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  • TV-Y7
  • 2002
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.9  (1,475)

The television series entitled Ozzy and Drix is about the adventures of Ozzy and Drix.
The film starts when Ozzy and companion Drix decide to chase a bacterium that causes scarlatina which was on their friend Frank's body which they called the city of Frank. During their chase a mosquito sucks up the bacterium from Frank's body and lands on the body of a young boy called Hector. Ozzy and Drix pledge to rescue Hector from the deadly bacterium no matter what it takes them. They then enter into Hector's body which they termed the city of Hector.

Ozzy who is also known as Osmosis is a white blood cell that does not have any regard for power. He operates within the body of Hector as a private eye, he was transferred by a mosquito from the body of Frank to that of Hector alongside his closest ally Drix while they were pursuing a bacterium called Scarlet.

Drix is Ozzy's closest friend and ally and together they carry out all their missions. Drix who is also known as agent Drix, is a straightlaced cold pill. He is very funny, always strives to be happy no matter the situation and most often he provides a comic relief to his friend Ozzy when he becomes very serious as is characteristic of him. Drix is more prudent and honest than his friend Ozzy who is very careless reason why they sometimes disagree.

Ozzy and Drix decide to form an office in the retina of Hector's right eye and store gadgets in his right arm.

Hector who is also known as the city of hector is a young boy in his teens who is the main character of the series. He is a student in his eighth grade; he is very audacious and likes taking risks. Hector owns a dog known as Uno whom he loves so much and always carries it with him.

Ozzy & Drix is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 2002.

Ozzy & Drix
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Cavities (aka Journey to the Center of the Tooth)
13. Cavities (aka Journey to the Center of the Tooth)
July 5, 2004
General Malaise creates a cavity on Hector's tooth when he eats too much sugar and doesn't brush his teeth.
Nature Calls
12. Nature Calls
June 28, 2004
Ozzy & Drix go camping when Hector's appendix get infected.
Double Dose (aka Ozzy and Ozzy)
11. Double Dose (aka Ozzy and Ozzy)
June 21, 2004
Ozzy goes into mitosis and a four armed evil clone doubles from him trying to steal the iodine.
Supplements (aka Triumph of the Supplements)
10. Supplements (aka Triumph of the Supplements)
June 14, 2004
Hector gets lead poisoning after sniffing lead and the Mayor makes him eat cereal, which is good because it brings in the supplements, who are mostly vitamins.
A Cold Day In Hector
9. A Cold Day In Hector
October 25, 2003
While snowboarding with Travis, Hector crosses an off limits area. Hector starts to freeride, but falls and makes a rip in his trousers. This causes a virus named Cryle to drop Hector's temperature. Ozzy and Drix get ready for a day at the beach, but have to stop Cryle from making Hecotr die of hypothermia.
A Growing Cell
8. A Growing Cell
October 11, 2003
Hector is super-sizing at fast-food resturaunts far too much, which gives Sticity, a bad cholestrial beatnik, the chance to kidnap a fat cell family's child, in an atempt to clog an artery. Can Ozzy and Drix (and the new navigational system, installed by Drix, named Backseat) return the huge blob to his parents in time?
Aunti Histamine
7. Aunti Histamine
October 4, 2003
Hector uses a Nose spray to clear his nose, and Drix's Aunt appears. Suddenly, there's a drop in water in Hector and Ozzy thinks Drix's aunt is causing it.
Tricky Ricardo
6. Tricky Ricardo
September 27, 2003
After getting injured on a police case, Maria is sent home to rest for the week. She decided to use this time to work on a family reunion coming up for her. Drix notices a rip on the corner of Maria's family picture. Maria doesn't seem to want to talk about it but then Ricky comes in and starts putting the puzzle pieces together. Maria and Ricky share their past with Drix which turns out as Ricky being the family prankster. Maria lost his trust in him so Drix decides to help Ricky get it back. He allows him to be a private eye along with Ozzy with not so good results.
Puberty Alert
5. Puberty Alert
September 20, 2003
Hector discovers hair growing on his chin; testosterone gang ties up the mayor and wreaks havoc.
The Conqueror Worm
4. The Conqueror Worm
September 13, 2003
Hector eats a sausage that he barely cooked and gets sick which leads him to getting two worms in his the male worm dies after mating, but the female survives, so Ozzy tries to kill it along with a crazy captain and Drix.
Lights Out!
3. Lights Out!
September 6, 2003
Everyone inside Hector forgets who Ozzy and Drix are when Hector experiences a concussion, forcing them to locate the site of the concussion, so they can reboot Hector's memories.
An Out of Body Experience (2)
2. An Out of Body Experience (2)
August 30, 2003
This episode is the second part to the episode, An Out of Body Experience. So far, Ozzy is still trapped in the body of Christine and he learns that he's switching genders. With the help of Drix's plan and a cold pill called Drixina in the body of Christine, Ozzy may return to Hector and prevent Christine from have pneumonia.
An Out of Body Experience (1)
1. An Out of Body Experience (1)
August 23, 2003
When Christine puts her mouth on Hector's mouth after he jumps high dive to impress her. She does it, so she can save his life. Ozzy gets into Christine's body after she does that and while being there, he starts acting like a girl and changing into a pink color. Also, the citizens of Christine think that he's a virus and he gets arrested.
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Ozzy & Drix is available for streaming on the The WB website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ozzy & Drix on demand at Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    September 14, 2002
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (1,475)