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  • 2005
  • 2 Seasons

American Dad Six-Packs is a compilation of episodes of the popular adult animated sitcom American Dad. This series follows the humorous adventures of CIA agent Stan Smith and his eccentric family. The title character Stan is an exaggeratedly masculine neoconservative Republican and self-proclaimed American patriot whose personality often gets him into trouble. His family consists of his hilarious homemaker wife, Francine, hippie daughter, Hayley, and nerdy son, Steve. They also have a house guest Roger, who is a very zany alien and a talking pet goldfish Klaus, who due to an experiment has the brain of an East German ski-jumper.

American Dad Six-Packs is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on September 11, 2005.

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Weiner Of Our Discontent
6. Weiner Of Our Discontent
May 3, 2009
Roger has been behaving like a selfish brat for years, and Stan has had enough! When he calls Roger out, he declares that he has in fact been sent to earth as "the decider" to determine the fate of man kind. Stupefied by his outlandish statement, Stan challenges Roger to prove it and when they discover the truth about his real purpose for being on Earth, Roger is crushed and Stan is tickled pink to have finally won one. Roger struggles to get a grip on reality until a fateful crate of hotdogs takes center stage at Steve's hot-dog eating contest and Roger gets to decide who lives and who dies.
The One That Got Away
5. The One That Got Away
October 5, 2008
When Roger discovers that someone has maxed out his credit card, he is certain it is identify theft and is determined to bring down the crook. After playing Matlock for a few days and dishing out some street justice, he realizes things are not quite right and seem all too familiar. Meanwhile, the rest of the Smith family gets sucked into a mean game of Simon.
Office Spaceman
4. Office Spaceman
May 4, 2008
Roger begins to release photos of himself to the local media for extra cash, prompting the CIA to initiate an Alien Task Force. Through a twist of fate, Roger ends up in charge of the task force in disguise, creating tension at home as he is now Stan's boss. Meanwhile Francine comes to grips with being left-handed and Roger frames Stan as an alien in attempt to keep his identity a secret.
Frannie 911
3. Frannie 911
January 6, 2008
Francine comes up with an elaborate plan to reunite Stan and Roger after a big fight. She fakes Roger's kidnapping in the hopes of showing Roger that Stan still cares about him, but when Stan never shows up to pay the ransom, it forces Roger to rethink the way he treats people. After all it wouldn't kill him to be nice to people...or would it?
A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial
2. A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial
February 11, 2007
When Roger is rejected by Steve, who seems to be over him, Roger heads out in search of a new human companion. But when this new friend starts to abuse Roger and the relationship turns into a lot of excuses and sorry's, Steve and Hayley scheme to get Roger out of the bad relationship and back home where he belongs. Meanwhile, Stan tours the Mr. Pibb factory and meets the man himself.
Roger n' Me
1. Roger n' Me
April 23, 2006
When Stan goes to Atlantic City for a bachelor party and is shunned by his so-called best friend, Roger steps in and becomes Stan's new sidekick.
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American Dad Six-Packs is available for streaming on the FOX website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch American Dad Six-Packs on demand at Amazon and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    September 11, 2005