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Dobie, the son of a stingy grocer and his wife, desires rich and beautiful girls who are out of his league. He only wants one girl, not a lot of them. Perhaps, his favorite is hot looking blonde Thalia Menninger (1959-1960), who claims she only wants to date wealthy guys to support her family.

On the other hand, Dobie is pursued by a nice girl type, a brain named Zelda Gilroy. He likes Zelda, but he'd rather date someone like Thalia. His best friend is a slob named Maynard G Krebs, who thinks life is supposed to be fun, and work is a four letter word.

The comedy series starts with Maynard and Dobie in high school and then shows them as college students. In the pilot episode called "Caper at the Bijou," Dobie and Maynard go to jackpot night at the Bijou Theatre on Wednesday night. Dobie meets Thalia Menninger. It's love at first sight, for Dobie that is. He comes on to Thalia, but she isn't interested. After losing the drawing, Dobie plots to have Maynard rig the drawing so Dobie can take Thalia to the dance. Dobie ends up winning legitimately, thinking that Maynard drew the number.

The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (147 episodes). The series first aired on September 29, 1959.

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4 Seasons, 147 Episodes
September 29, 1959
Classic Comedy
Cast: Dwayne Hickman, Bob Denver, Frank Faylen, Florida Friebus
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The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis Full Episode Guide

  • Dobie has a hot date but he's broke as usual so to pick up some cash he agrees to help Chatsworth fix his mother's charity raffle.

  • After accidentally dousing himself with a chemical concoction, Maynard is stunned to discover that this formula makes him irresistable to women.

  • Dobie falls for the smokin' hot younger sister of Dr. Burkhart but according to family tradition she must wait until her older sister gets married first.

  • Maynard turns a fellow student into a singing sensation but then a fast-talking agent steals her away.

  • Dobie and Maynard take a trip to Washington D.C. where enemy agents mistake the goateed beatnik for a brilliant rocket scientist.

  • Maynard swallows some energy pills which give him superhuman strength so Herbert decides he should enter the boxing ring with the elder Gillis as his manager.

  • When a teen socialite's pooch disappears she offers a $500 reward to its finder which Maynard is determined to claim.

  • Spending the weekend at the Osborne mansion, Maynard goes on a sleepwalking jaunt and is suspected of taking the contents of the Osborne safe.

  • On a visit to Latin America, Maynard is commandeered into impersonating a general marked for assassination.

  • After mumsie tosses him out on his ear, Chatsworth moves in with the Gilleses and Herbert tries to take full financial advantage of the situation.

  • In the college animal behaviour laboratory, Maynard is assigned to develop the talents of a chimp. If he doesn't succeed the simian might meet a terrible fate.

  • A freak accident turns Maynard into a songwriting machine which cousin Virgil T. Gillis hopes to use to his advantage in becoming a singing sensation.

  • After the Osborne family loses its fortune, Chatsworth ropes Maynard and Duncan into a get rich quick scheme.

  • Dobie finally decides to give into Zelda but her ardor appears to have cooled off completely--or has it?

  • Maynard and Herbert get stuck together by a finger toy.

  • To impress a hot chick, Dobie gets Zelda to help him improve his grades without telling her the real reason.

  • Chatsworth pays Dobie to impersonate him on a date with a damsel whom he remembers as being quite ugly.

  • After Dobie gets hired as a disc jockey for the campus radio station, Zelda decides to cut an album and gets Maynard to be her producer.

  • A fugitive and his moll hold the Gillis family hostage in their grocery store. Then Maynard comes along and stumbles into things as well.

  • When the Lettermen appear on campus, they recruit Dobie to fill in when one of their members has to take an unexpected leave of absence.

  • This time Dobie falls for the daughter of a kitchenware king.

  • Cousin Duncan falls for a visiting opera diva who just came down from Quebec.

  • When Maynard announces that he still believes in Santa Claus, the Gilleses decide to cure him of his fantasy.

  • In danger of flunking out of college, Maynard hears about a chemical that can change him into a genius--or a monster.

  • Dobie, Maynard, and Duncan accidentally lock Herbert in his own meat freezer. Then they mistakenly believe they've killed him.

  • Dobie and Maynard aren't doing too well in their history class so they train a mynah bird to help them with an exam.

  • Dobie and Duncan get involved with a greedy chick who played Dobie for money and now is getting her younger sister to play Duncan.

  • Dobie feigns illness in order to win the affections of a hot chick.

  • Dobie, Maynard, and cousin Duncan takes jobs as truck drivers. Their first cargo--nitroglycerine.

  • Dobie goes out for the college football team when he discovers that a hot chick adores athletes.

  • Uncle Tim arrives in town and wants Herbert and Winnie to look after son Duncan while he's away on business.

  • Dobie signs himself and Maynard up for an expedition to the Amazon in order to follow a hot chick. Once there, Maynard gets made chief of a tribe of cannibals.

  • Dobie's hillbilly cousin, Virgil, arrives in town determined to become the next Elvis and puts the bite on the Gilleses for financial backing.

  • The smokin' hot Thalia Menninger returns for a visit and Dobie decides to make her the beneficiary on his life insurance policy. Then he becomes paranoid that she's trying to kill him.

  • Maynard saves a suicidal jumper but ends up falling off the ledge himself and taken to a hospital psychiatric ward.

  • An old high school nemesis of Dobie is arriving back in town on the noon bus and this news has Maynard's good buddy worried. It seems as though the bully has sent word that he's going to knock Dobie's block off.

  • Winnie heads out to Cleveland to visit her sister leaving Herbert and Dobie to fend for themselves.

  • Dobie's newest flame believes in complete honesty from her fellow--and his friends and family.

  • Chatsworth's cousin visits and soon becomes bored with society life. So she gets Maynard to show her how to live like a simple gal.

  • On an anthropology class field trip, Maynard discovers a man living in a cave and decides to move in with him.

  • To raise money to carry on like a rich playboy, Dobie takes a job as a waiter in a sorority house.

  • Dobie decides to terminate his friendship with Maynard after it appears that his beatnik pal has become too dependant on him.

  • A biology professor discovers that Maynard has an unusual sense of smell.

  • Maynard writes an article for the school newspaper about primitive dances but borrows a few descriptions from a tabloid so that they seem like orgies.

  • Maynard decides that he will always speak the truth but this policy upsets a lot of people.

  • This time it's a case of too many women for Dobie as he attempts to juggle a waitress and the daughter of a lumber company executive.

  • When galpal Gisele Hurlbut decides that his first name is ridiculous, Dobie decides to change it until Winnie puts her foot down and informs him that he's named after a Nobel Prize winning scientist.

  • Dobie falls for a hottie named Gisele Hurlbut but she plans on enrolling at an exclusive women's school in order to snare herself a rich husband. That doesn't stop Dobie who decides to enroll at a correspondingly exclusive men's school.

  • Dobie and Maynard help Dr. Burkhart establish a center for disadvantaged youths as part of their sociology class.

  • Dobie's old galpal, the smokin' hot Thalia Menninger, arrives on the scene and announces that she's chunked college and become a successful saleswoman. Now she wants Dobie and Maynard to work for her.

  • In order to impress his new money hungry galpal (shades of Thalia Menninger), Dobie buys stock in an egg company.

  • Zelda is overjoyed when Dobie finally decides to marry her after he learns in psychology class that marriage has many benefits. But then Maynard reminds her that his good buddy still hasn't shown any signs of passionate love.

  • Maynard goes out with a chick who's a slacker just like himself but when Dobie convinces her to be more feminine his beatnik pal loses interest.

  • In order to get away from Zelda, Dobie convinces Maynard to stow away on an ocean liner bound for South America but the diminutive love-starved damsel is also on the ship.

  • Something's definitely wrong with Herbert T. Gillis. The normally tight-fisted patriarch loosens the family purse strings and showers his family with gifts. Then he announces he plans to sell the grocery store and settle down to a life of leisure.

  • Chatsworth wants Herbert to move into the Osborne mansion with him so that the elder Gillis will turn him into a man.

  • Herbert T. Gillis decides to throw his hat in the political ring and run for Mayor but Dobie has fallen for the daughter of his opponent.

  • When Dobie opposes Chatsworth in a campus election, the rich kid hires the folk group, The Lettermen, to aid his campaign. Despite advice from campaign manager Zelda to do something similar, he's determined to win by sticking to the issues.

  • Appointed class treasurer, soft-hearted Maynard ends up giving the money raised for the Christmas dance to a poor Hispanic family.

  • Inspired by a Robert Browning poem, Dobie decides to reach for something unattainable namely a smokin' hot new damsel on campus. But this desire might cost him Zelda.

  • The parents of a kind-hearted damsel insist that she have two escorts when she goes out on a date.

  • Maynard declines to contribute an item to a class time capsule scheduled to be opened in one thousand years because he's convinced that the world will have ended by then.

  • Dobie asks for Herbert's permission to go on an archaeological dig with his ancient history instructor. The older Gillis can't fathom sonny's sudden interest in the subject until he discovers that the instructor is an attractive female.

  • Usually dateless Maynard comes up with a scheme to go out with chicks. He rents himself out to girls who are afraid that going out with hunky guys will make their out-of-town boyfriends jealous.

  • In order to finally get rid of Zelda, Dobie uses the laws of heredity to prove that a potential marriage would be doomed to failure.

  • After taking a law course in college, Maynard decides to sue Herbert when his hand gets caught in a supposedly defective gumball machine in the Gillis Grocery Store.

  • Enrolled in junior college, Dobie is certain he can score with the campus hotties but Zelda is also enrolled and she continues to cramp his style.

  • Discharged from the Army, Dobie and Maynard try to find their way in civilian life and decide to enroll at the local junior college after discovering that their favorite high school teacher, Mr. Pomfritt, is now a member of the faculty there.