In this animated series, a cast of characters performs comedy and musical skits and, in the process, encountered famous historical figures. The aim of the series is educational, but the humor of the skits typically depends on sight gags and physical slapstick. The series the Kids' WB network between 1998 and 2000.

The WB
1 Season, 52 Episodes
September 14, 1998
Animation & Cartoons, Comedy
Cast: Frank Welker, Tress MacNeille, Laraine Newman, Luke Ruegger

Histeria Full Episode Guide

  • Its a wild look at North America! Stops include Canada, Klondike Acres and Mayberry. That is to say the Histeria! Mayberry.

  • The gang meets Nostradamus and a guy named Louie. Napoleon also appears (many size jokes ensue). And don't forget to take the Tennis Court Oath.

  • Take a look at random moments in history through the eyes of Big Fat Baby.

  • Histeria! takes a march with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and boycotts Busses and attend the trial of the century witch Socrates.

  • Its one small step for man and one giant laugh for Histeria! as they set foot on the moon with Niel Armstrong and Apollo 13.

  • A Histeria! look at president Nixon and John F. Kennedy along with a little scandal called Watergate then Rally At The Beach with Pepper!

  • A patriotic look at American lifestyles now and how they used to be and pay a visit to Berry Ding Live.

  • A twisted Histeria! look at communists including wraps from Winston Churchill and Will Rogers.

  • Histeria! meets Teddy Roosevelt and explores the canal of Doom.

  • Histeria! looks at music and wonder Music to Who's Ears? with Motzart. Plus, Big Fat Baby and twin sing a jingle.

  • Histeria! takes a scientific twist and looks at the dawn of time where only the World's Oldest Women knows much about. Dinosaurs included!

  • The gang takes The Road of Invention to see what goes up, must come down and witness great moments in medicine.

  • The Constitution gets a Histeria! overhal and the gang meets Andrew Jackson and fire when they see the whites of thier eyes.

  • The gang sees the First Wheel, sing about the names of the Gods, and see an Oylmpic Moment.

  • Danial Boone and Benedict Arnold star in their own shows depicting the Revolutionary War and The Western Frontier.

  • The gang learns the complete an unabridged history of Greenland, Antartica, and New Zeland and play Ask Me If I Care.

  • Famous writers Samuel Butler and William Shakespeare and see Marry had a Little Lamb 2000.

  • A heavy musical look into the lives and doings of more presidents.

  • The gang meets the Wright Brothers and parks in the No Parking Zone

  • Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain join forces to bring writing to the world in Histeria! style!

  • More historical sketches regarding China are shown, such as the construction of the Great Wall of China and the Cultural Revolution. Plus, Yin and Yang are presented as superheroes!

  • More from the Confucius Group and learn why you should never explore without the Discoverer Card.

  • Thomas Jefferson leads the fun when the gang learns hadwriting from John Handcock, and makes a flag with Betsy Ross.

  • The gang meets President Licoln again and explores even more Presidents.

  • The gang takes a look at some of the big bad guys of history.

  • The gang once again digs into the Inventors Hall of Fame to honor Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson amoung others.

  • The gang takes a look at Stalin and the Soviets.

  • The gang takes a day and looks at how Rome was built and sings about it of course.

  • The gang pays a visit to General Sherman's Campsite to learn more about Civil War times.

  • Tune in to Histeria! Satellite TV for looks at various points in history.

  • The gang explores explorers exploring the world. Columbus and Magellan.

  • The gang spins the Wheel of History and visits four places in history.

  • The gang plays Name Thy Cure, and tell the tale of the Tudors.

  • The gang meets Joan of Arc, sing the Invasion song, and Purchase Louisiana.

  • The gang visits the Scarifical Well, stops in on The Order of the Eagle, and browse the Inca Shopping Network.

  • The gang meets Atilla the Hun and hear more from Miss Information.

  • The gang takes a pop quiz and joins the Confucius Group again.

  • The gang visits the Vomitorium, listen to the Big Fat Twin Babies sing, and meet Romulus and Remus.

  • Its a musical trip to Egypt as the gang sings about mummies, slavin on the pyramids, and sees the Epypt musical "Cats".

  • The gang dives back into the Civil War and sings about it, damns the torpedoes, and visit Abe's Tall and Geeky Shop.

  • The gang meets Leonardo Da Vinci, see masterpieces of the Renaissance, and explore the book formerly known as "The Prince".

  • The gang meets Nostradamus, and Rene Descartes, while discussing the Chicken or the Egg?

  • The gang listens to George Washigton give his monologue, visits Molly Pitcher, and attends the Showdown at York.

  • The Histeria gang presents The Billy the Kid show, sings about the gold rush, meets the Earps, and learns about the Pony Express

  • The gang sings about being a viking, play see it/don't see it, and Meet the Vikings with Bill Straitman.

  • Abe Lincoln provides a monologue, and gives a Histeria version of the Gettysburg Address. The Histeria gang also listens in to the Hits of the 1860s and The Emancipation Proclamation Hoedown.

  • The Histeria! crew enter "The Telephone Zone", visit Thomas Edison, play "Ask Me If I Care" with Robert Oppenheimer, and get educated on toilets by Mr. Smarty Pants.

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