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This sitcom centers on the humorous family antics of nightclub entertainer Danny Williams, his wife, and their adorable children. The series starred Danny Thomas in the lead role and Jean Hagen as his wife. It ran from 1953 to 1965 on ABC and CBS, and its title was changed to The Danny Thomas Show beginning with its fourth season.

Make Room for Daddy is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (335 episodes). The series first aired on September 29, 1953.

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11 Seasons, 335 Episodes
September 29, 1953
Comedy Kids & Family
Cast: Danny Thomas, Jean Hagen, Marjorie Lord, Sherry Jackson, Rusty Hamer
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Make Room for Daddy Full Episode Guide

  • After Rusty & Terry's rejection for an allowance from Danny, the two kids decide to lighten him up with a little surprise.

  • Danny imports a girl from Italy to sing at the Copacabana, but soon discovers she has stopped performing pop music in favor of opera music.

  • Howard Morris appears as a man who claims he's a leprechaun.

  • Danny's in trouble with the local tradesmen when they learn they are the brunt of the jokes in his nightclub act

  • Charley's in the doghouse when he refuses to allow Bunny a chance to perform in his new stage review at the Copacabana

  • Danny and Charley set up a roadside stand outside their Connecticut country home, and they try to pass off junk as valuable antiques.

  • Danny, Charley, and their wives are perplexed by the snobbish behavior of their Connecticut countryside neighbors.

  • Frank's mother needs a new washing machine, so he cons Danny into appearing with him on a quiz show in hopes of winning a brand new one.

  • When Danny complains to Kathy about her overspending, she cons Phil into giving her a temporary job as his secretary.

  • Danny is hopeful that Rusty will ask him be his partner at an upcoming Father and Son bowling tournament.

  • The renovations to the Williams/Halper Connecticut country home are finally complete, and the two couples spend a weekend in the country together. It doesn't take long for the best friends to become annoyed with each others habits.

  • Danny is disheartened because his family is so caught up in the material aspects of Christmas that they seem to have forgotten its real meaning. He comes up with a plan he hopes will remedy this.

  • Everyone is in the Williams household is taken aback when Uncle Tonoose announces his plans to marry.

  • After tearing her girlfriend's dress during a fight, Linda buys her a fancy new one and charges it to her father's account.

  • Rusty is now old enough to drive, and Danny is having trouble accepting the fact that his son is growing up.

  • A mysterious friend shows up to repay a loan made to him by Danny many, many years ago.

  • With Danny's birthday in a few weeks, Kathy has set aside money for his present. At least, that's what she thought until she's discovered it's gone missing.

  • Jose meets a rival competing for the girl of his dreams.

  • Danny fools Uncle Tonoose into believing he's his long-lost brother, Tufik.

  • Louise offers to help Charley out of a jam.

  • Danny and Sid negotiate with songwriter Harry Ruby over the use of his songs in Danny's act.

  • When they arrive in Rome, Danny and Kathy are advised to eat where fellow American tourists gather, they ignore this warning.

  • Bunny tries to trick Charley into auditioning her cousin for a job at the club.

  • Jose is fully expecting a raise, but he soon discovers that, on top of his elevator operator duties, he's expected, he's expected to walk, Maurice, a kleptomaniac dog.

  • While in London, Danny meets Alfie Wingate. an affable, if bumbling waiter, in a pub. When Alfie mentions that he's planning to visit New York, Danny suggests he contact Charley for a great table at the Copa. Alfie is thrilled, but misguided - he construes Danny's offer as an opportunity to work at the club.

  • Rusty enters the cold, brutal world of politics: he runs for junior class president.

  • Jose wants to rent the club for the evening, but he can't afford it.

  • On the eve of leaving for their European trip, Danny and Kathy discover that the Halpers will be unable to look after Rusty and Linda, now that they have an infant of their own.