Sorority Forever

"Sorority Forever" is the hot new show that takes a dramatized look at a popular sorority called Phi Chi Kappa. Behind the hot and heavy escapades of the sisters lies a truly horrific secret. Four girls are excepted and are initiated into Phi Chi Kappa, however, there are many rumors about a dark secret that the sorority sisters were involved in. Between hooking up with both guys and girls, these four friends must find out the truth behind the mystery of past incidents that are connected with the girls of the sorority. The saying stating that beauty is only skin deep takes on a terrifying new dimension as the semester moves forward.

One rule in the elite sorority is always watch your back, because these girls can not be trusted. Intrigue is in abundance at the Phi Chi Kappa Sorority leaving the freashman girls to wonder what is really going on after sunset. Four words that were whispered about in rumors are, "behind the red door". This may be the key to the overall mystery. Another clue was the rumored exsistence of a snuff film that was made by the sorority sisters and leaving the four girls to wonder what lies beneath the surface. Certain things like fine tuning their image by a series of weigh-ins and other superfical priorities leaving these four girls to wonder what did they get themselves into.

There is danger in the halls of higher learning, incidents of hazing going wrong have been quietly acknowledged by both students and faculty. At this particular college the Phi Chi Kappa sorority is rather infamous for sadistic hazing initations that are kept secret. What are these sorority sisters willing to do to keep their secrets from being exposed? The truth is anything short of murder, proving that dirty little secrets can be fatal in the end to girls that have everything to lose. Excess and depravity are only hinted at by the sisters in the know, leaving much to wild speculation instead of the truth.

Daily 11:55 PM et/pt on The WB
1 Season, 41 Episodes
December 10, 2019
Reality, Romance, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Jessica Rose, Anabella Casanova, Mikaela Hoover, Taryn Southern
Sorority Forever

Sorority Forever Full Episode Guide

  • Julie learns the truth about Aurora.

  • Joaquin gets arrested, and Julie must venture behind the Red Door alone.

  • Bridget reminds Joaquin about their agreement. Julie tries to steal the key back from her.

  • Julie confronts Matthew about Taryn's death. Bridget announces the annual Phi Chi Halloween.

  • The girls grieve the loss of Taryn.

  • Madison makes a gruesome discovery.

  • Bridget puts the house on lockdown when she discovers the Phi Chi key missing.

  • It's time for the official Phi Chi initiation.

  • Joaquin and Julie hatch a plan. Bridget puts Madison through a series of tests to become Phi Chi president.

  • Julie shares her discoveries from the Phi Chi house with Joaquin.

  • Bridget draws Madison deeper into the Phi Chi organization while Julie explores the house.

  • The Phi Chi girls throw Julie a special birthday party.

  • Julie tries to track down her sister, Natalie (recurring guest star JESSICA MORRIS - "Role Models," "Senior Skip Day"), and makes a startling discovery.

  • Bridget introduces the girls to the Fireside game.

  • Julie and Taryn stumble upon a mystery behind the red door.

  • Julie questions Joaquin about his past.

  • Taryn faces the Phi Chi council for shoplifting. Julie has a confrontation with Blake.

  • Taryn helps Matthew find a birthday present for Blake, while Julie investigates the mysterious "Aurora" sister.

  • Julie is put on social probation after being late to a chapter meeting. Blake blackmails Matthew over his relationship with Taryn.

  • Taryn and Matthew hook up in his lab. Julie finds mysterious photographs on Joaquin's desk.

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