Downers Grove

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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

The program focuses on a group of men who live in a halfway house located in Downers Grove. These men are all former criminals who have committed misdemeanors and are now working with horses to rehabilitate themselves. One of the men is named Paul, and he is notorious among the staff and residents of the halfway house for his emotional outbursts. However after spending six months with Bolt, a black mare, Paul has changed dramatically. Tom, a newer member of the house has been instructed to take over Paul's spot with Bolt once paul is ready to be released.

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Road to Nowhere
9. Road to Nowhere
The gang's karma catches up with them after returning from a road trip foiled by inner turmoil among Jody, Brett, Pudge and Alden.
Wedding Bells
8. Wedding Bells
At his father's wedding reception an obsessed Brett asks Becca to marry him, gets turned down and pays his depression forward.
Classy Drink Night
7. Classy Drink Night
Brett's dad steals his Gin so the boys resort to begging, bribing, and breaking and entering in an attempt to get their drink on.
Heist School Party
6. Heist School Party
Could Brett's heart be on the mend? Becca accompanies him to a party with the boys only to leave with another guy.
Flowers for Pudge
5. Flowers for Pudge
The boys have a run in with the law after following Pudge on his first date with his imaginary girlfriend.
Open Season
4. Open Season
The guys crash a swanky party at a country club but Brett can't get in because of his obsession with Becca.
Just Like Say Anything
3. Just Like Say Anything
Brett's friends purge his room of any Becca mementos, but it doesn't seem to stop him from trying to win her back.
Independent Brett
2. Independent Brett
Brett appears to be over his breakup, until some white wine brings out his true hidden emotions.
Nothing Like Say Anything
1. Nothing Like Say Anything
Meet Brett and his three small town friends, a group of slackers who try cheering him up when his girlfriend dumps him.