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  • 2012
  • 1 Season
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Bunheads is a charming and witty television series that originally aired on FreeForm from 2012 to 2013. Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, the show follows the life of a Las Vegas showgirl named Michelle Simms, played by the talented Sutton Foster. Michelle's dreams of becoming a professional dancer are somewhat crushed when she is forced to settle down in a sleepy California town to marry her musician boyfriend, Hubbell. However, when Hubbell tragically dies in a car accident, Michelle is left adrift and unsure of her future.

In the midst of her grief, Michelle impulsively decides to move to the quirky town of Paradise, California, where Hubbell's mother Fanny, played by Kelly Bishop, runs a dance school. At first, Michelle clashes with Fanny and the other members of the tight-knit dance community. However, as she gets to know the students, including Fanny's prickly and talented granddaughter Sasha, played by Julia Goldani Telles, Michelle finds herself drawn back into the world of dance.

Throughout the show's first and only season, Michelle struggles to balance her life in Paradise with her past as a Las Vegas showgirl. She faces a number of challenges, from dealing with unrequited love with the town's plumber, to helping the dance students navigate the complicated world of ballet competitions.

One of the things that sets Bunheads apart from other dance-centric shows is its strong focus on character development. Each member of the Paradise community, from Fanny to the teenage dancers, is given a distinctive voice and personality. Even the town itself feels like a fully realized character, with its oddball population and quirky landmarks.

The show is also known for its witty and fast-paced dialogue, which is reminiscent of Sherman-Palladino's previous show, Gilmore Girls. Many of the characters speak in rapid-fire banter, which can take a bit of getting used to, but ultimately adds to the show's energy and charm.

Another highlight of the show is its impressive cast of dancers. Sutton Foster, who previously starred in Sherman-Palladino's short-lived show, The Return of Jezebel James, is a talented triple threat who brings depth and complexity to the role of Michelle. Kelly Bishop, who is perhaps best known for playing Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls, also shines as Fanny, a former ballerina with a larger-than-life personality.

The young actresses who play the dance students are also impressive, particularly Julia Goldani Telles as the rebellious Sasha. Emma Dumont, Stacey Oristano, Bailey De Young, and Kaitlyn Jenkins round out the talented ensemble cast, each bringing their own unique energy and style to their roles.

Despite its many strengths, Bunheads struggled to find an audience during its single season on FreeForm. Some critics felt that the show was a little too niche, combining dance with Sherman-Palladino's signature quirkiness in a way that didn't quite click with viewers.

However, for those who did tune in, Bunheads was a charming and heartfelt show that offered a unique perspective on the world of dance. Whether you're a fan of dance shows, quirky comedies, or simply Sutton Foster's magnetic presence, Bunheads is worth checking out.

Bunheads is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on June 11, 2012.

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18. Next!
February 25, 2013
Without Michelle knowing, the girls follow her to a Broadway musical audition in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Scotty stays home to do chores.
It's Not a Mint
17. It's Not a Mint
February 18, 2013
The dance studio is set up as an evacuation headquarters.
There's Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit
16. There's Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit
February 11, 2013
Milly finds out about the preservation society's plan to discuss the new amphitheatre. Meanwhile, Sasha and Roman take their relationship public; and Talia shares some big news.
Take the Vicuna
15. Take the Vicuna
February 4, 2013
Michelle has bad news for her brother. Milly offers financial assistance and advice for Fanny's upcoming recital.
The Astronaut and the Ballerina
14. The Astronaut and the Ballerina
January 28, 2013
Michelle's brother, Scotty, seeks comfort after going through another divorce. Meanwhile, Melanie's hobby leaves Ginny feeling abandoned, while Boo and Carl are overwhelmed with child care duties.
I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky
13. I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky
January 21, 2013
Michelle and Fanny must find resources to supplement the dance studio. Meanwhile, the girls are fascinated by the new students and Sasha faces a personal dilemma.
Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor
12. Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor
January 14, 2013
Michelle helps Truly renegotiate her lease following her eviction. Boo seeks Michelle's advice and Michelle lets Talia set her up on a blind date.
You Wanna See Something?
11. You Wanna See Something?
January 7, 2013
Michelle readjusts to life in Las Vegas and is hired as a magician's assistant. Elsewhere, Ginny assumes responsibility of her mom's real-estate company; Melanie and Boo care for family members; and Sasha delays her return home after her summer away.
A Nutcracker in Paradise
10. A Nutcracker in Paradise
August 20, 2012
Michelle messes up during the "Nutcracker" performance.
No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons
9. No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons
August 13, 2012
Fanny is out of control trying to find her new Clara for 'The Nutcracker.'
Blank Up, It's Time
8. Blank Up, It's Time
August 6, 2012
Michelle is shocked when she discovers Fanny has a longtime, long-distance boyfriend. Meanwhile, Fanny and Michelle head to L.A. for a play.
What's Your Damage Heather?
7. What's Your Damage Heather?
July 30, 2012
When the dance studio has a leak, Michelle offers her home to the girls to change their clothes. But when one of them lies about stealing from her, Michelle demands the truth.
Movie Truck
6. Movie Truck
July 23, 2012
When Michelle's friend, Talia, visits from Vegas, their plans for a wild birthday road trip are ruined by Fanny. Just when things couldn't get worse, Talia discovers Truly's clothing boutique, Sparkles.
Money For Nothing
5. Money For Nothing
July 16, 2012
Michelle tries to help Fanny with her finances but her efforts could potentially jeopardize the upcoming Spring Flower Festival and Fanny's original ballet, "Paper or Plastic."
Better Luck Next Year
4. Better Luck Next Year
July 9, 2012
Michelle attempts to create distance from her new mother-in-law. And Fanny is upset when the Joffrey Ballet threatens to move Summer Program auditions to a different city.
Inherit the Wind
3. Inherit the Wind
June 25, 2012
Fanny receives some surprising news from her attorney and creates awkwardness for Michelle. Michelle leaves in Hubbell's car to diffuse the situation. To complicate matters she runs into an unexpected person. The girls participate in an "ugliest feet" contest with other dance studios.
For Fanny
2. For Fanny
June 18, 2012
Michelle and her mother-in-law seem to finally be back on good terms, until something unexpected happens. Michelle is on edge with Fanny again but finds herself still feeling empathy towards her.
1. Pilot
June 11, 2012
In the series premiere, meet Michelle Simms - a classically-trained professional dancer who was enticed by life in Las Vegas. Now, with a dead-end job as a 30-something showgirl, she's found the excitement of Sin City has lost its appeal. She decides to make a change - by getting married and moving away.
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Bunheads is available for streaming on the FreeForm website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bunheads on demand at Amazon and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    June 11, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (8,883)