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This show is based on the real life Dr.Kathy Magliato. She is known as one of the best heart transplant surgeons. On the show her name is Alex Panttiere; she is always pushing the boundaries of medical science in order to do her job. She is one of the few females who works as a heart transplant surgeon so she is constantly trying to prove that she is good enough to be there. She is a doctor on a mission and she goes by her own ways.

Heartbeat is a Drama series that is currently running and has 18 seasons (102 episodes). The series first aired on March 22, 2016. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.8.

Heartbeat is available for streaming on the NBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Heartbeat on demand at Tubi TV Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

18 Seasons, 102 Episodes
March 22, 2016
Cast: Melissa George, Dave Annable, Don Hany, Shelley Conn
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Heartbeat Full Episode Guide

  • The arrival of a mysterious stranger sets off a shocking chain of events in Aidensfield.

  • Mason thwarts a gang of robbers, but how far will the crooks go to finish the job?

  • An unusual robbery puts the locals in peril.

  • The murder of an insurance salesman produces some remarkable suspects.

  • A latter-day Robin Hood is operating in the area and baffling the police.

  • Peggy's hold over David is threatened by a new arrival exerting her feminine wiles.

  • Mason and Rachel's romantic past puts their careers in jeopardy.

  • Mason and Miller tackle prejudice when an attempt is made on a farmer's life.

  • The village simpleton is accused of murdering a local woman.

  • A gangster's accountant is on the run from his underworld bosses.

  • The villagers prepare for a trip to London, but Oscar's itinerary sparks divisions.

  • Joe, Rachel and Carol find what they are looking for in Australia.

  • Joe and Carol go to Australia in search of a missing person.

  • A cat burglar is on the prowl, targeting the wealthiest homes in the district.

  • A search for stolen antiques turns life-threatening for Mason and Wetherby.

  • A boy's life hangs in the balance when he falls down a well.

  • A widow's life is endangered by the dodgy business dealings of her late husband.

  • The police investigate when rivalry between two brass bands leads to violence.

  • The police get involved in a major warehouse robbery.

  • Joe and Rachel investigate a violent attack on a travelling hippie.

  • Joe and Carol try to support a local single mother struggling to cope.

  • An old villain returns to Aidensfield with a score to settle with the police.

  • Sergeant Miller's daughter Cheryl is kidnapped.

  • CID sends Rowan undercover to the local fish market in Whitby to catch Ronnie Savage, who has escaped during a prison transfer and plans to flee the country by boat.

  • A financial advisor arrives in town on the hunt for new clients. George Ward and some others receive malicious letters, all written on the same typewriter.

  • Trying to turn over a new leaf, ex-con Susannah Temple-Richards is tested when her old prison "friend" arrives on her doorstep asking for a place to stay.

  • After she is rescued from an apartment fire by PC Rowan, the emotionally distraught Sandra Croft falls in love with Nick and grows resentful when he doesn't return her affection.

  • A famous wrestler is coming to Aidensfield and challenges all locals to a match with a prize set for anyone who can unmask him. Tim Phillips makes trouble when he learns his mother is leaving his father for the pub owner Mike Scott.

  • Sergeant Blaketon fears for his job. A young boy collecting golf balls is attacked by a grown man and his accomplice.

  • Nick's mother manages to help patch up his relationship with Jo. The annual championship match between Aidensfield and Holinsby ends in disaster.

  • After hotel employee Brian Rogers is suspected of arson and sacked, he suffers a breakdown and ends up threatening PC Rowan with a gun, leading to a stand-off.

  • Terminally ill Michael Harvey proposes to his girlfriend during his last birthday celebration, sending her rushing away from the party and straight into a bicycle accident. PC Rowan suspects foul play.

  • A large quantity of fine wine is stolen from a wholesaler and the # 1 suspect is the hauler Charlie Wallace, to whom PC Ventress happens to owe a substantial sum of gambling debt.

  • Greengrass hatches a plan to help his friend Joss Harrop get ahold of a stud of good-breeding stock for his mares. Harry Schofield's son runs away from home.

  • Someone is tormenting Alan Davies: strange noises come from his neighbor's home at night, and the same mysterious photo of a little girl is sent to his home and workplace. Meanwhile, things are developing between Nick Rowan and Jo Weston.

  • Jo Weston helps financially troubled Bill Ruane recover his runaway horses, leading the constabulary to Ruane's stables where they discover stolen loot from Ashfordly Hall.

  • New schoolteacher Jo Weston learns that one of her students is having serious troubles at home: her mother's boyfriend, Derek Ramsey, was just sent to prison for attacking PCs Rowan, Bellamy and Ventress.

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