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  • 1991
  • 1 Season

The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom that has been a staple in television since it premiered on December 17, 1989, on the Fox Broadcasting Company. Created by Matt Groening, the series is a satirical depiction of a middle-class American family, consisting of Homer Simpson, his wife Marge, and their three children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

The show's title, "Homer Knows Best," is a play on the traditional parenting phrase "Mother Knows Best." The episode centers around Homer's belief that he knows what is best for his family and the consequences that arise from this mindset.

The episode opens with Homer waking up early to cook breakfast for his family, only to find that his family has already gone to work and school. Despite Marge's requests for him to find a job, Homer spends his day at Moe's Tavern, the local bar, with his friends. While at the bar, he receives a visit from his sister-in-law Patty, who is in the midst of a divorce. She asks Homer for advice on how to cope with the situation, to which he confidently replies that "Homer knows best."

This sets off a series of events in which Homer believes he knows what is best for everyone, from his son Bart's science project to Marge's new hairstyle. In each instance, Homer's lack of understanding and expertise in the subject matter leads to disastrous results. For example, while helping Bart with his science project, Homer accidentally creates a dangerous and explosive chemical reaction that destroys their home.

As the episode progresses, Homer's lack of responsibility and poor decision-making skills come to a head. Marge, fed up with his antics, kicks him out of the house, leading him to live with Patty, who he discovers is a lesbian. This adds to Homer's confusion and further illustrates his lack of understanding of the world around him.

Despite the chaos he has caused, Homer remains convinced that he knows best, leading him to seek guidance from a self-help guru. The guru's advice on taking responsibility for one's actions resonates with Homer, leading him to apologize to his family and make amends for his behavior.

In classic Simpsons fashion, the episode concludes with a humorous twist, as Homer's attempt to make amends results in yet another disaster, leaving the family in even worse shape than before.

Overall, "Homer Knows Best" is a prime example of the show's ability to use humor to explore complex themes such as family dynamics, responsibility, and the consequences of our actions. The episode's use of satire and cultural references, as well as its well-crafted characters, continue to make it a beloved classic in the decades since its airing.

The Simpsons: Homer Knows Best is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on April 25, 1991.

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See Homer Run
6. See Homer Run
November 20, 2005
On Father's Day, Homer responds much more enthusiastiacally to a new tool than he does to Lisa's heartfelt present. Lisa becomes very angry with her father, and so to win back her respect, he becomes the Safety Salamander, a well-loved figure at Springfield Elementary. As the Safety Salamander, Homer becomes so popular, he becomes the leading candidate to replace Mayor Quimby in a recall election. But when the Salamander suit shrinks and falls off during a debate, the voters of Springfield realize they do not like their hero nearly as much out of costume.
The Dad That Knew Too Little
5. The Dad That Knew Too Little
January 12, 2003
Lisa asks Homer for a special new diary for her birthday, but he disappoints her by buying a customized video that gets important facts about her wrong. To learn more about his daughter, Homer hires a private detective, but when Homer refuses to pay the bill, the detective frames Lisa for a crime. Homer and Lisa flee until they can prove their innocence, culminating in a climax reminscent of "The Lady From Shanghai".
The Old Man and the Key
4. The Old Man and the Key
March 10, 2002
The Simpsons are informed that Grampa has died, rush to the retirement castle, and are relieved to learn that he is alive, and beginning a romance with a new woman at the home, Zelda (Olympia Dukakis). After Grampa wrecks Homer's car, Homer refuses to ever let him drive it again, and so Grampa steals Marge's car and takes Bart with him as he pursues Zelda to Branson, Missouri, where the Simpsons see a show starring '70s comic personality Ray Jay Johnson.
Lisa's Pony
3. Lisa's Pony
November 7, 1991
Homer fails to buy Lisa a new saxophone reed and she is humiliated at a school concert. To make it up to her, homer buys her a pony, which lives in the Simpson house. To afford the pony, Homer must get a second job at the Kwik-E-Mart, and he can no longer sleep. Finally, Lisa relents and gives up the pony but keeps her father's love.
Saturdays of Thunder
2. Saturdays of Thunder
November 14, 1991
Homer fails a quiz designed to test how well he knows his son. A trip to the Fatherhood Institute convinces him to help Bart build a soapbox derby racer, but Homer's assistance only makes things worse. Riding a sleek racer designed by Martin Prince, Bart is thrilled to see his father come out to root him on.
Lisa's Substitute
1. Lisa's Substitute
April 25, 1991
Lisa's teacher, Miss Hoover, is stricken with Lyme disease, and Mr. Bergstrom, a cool, witty, substitute teacher takes her place. Lisa is smitten with the smart, sensitive man, who contrasts so favorable; it seems, with her own father. Meanwhile, Bart decides to run for class president where he is expected to easily triumph over class brain Martin Prince. When Lisa comes to school one day, she is shocked to find that Miss Hoover has recovered and Mr. Bergstrom is gone. Meanwhile, Bart celebrates his victory, only to realize that neither he nor his friends bothered to vote, and Martin has won. Lisa tracks Mr. Bergstrom down to the train station, where is leaving for another gig. But before he does, he hands her a note, reminding her "You Are Lisa Simpson." That night Homer cheers up a disconsolate Bart and Lisa, showing he's not such a bad dad after all.
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The Simpsons: Homer Knows Best is available for streaming on the FOX website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Simpsons: Homer Knows Best on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    April 25, 1991