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Perception is a TV show centered around Eric McCormack's character. Dr. Daniel Pierce, who is a professor of narrow sciences at a Chicago University aside from being highly respected in his field is both a professor and author Dr. Pierce uses his of the human mind and its behavior, as well as his unique perspective on society and life in general, to help the FBI solve some of their more interesting and intriguing cases on an as needed case-by-case basis is partnered with a former student agent Kate Moretti played by Rachel Leigh Cook, who is ultimately responsible for recruiting Dr. Pierce to work for the FBI in the first place.

Now although this may sound like a typical police procedural at face value is anything but, you see Daniel McCormick's character suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and although he manages to deal with this disorder through a combination of routine classical music and crossword puzzles so that the symptoms (usually hallucinations of people) do not affect his daily life when it comes to solving cases. However, Dr. Pierce's unique brand of schizophrenia allows them to access parts of his mind and knowledge that he would otherwise not have access to, which therefore provides him with a unique perspective and understanding of events so that he is able to solve complex cases. This unique perspective that Dr. Pierce receives typically comes in the form of help from his hallucinations that as previously mentioned often take the form of people usually someone that can be somehow linked to the case he is currently working on whether it is a World War II British cryptographer or a Russian gangster.

Dr. Pierce's hallucinations provide clues to the investigation, by presenting the information in a combination of parables and straightforward advice and intriguing feature of the show is often trying to figure out whether or not characters are in fact, hallucinations and if they are how those hallucinations will relate to the current problem that Dr. Pierce is trying to solve as it is sometimes difficult even for the audience to separate Dr. Pierce's hallucinations from the reality of the show.

And because Dr. Pierce had such an extensive knowledge of how the human mind and behavior work and coincide with one another the audience is granted a unique perspective on the way in which an individual's perception of reality can help to alter the reality for all these individuals that they may happen to interact with.

Perception is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on July 9, 2012.

Where do I stream Perception online? Perception is available for streaming on TNT, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Perception on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, ABC online.

3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
July 9, 2012
Cast: Eric McCormack, Rachael Leigh Cook, Arjay Smith, Kelly Rowan, LeVar Burton
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Perception Full Episode Guide

  • When Moretti can't be found on the day of her wedding, Pierce and Donnie search for the runaway bride.

  • After a student is found murdered, Pierce tries to find the killer while defending the victim's boyfriend, who is believed to be mentally ill and guilty of the crime. Meanwhile, Pierce must confront his feelings as Kate and Donnie prepare for their wedding day.

  • While investigating multiple murders, Pierce and Moretti unearth an international scandal.

  • Kate Moretti works undercover to investigate an animal rights group.

  • Pierce's father and his friend must decide if Pierce should undergo a risky surgery.

  • Donnie calls Pierce to help him get out of a tough situation.

  • A sniper shoots the lobby of the Federal Building including Moretti and Donnie in the crossfire. Pierce figures out the shooter doesn't like extreme low frequency waves.

  • When the body of a missing FBI agent is found, Pierce is forced to face the one case he was never able to solve. Determined to find the killer, Pierce agrees to help Moretti, against the wishes of his therapist, Dr. Rosenthal, who believes it will only exacerbate Pierce's condition.

  • When Pierce is convinced the death of a gallery owner was actually murder, he and Moretti search for the killer and incidentally end up in the middle of a brazen art heist. As Pierce works on the case, he is forced to re-examine his relationship with Natalie.

  • Neuroscientist Landon Jennings is murdered and now Moretti and Pierce must find out how someone got access to his impenetrable study to kill him.

  • Pierce examines Elena Douglas, a woman who has confessed to murder and claims to be possessed by the Devil, per Moretti's request. Meanwhile, Donnie and Moretti's wedding plans are put on hold.

  • A young boy with a developmental disorder is taken hostage in a bank robbery. When the suspects are finally located, Moretti and Pierce discover the case is about much more than money.

  • When a prosecutor unexpectedly dies in the middle of a courtroom, Pierce and Moretti investigate. Meanwhile, Moretti and Donnie consider their future.

  • In the third season premiere, Dr. Daniel Pierce's life in Paris takes an unexpected turn when he is approached by the the FBI to help with a dangerous international case.

  • Pierce's mental stability is questioned when he is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend; Moretti works to find the real stalker.

  • Disturbing information about the government reaches Pierce. Moretti tries to overcome a difficult problem.

  • Pierce and Lewicki are surprised when Lewicki's brother Kenny shows up. When Kenny is named the key suspect in a homicide case, Pierce is faced with a dilemma. Meanwhile, Lewicki is approached with an offer that makes him question Pierce's loyalty to him.

  • An autistic teen is a murder suspect, and Pierce comes to his aid. Meanwhile, Dean Haley charms a potential neuroscience student (Kenny Ridwan) into attending CLMU.

  • Morretti could be in trouble with the law after taking matters into her own hands while working on a dangerous case. Pierce and Donnie attempt to clear her name, but as conflicting evidence builds, even Kate begins to question her own innocence.

  • Donnie's attempt to help a war hero suffering from a neurological disorder has major implications. Meanwhile, Pierce gets an unexpected surprise when he is confronted by his past.

  • Pierce investigates a brutal stabbing at a psychiatric hospital and is suspicious of the dark secrets housed there.

  • When Moretti receives a deathbed confession about the hit-and-run murder of a teenager from 1992, she seeks Pierce's expertise to determine the ailing man's credibility. The case becomes complicated, however, when the alleged killer's physician, Dr. Hutchins, reveals that his patient's tumor has mysteriously disappeared.

  • A new brain device to control tremors has unforeseen consequences. Meanwhile, Lewicki learns a valuable lesson about dating.

  • Pierce and Morretti are forced into virtual reality when they investigate the murder of Kurt Simpson, a man who spent most of his time in a massive multiplayer online game called Caleidoscope.

  • An environmentalist seeks Pierce's help.

  • Pierce and Morretti are immersed in a virtual reality to solve the murder of Kurt Simpson, a man who spent a large part of his time in a massive multiplayer online game called Caleidoscope.

  • While investigating a case where a woman claims her husband was abducted by aliens, Pierce and Moretti make a shocking discovery.

  • In the second season premiere, FBI Agent Kate Moretti asks Dr. Daniel Pierce to examine the mental competency of a man being retried for murder. But the trial takes an unexpected direction when Pierce reveals his findings.

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