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Grounded for Life was a fun family comedy about the Finnertys, an Irish family with parents that ought to have been grounded for bad behavior at times along with the children. The show made the struggle all parents face: how to teach children to grow into adults while the parents are still works in progress themselves.

Grounded for Life is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (92 episodes). The series first aired on January 10, 2001.

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The WB
5 Seasons, 92 Episodes
January 10, 2001
Comedy, Kids & Family
Cast: Donal Logue, Megyn Price, Kevin Corrigan, Lynsey Bartilson, Griffin Frazen
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Grounded for Life Full Episode Guide

  • In this episode, Claudia and Sean miss Lily's graduation. Which ruins the senior prank she had planned. Then Claudia goes into labor. Sean and Eddie find out that Walt's cleaning lady is his girlfriend.

  • Eddie's girlfriend Crazy Amy returns and starts selling nude photos she took of Eddie. Meanwhile, Sean tries to sell the Red Boot and Jimmy joins cheerleading to get close to girls.

  • Sean is infuriated after receiving several letters from the Home Owner's Association telling him to clean his yard. He's determined to put an end to these demands, despite Claudia's happiness about the changes in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Brad wants to buy Lily lingerie for their anniversary, but receives a shock when he sees Sister Hellen at the store. Elsewhere, Jimmy worries about how the family will support his new lifestyle change.

  • After an uninspiring meeting with the school guidance counseler, Lily wants to prove her intelligence. When Brad decides to apply at Yale, Lily does, too, but she realizes she must do something to make her application stand out. Meanwhile, Claudia pities Sean after he takes on an extra job as a limo driver, and Eddie helps Jimmy prepare for his role of Tom Sawyer.

  • Claudia feels unattractive being pregnant, so Sean pays one of her classmates to hit on her. Meanwhile, Eddie writes a comedy routine with some help from Lily, and Brad enrolls Jimmy in the Sciencenauts.

  • Sean and Claudia worry that the bar isn't bringing in enough money. Claudia begins working at home, calling people up to demand payment on unpaid medical bills. Sean applies for a position at TJ Shenanigans, only to find that he'll be competing against his own brother to get the job. Meanwhile, having just broken up with Brad, Taya starts dating Jimmy.

  • Sean's friend Dave comes to town and stays with the Finnertys. Now a children's performer by the name of "J.J. Bodybuddy", Dave is volunteered (by Sean) to perform at St. Finnian's. Before the day of the performance, however, he wants to have a fun night on the town with Eddie and Sean. Meanwhile, Lily is already jealous of the unborn baby and is willing to do anything to show her mother that.

  • Claudia is upset with Sean when she finds out he gambled the money for the baby's crib and used the winnings to buy a new TV.

  • Eddie moves into the Finnerties basement, struggling to hide his activities from Claudia. Meanwhile, Claudia's more worried about performing all of her motherly duties while pregnant. Finally, Lily's jealousy of Brad's new girlfriend causes her to act out.

  • Because Eddie now has a girlfriend he spends all his time with her. Sean being jealous finds every possible thing wrong with her. Lilly's plan to make Brad jealous doesn't work and Claudia gets mad because Sean tells everyone she is pregnant.

  • Eddie convinces Sean that he has Sympathetic Pregnancy Syndrome. Brad and Lily decide to be friends, but they find this difficult to do. Meanwhile, a girl named Taya moves in next door, and Jimmy tries to get her attention by pretending to be a jock. Eddie enters an interesting relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Faye.

  • After admitting he hooked up with his space camp buddy Lana,Brad begs for forgiveness from Lily until he learns of his infidelity. Sean learns something intresting about Claudia,which he doesn't tell her.

  • Brad tells Lily about his old space camp girlfriend, Lana. Lily doubts his story, but has a sudden change of heart when Brad's ex comes to town for a visit. Lily soon finds herself fighting Lana for Brad's attention.

  • Brad has a new job, but Lily's mad that he doesn't have enough time to spend with her. Walt's also having career troubles, so Sean and Eddie offer him a job at the bar. Meanwhile, Claudia tries to bond with Jimmy.

  • After discovering that Sean has high blood pressure, Claudia struggles to handle the family's problems herself. However, there seems to be quite an abundance of them. Jimmy gets suspended from school, and Brad and Lily fool around in the car, only to end up at the impound lot.

  • With a paper due the next day, Claudia decides to copy Lily's A+ assignment. After turning it in, she discovers that the paper was plagiarized. Sean gets Sister Helen involved, discovering too late that the school has a no-tolerance policy. Meanwhile, Jimmy asks Eddie for some advice about his new, fast-moving girlfriend.

  • Henry brings his obnoxious new friend to the house. After yelling at the bratty child, Sean also has to put up with his equally obnoxious father. Meanwhile, Lily has some difficulties dealing with Brad's geeky friends, and wants him to choose between the two. Also, Eddie tries his luck at a Jewish dating service.

  • Saint Patrick's day is coming, and Sean and Eddie are hard at work, trying to attract a huge crowd for the bar. Meanwhile, Lily and Brad prepare their school's float for the parade.

  • Eddie convinces Sean to help him steal back some revealing pictures from his crazy ex-girlfriend.

  • Claudia plans the perfect family portrait for the Finnertys. However, she is appalled when she finds out that her graveyard plot was filled by a dead cat.

  • The Finnertys throw Brad a birthday party. Sean, who is still filling guilty about Brad's parents breaking up, invites them both as a plan to get them back together. Meanwhile, it seems Connie has an agenda of her own. After some advice from Claudia, she has decided that she needs to 'get some'.

  • Lily, Brad, and Jimmy sign abstinence pledges at school. Seeing Brad's fear at making a promise to God, Sean decides to exploit this. Soon, Brad is afraid to go near Lily. Meanwhile, Eddie discovers that he was born left-handed.

  • Lily and Sean want to relax with an in-home couple massage. They struggle to keep the children out of the house. Meanwhile, Lily goes to a dance with Brad and has to deal with his horrible dancing. Eddie takes Jimmy and Henry out for the night, and finds them an outlet for their anger.

  • Sean and Claudia's getaway ends early when they discover a porno that was filmed in their house. Furious, Claudia bans Eddie from the house. Meanwhile, a girl at school is bullying Jimmy and he wants to find out why.

  • Sean receives a message from Claudia's professor, but he forgets to give it to her. This causes her to miss her midterm. Meanwhile, Jimmy has to hide the phone bill after callling a 976 number. Also Brad's on vacation, so Lily is having difficulties adapting to his absence.

  • After running into her ex and his girlfriend at a record store, Lily is angry when Brad invites them over for a fondue party. Meanwhile, Eddie is having some difficulties with his stand-up routine, so he incorporates some aspects of Sean's life to make it more entertaining.

  • Sean wants to go to a Sex Pistols concert, but is having difficulties finding a babysitter. Claudia has to study for an exam, and Lily has to work on a project. That night, however, the two girls run into each other at a party. Meanwhile, Eddie decides to hire a bodyguard.

  • Sean and Eddie discover that their bar has been robbed, but Walt insists that they don't call the police. Meanwhile, Lily is still going out with Brad, but finds herself slightly infatuated with a guy she met at the mall.

  • Claudia tells Sean that she was confronted by a fashion photographer. Sean infuriates her by saying that the guy was only hitting on her. Meanwhile, Lily receives her horrible yearbook photos.

  • Sean tries to talk to Jimmy about 'becoming a man'. Meanwhile, Brad walks in on Claudia in the shower.

  • After a big party, Lily wakes up the next morning with a bad hangover and no recollection of returning home. When Sean and Claudia discover her car on the porch, they want to teach her a lesson. Sean allows Eddie to sell Lily's car, and they make Lily sign a contract that allows her a 'no-questions-asked' ride home if she's been drinking. Her parents soon find that this contract is being used entirely too often.

  • After buying an electric car, Eddie asks Sean for a loan. Sean gives it to him without consulting Claudia, and her tuition check bounces. Meanwhile, Brad is shocked to discover that Lily has a tatoo with Dean's name on it.

  • Claudia finds out that Lily isn't taking the SAT's seriously, so she decides that she's going to take them, as well. It soon becomes a fierce competition between the two. Meanwhile, Sean tries to teach Henry a life lesson by bringing a homeless man into their house.

  • Blad takes Lily on a romantic date that quickly turns into a disaster. Meanwhile, Eddie breaks a sewing room window.

  • Lily is embarassed to be seen with Brad, so Sean tries to help him fix his image. Meanwhile, Jimmy finds out his hair style is against school policy, and Claudia tries to help Eddie out at the bar by selling a bad purchase he made.

  • Sean and Eddie hire strippers at the bar in an attempt to make more money, only to find that they'd soon be fighting the PTA to keep it going. Meanwhile, Brad convinces Lily to break up with Dean.

  • Sean seems to be annoyed by every move Dan O'Keefe makes. Claudia says the real problem is Sean's unhappiness about Brad and Lily. And Claudia's peacemaking attempts blow up in her face.

  • With Lily and Brad's romance, Claudia decides it's time for their two families to make ammends, so she invites the O'Keefes over for dinner. Meanwhile, Eddie, who is still angry at the boys for spending his coin collection, attempts to teach them a lesson.

  • Brad's father talks to Sean, bragging about how Brad and Lily slept together. Angry, Sean goes to Claudia, only to find out she already knew. Meanwhile, Eddie decides to teach Jimmy and Henry a lesson after discovering they spent his Liberty quarters collection.

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