stumbling upon their endeavor. Lex and Siva have domestic differences, and Pride and May admit their addiction to the rest of the tribe, while Mouse may need help too.

  • Ram is still seriously ill, with Java taking advantage of the situation. Siva encourages Lex to tell Salene about Pride's addiction, and Mouse stumbles upon May and Pride inside the game.

  • The City is a war zone, and Salene's plan to move the medical center to the Mall means it is busier than ever. Ebony and Jay reconcile, Ram is very ill, and May appears to be as addicted to the game as Pride.

  • Ebony realizes she made a foolish mistake, while gang violence in the City worsens. Pride's addiction to the game deepens, and Mouse and Sammy continue to secretly toil for their game credits.

  • Ram goes ahead with his plan to charge people to play the game, while Salene is concerned by Pride's apparent addiction to it. Mouse and Sammy join a work party to earn credits, and Jay makes an important decision.

  • Ram and Ved face off in a reality space battle for Cloe, Mouse's playing goes badly awry, May suffers the after effects of the game, and Pride may be unable to resist it.

  • The Mall Rats continue their work at the hospital. Mouse and Sammy get scanned, while Cloe is missing, and Siva finds it difficult to adjust to life away from the Technos.

  • Lex brings Siva to live at the Mall, Ebony receives a very tempting offer, May reappears in reality space, and Jay's hopes of a brave new world are dashed.

  • Lex takes Siva to hide out at Alice and Ellie's farm, and asks for Ebony's help in calling off Ram's search. Meanwhile, Pride has been brainwashed into believing in CityNet and reality space, much to Salene's horror.

  • The Technos prepare their cyber cafes for use by the City's inhabitants. Ram announces his and Ebony's nuptials, with Salene roped into officiating the ceremony, while Pride's disdain for the Technos gets him into trouble.

  • The City has running water again, and Ram rigs the City Leader election in Salene's favor, believing her to be easy to manipulate. Ebony is heartbroken over Jay, leading her to make an important decision.

  • Riots break out as a result of Ram switching off the City's power supply, Ebony quits as City leader, Lex is a laughing stock due to his losing the fight, and Ram plays mind games with Ebony.

  • The Mall Rats and Jay argue about how they can derail Ram's smear campaign against them, Java double crosses Ebony, and Lex's next fight pairs him with an unlikely opponent.

  • Ram sends Java to the Mall to find out where Amber is, Pride spreads word about the Technos' experimentation across the City, and Ebony's desperation makes her do something stupid.

  • Sammy comes up trumps with footage of the Technos' secret experiments, and Pride's friend Patch helps the Mall Rats hijack the CityNet broadcast.

  • Following his victory, Lex has a newfound popularity in the City. Amber asks Cloe to use Ved to gain information on the Technos' experiments, and Mouse and Sammy come up with a get rich quick scheme.

  • Ram broadcasts Lex's fight across the City via CityNet, with an extra, deadly twist. Pride finally levels with Salene about his feelings for her, while Cloe is heartbroken over Ved.

  • The City is excited about the arrival of television again in the form of CityNet, the Technos' latest advancement, but the Mall Rats are dubious. Dee tries to secure Lex's release, Pride is frustrated, and Cloe fears she may be pregnant.

  • Lex receives his punishment, Ebony reluctantly seeks Java's help in cooling Ram's affections, Ved shows Jay the program Ram has been working on, and Dee stirs things.

  • Ebony is pressured by Ram for an answer, while Jay feels threatened by him because of his own secret relationship with her. Salene is jealous over Amber and Pride's closeness, and Lex seems doomed to a dark fate.

  • The Mall Rats are worried that Ebony will tell Ram about Amber and the other test subjects, while Siva fears Java will tell him about her and Lex. Meanwhile Ram pushes Ebony for an answer, and Ved and Cloe take things to the next level.

  • The Mall Rats are unsure what to do with Amber and the rest of the test subjects, while Ram orders his men to retrieve them. Jay and Ram have a disagreement, Java warns Lex off Siva, and Siva plays with fire.

  • Trudy reveals what happened to her and Amber, with her location narrowed down to a guarded building in the City. Ram plays mind games, and Salene and Pride play a prank on Mouse and Sammy.

  • As the City celebrates the reconnection of the power supply, Pride and Jay regain consciousness, agreeing to call it quits on their rivalry. Ram gets revenge on Siva, while Mouse and Sammy's playing results in calamity.

  • Ebony gives Lex the antibiotics stolen from the medicine chest by Siva, who is unaware that Ram knows what she did. Pride plans to sabotage the Technos' reconnection of the power supply, and Ved takes Cloe out on a date.

  • Ebony and Jay have to convince the farmers to bring food to the City again, Dee decides to stop Lex's toothache once and for all, and Pride gets into trouble.

  • The Technos' food delivery is met with mixed response, Mouse misses Charlie, Lex's toothache worsens, and Pride and Salene take a trip to the countryside.

  • The food situation is critical, with riots breaking out. Pride tries to let Salene down gently, while Siva sneaks off to see Lex, Ved tries to impress Cloe, and Charlie is missing.

  • Ellie is under arrest, with her fate left in Jay's hands. Meanwhile, Lex tries his luck with Siva, and Mouse and Charlie disappear, prompting Pride and Cloe to search for them.

  • The investigation into the attempted bombing continues, while Pride secretly meets with other tribe leaders, and becomes increasingly cagey when questioned. Ved tries to smooth things over with Cloe, and food is frighteningly scarce.

  • The failed bomb attempt leads Ebony to investigate, and it seems Pride may have something to hide. Cloe and Dee get their own back on Ved, while Salene finally convinces the kids to reveal their names.

  • The food situation is increasingly dire, with Lex predicting an end to supplies reaching the City. Java and Siva reveal their history with Ebony, Ved gets in trouble again, and Ellie helps the kids come out of their shell.

  • Ebony walks into Java and Siva's trap, Pride has difficulty finding food for the tribe, and Ellie's depression makes her consider suicide.

  • While the Mall Rats plan their attack, Ebony secretly strikes a deal with Jay. Cloe feels babied by Salene, and Java and Siva make a discovery.

  • Lex is angry when his shrine to Tai-San is robbed, Jay is sent to deal with Ebony, while Ellie is devastated by Jack's capture, and Amber and Trudy are still on their trek to find the Ecos.

  • Ved is in trouble after losing his communicator, while Ram tracks its signal to the Mall. Jack has a breakthrough about the source of the Technos' power, and Amber makes a decision about her and baby Bray's future.

  • The City's tribes hold a crisis meeting to decide what to do about the invading Technos. Meanwhile, Ellie goes to the farm to look for Alice, Dee makes a mistake, and Amber and Trudy have to get by without Bray.

  • The remaining Mall Rats band together to find out what is going on, while Trudy helps Amber deliver her baby. Salene finds a little girl close to the Mall and takes her home, but someone is watching her.

  • The City is in chaos after the appearance of the airplane. No-one knows who these new arrivals are or what they want. Meanwhile, Amber is in labor and completely alone.