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The Family is a television political drama that follows the Warren family. The community of Red Pines, Maine is astonished when the mayor's son returns home after presumed being murdered 10 years prior. The show is set to premiere March of 2016 on ABC. The mother, Claire Warren, is the city mayor of Red Pine, Maine. When her son returns, she uses it as a political opportunity to run for state governor.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
March 3, 2016
Cast: James Cromwell, David Rysdahl, Ben Rosenfield, Zachary Booth
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The Family Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Nina has a revelation about Doug's location. Claire visits the tomb where Adam and Ben were kept.

  • Willa shares a shocking secret with Claire that shakes her to her core. Back in the cellar, Agent Clements is desperate to convince Jane to let him go.

  • In an ironic turn of events, Hank thinks he has key evidence to assist Nina in solving Adam's case, and, more importantly, make himself a hero. Willa's suspicions about Ben increase when she makes a surprising discovery about what actually occurred to Adam. In the meantime, Jane goes to an unlikely source for assistance when she starts into labor and can't find Doug.

  • Nina reviews Adam's therapy sessions to look for hints of his past, while a guilty Claire tries to keep a furtive watch on Ben after Hank's dressing-down. The family gets ready to support Claire at the gubernatorial debate, as Hank's guest leads him to find proof of who actually kidnapped Adam.

  • In haunting flashbacks, viewers learn more about Adam's suffering in captivity and his return to Red Pines, which plays out against the emotional backdrop of Willa's past secrets and lies. Meanwhile, John drops a major bombshell on Claire, and she ultimately battles with an agonizing decision concerning her family's fate.

  • Nina and Clements decide to use Adam as bait to draw in Doug, Adam's abductor. However, things go wrong when Adam sees Doug in the mall and Adam must be taken to the hospital.

  • Hank is assaulted and claims a Warren as the primary suspect; Bridey finds out the results of the paternity test she ran on Adam; and Adam is given postcards from the pock-marked man. In other events, in the past, John's heartache results in his affair with Nina.

  • Meyer and Clements search for a child abductor whose MO is close to Adam's abductor; and Bridey makes Willa's suspicious while looking for info on Adam. In the past, Claire forces Hank to reveal more about Adam's kidnapping and finds out something painful concerning John.

  • An FBI agent takes part in the investigation; Adam goes back to the bunker to try to trigger his memory; Willa wonders about Claire's intentions; Nina looks into the 911 call that led the cops to Hank's home; Hank attempts to put his life back together; and, in the past, John's hesitancy to present an alibi for missing time has a bad impact on his relationship with Claire.

  • Adam and Hank each cope with their newly found freedom; and, after meeting Adam, Hank struggles with a dark secret he has kept for over a decade. Danny accidentally shares his doubts concerning Adam's identity with an interviewer. Nina leads a group of detectives into the woods to look for the place where Adam was retained by a "pock-marked man". Also, Claire requests for Willa to convince John to take part in her campaign.

  • In the series premiere, a politician's son is found after a decade, sending shockwaves throughout their family and the community.

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