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This animated sci-fi adventure series is based on a line of toys produced by Mattel. It concerns a boy who discovers that he possesses super powers and that it's up to him and his super allies to battle the forces of super evil. The series debuted on the Disney XD cable network in 2013.

Max Steel is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on February 25, 2000.

Where do I stream Max Steel online? Max Steel is available for streaming on The WB, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Max Steel on demand at Hulu, Apple TV online.

The WB
3 Seasons, 48 Episodes
February 25, 2000
Anime Science Fiction
Cast: Andrew Francis, Sam Vincent, Michael Dobson, Brian Drummond
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Max Steel Full Episode Guide

  • JOSH, KAT, BERTO and extreme sports star JEREMY MCGRAT return to the command van after a supercross event, only to discover the vehicle's been booby-trapped with a tamper-proof bomb, and they have been locked inside!

  • When a PRISON TRANSPORT PLANE carrying THREE DANGEROUS CONVICTS drops off the radar, TEAM STEEL discovers that it has been stolen by PSYCHO, who plans on robbing the Federal Reserve with their help.

  • Team Steel helps bike stunt legend MAT HOFFMAN when someone ransacks his hotel room and then tries to kidnap him.

  • While Josh is out racing the WAVE STORM through an inlet that cuts through the SOUTH AMERICAN JUNGLE, the pontoon boat crashes and Josh is stranded.

  • JOSH, KAT AND BERTO take part in a SPORTS FANTASY CRUISE aboard the cruise ship OCEANUS, getting a free vacation in exchange for promoting NTEK products and signing autographs.

  • JOSH, KAT AND BERTO attend the Grand Opening of a new Mega-Extreme Sports Park in Del Oro, built by RICHARD SHINE, a 20 something Silicon Valley millionaire, extreme sports fanatic and big fan of Kat's.

  • JOSH, KAT AND BERTO attend the Worldwide Hockey Playoffs. As the game begins, VITRIOL and his new band of Thugs take over the arena and attempt to kidnap 14-year-old JEREMY LATHAM who is the son of wealthy sports & media mogul.

  • While in the Alps snowboarding, TEAM STEEL has a dangerous run-in with ETHAN RAPTOR, leader of a rival Extreme Sports Team called TEAM RAPTOR (which includes athlete TRIPP THOMPON and manager CARLIE HOFFMAN.)

  • NTEK has finally succeeded in bringing down JOHN DREAD'S evil empire, but the operation's climax was so explosive that it completely blew NTEK'S cover.

  • MAX and KAT are about to capture the recently reemerged BIO-CONSTRICTOR when the Snake Man is rescued by none other than PSYCHO.

  • After Jefferson unveils a new high tech N-Tek vehicle, Max convinces his father to allow he, Kat and 'Berto to "road test" it in the grueling off road Sahara Run.

  • When MAX, 'BERTO, and JEFFERSON track a pair of thieves stealing computer components to the ANNUAL DEL ORO EXTREME, MAX must go undercover.

  • Max and Kat battle former N-Tek research scientist DR. JERRY KLEMOW who is doing genetic research venomous snake's DNA in order to produce deadly biological weapons.

  • 'BERTO finally gets the chance at the limelight when he's selected to fly aboard the next launch of NASA's new SPACE CRUISER.

  • MAX, KAT and 'BERTO are sent to a remote island used as an N-TEK training facility to put 'Berto's latest creations; TEK-BOTS.

  • A high tech research and development company in Washington D.C. has been taken over by a disgruntled former employee, Clark Ashworth , a brilliant Gen X'er who's after a high tech weapon he designed.

  • VITRIOL's up to something in ALASKA, and MAX is the closest agent. While en route to the site where Vitriol kidnapped a pair of N-TEK scientists, Max discovers that PETE has stowed away aboard the Hawk, hoping to participate on the mission.

  • Woody Barkowski's little sister, Annabelle is back. An accident in her lab has transformed her into the villainous ELECTRIX, who feeds off electrical power in the same way Max's nano-probes feed off transphasik power.

  • Deep in the heart of the rain forest, Psycho has come up with a way to create a poison gas from the sap of a rare tree. Max and 'Berto go down to stop him, and in the process team up with a new operative: a tough female agent named Kat.

  • JOSH goes to Honolulu, Hawaii, bringing 'BERTO along in an effort to help him get out from behind the computer screen and enjoy life. They have fun doing various outdoor Island activities until a minor tidal wave strikes the city.

  • Several near-miss "accidents" on the Del Oro campus have Josh believing that someone knows Max's secret identity and is targeting him.

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