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The two girls who are seen in their fictional Jacqueline Kennedy High School as the leaders of two main opposing cliques, the popular one and the not so popular one, clash heads when their single parents meet, fall in love and decide to get hitched. However, both the girls and their two cliques slowly grow together and become an unlikely group of friends with both typical and not so typical high school and young adult problems. Brooke McQueen is the captain of Glamazons, the school's cheerleading squad. She's considered smart, beautiful and perfect. Privately, she's been dealing with self-image and body image issues ever since her estranged mother left her and her father. She also tries to fight the popular image people have of her. She wants to be good and does good and often helps people instead of thinking only about herself but she also has a suppressed selfish side. Sam McPherson aims to have the opposite image of Brooke's. She's attracted to journalism and wants to be the voice of nonconformists. Despite this, she has several flaws like being too judgmental, underestimating people or ignoring the fact that she sometimes acts hypocritically, especially when it comes to love. Her anger partially stems from the trauma of losing her father to leukemia. Lily Esposito is the schools top environmentalist, animal and human rights activist and an all-around liberal On the other hand, she has a fear of sex and sexuality and this creates problems in her relationships with men. She

The WB
2 Seasons, 43 Episodes
September 29, 1999
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Leslie Bibb, Carly Pope, Tamara Mello

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