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There are several Christmas episodes of the show The Simpsons. The first Christmas special aired in 1989. It was also the first full-length episode of the series in the 1980s. The show begins by Homer learning that he won't get a bonus for Christmas from Mr. Burns. He has no money to buy presents for his family, so he gets a job as a mall Santa. This job doesn't pay enough, so Homer looks to other sources to make money. Homer and Bart end up going to a dog track to bet on a dog to try to make money. One of the dogs doesn't do well in the race, and the owner of the dog decides he doesn't want him. Homer does something thoughtful for his family for the holidays since he doesn't have a lot of money to buy gifts. As the family gathers around the tree, they discover the true meaning of the Christmas season.

The Simpsons Christmas is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (7 episodes). The series first aired on December 17, 1989.

Where do I stream The Simpsons Christmas online? The Simpsons Christmas is available for streaming on FOX, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Simpsons Christmas on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

1 Season, 7 Episodes
December 17, 1989
Comedy, Holiday Special
Cast: Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Harry Shearer, Julie Kavner
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The Simpsons Christmas Full Episode Guide

  • The Simpsons appear in three Christmas tales: the story of the birth of Jesus; a World War II tale featuring Grampa, Mr. Burns, and Santa; and a musical featuring "The Nutcracker Suite."

  • As Christmas approaches, Homer discovers the true meaning of the season after watching an animated version of A Christmas Carol on television. Flanders finds it impossible to live as the second-nicest guy in town.

  • While vacationing at a dude ranch, Lisa falls for a cute 13-year-old cowboy; Homer vows to stop beavers who've dammed a river and kept Native Americans from their land.

  • As Christmas approaches, a winter snowstorm traps Bart, Lisa and their fellow students inside Springfield Elementary, where Principal Skinner attempts to keep chaos from erupting.

  • As the Christmas holiday approaches...Springfield Elementary closes its doors for financial reasons, only to reopen when a mysterious organization steps in to help.

  • People throughout Springfield open their hearts--and wallets--after Bart claims the family's Christmas presents were stolen by a burglar.

  • After Bart's tattoo removal, Homer's failure as a department store Santa, and a bad day at the dog track, Christmas prospects look dim for the Simpsons.