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Exposed is a reality show that takes unsuspecting people to interview for a chance to date. What the participants don't know is that their conversations are being sent through a voice stress analyzer, which may indicate the person may be lying. The two potential dates are interviewed and asked a number of questions.

After the interview the interviewer reveals that they may have lied. They are given the opportunity to confess. The interviewer then consults with the lie detector reader to find what the lies may be, and exposes them before deciding which person to go on a date with.

Exposed is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (55 episodes). The series first aired on .

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Nick of Time
55. Nick of Time
January 11, 2023
Greeshma must use all her wits to expose Varsha and put an end to her misery once and for all. Can she win this race against time?
Catch Me If You Can
54. Catch Me If You Can
January 11, 2023
As Varsha holds Aakash captive and challenges Greeshma, the latter leaves no stone unturned to rescue him.
A Dangerous Game
53. A Dangerous Game
January 4, 2023
Aakash is devastated and returns to Greeshma after her miscarriage. However, fate has other plans for him.
52. Vengeance
January 4, 2023
Greeshma puts her plan into action, and Varsha loses her job at the newsroom.
51. Rebound
January 4, 2023
Greeshma uncovers the real identity of Varsha and gives a stern warning to her.
Where It All Started
50. Where It All Started
January 4, 2023
Varsha executes her final plan against Greeshma to avenge her father's death. In a twist of events, Greeshma escapes the fate.
Divorce on the Cards
49. Divorce on the Cards
December 28, 2022
Manju convinces Aakash to file for a divorce. Meanwhile, Greeshma feels overjoyed thinking about the impending reunion with Aakash.
The Black Sheep
48. The Black Sheep
December 28, 2022
Krish makes a startling discovery. Varsha learns about Greeshma's attempt to inform Aakash about her pregnancy.
A Shattered Dream
47. A Shattered Dream
December 28, 2022
A heartbroken Greeshma receives an unexpected surprise. On the other hand, Aakash avoids her.
Heart Break
46. Heart Break
December 28, 2022
Mithra learns about Greeshma's act during the news bulletin and dismisses her.
45. Deceived
December 21, 2022
Under the influence of drugs, Greeshma spoils the show. Aakash gets furious and strikes her.
The Spider Casts the Web
44. The Spider Casts the Web
December 21, 2022
Krish finds the truth behind the live telecast incident. Varsha executes her plan against Greeshma.
The Broken Promise
43. The Broken Promise
December 21, 2022
Aakash reassures Rupesh that he will resolve his differences with Greeshma. However, he goes back on his word.
So Near and Yet So Far
42. So Near and Yet So Far
December 21, 2022
Greeshma visits the hospital with Aakash. Later, he avoids Varsha.
Take It to Heart
41. Take It to Heart
December 14, 2022
Aakash avoids Greeshma. As their relationship takes a beating, Rupesh suffers a heart attack.
Bad Trouble
40. Bad Trouble
December 14, 2022
Shattered, Aakash leaves Greeshma and settles at Varsha's house. Greeshma is heartbroken.
Deal or No Deal
39. Deal or No Deal
December 14, 2022
Visuals of Greeshma and Krish go on air. Aakash is left feeling shocked.
Playing with Fire
38. Playing with Fire
December 14, 2022
During Greeshma's stint as a field reporter, she gets caught in a bomb blast. Is she dead?
37. Reunion
December 7, 2022
Greeshma and Krish clarify their misunderstandings. Jai surprises Varsha in the office.
Lost in Transition
36. Lost in Transition
December 7, 2022
Greeshma decides to try out field reporting. However, Aakash's disinterest in accompanying her raises Sunanda's suspicion.
35. Spotlight
December 7, 2022
Gossip Jaggi's hyper-focus on Greeshma and the consequent public attention stresses her out. Mithra supports her and suggests that she do field reporting.
Psst! Have You Heard?
34. Psst! Have You Heard?
December 7, 2022
Varsha reveals a crucial fact about Krish. Everyone gets worried at Gossip Jaggi's latest revelations.
Mixed Up
33. Mixed Up
November 30, 2022
Greeshma gets suspicious and begins to question Manju's motive. Will she learn the truth?
Close Quarters
32. Close Quarters
November 30, 2022
Varsha tells Manju to provoke Aakash by claiming that Greeshma loves Krish. As Manju brainwashes Greeshma about her feelings for Krish, Varsha and Aakash share an intimate moment.
Twist of the Mind
31. Twist of the Mind
November 30, 2022
Aakash is full of energy. He starts ignoring Greeshma by spending time with Varsha over the phone. Will Greeshma tolerate his behaviour?
New Blossoms
30. New Blossoms
November 30, 2022
While Greeshma and Sunanda get busy with an interview, Aakash and Varsha spend quality time at a cafe.
Red Flags
29. Red Flags
November 23, 2022
An agitated Greeshma seeks Krish's help to find the person who sent her the video. Suspicious, Krish confronts Varsha.
Caught in the Crossfire
28. Caught in the Crossfire
November 23, 2022
Greeshma gets hysterical after going through the contents of the pen drive. Meanwhile, Aakash gives in and confesses his feelings during the therapy.
Flying Solo
27. Flying Solo
November 23, 2022
Manju tries to convince Aakash and Greeshma to attend therapy. Much to Greeshma's shock, Aakash arrives for the session. Alone!
So Near, Yet So Far
26. So Near, Yet So Far
November 16, 2022
Varsha tries to go closer to Krish to get hold of his office desk keys. Although together, Aakash begins to feel detached from Greeshma.
Stranger Danger
25. Stranger Danger
November 16, 2022
Varsha leaves a pen drive in a cover at Greeshma's place. What happens next?
White Lies
24. White Lies
November 16, 2022
Greeshma begins her new documentary about Viji and her pregnancy. Aakash begins to fall into Varsha's trap.
Let's Talk About It
23. Let's Talk About It
November 16, 2022
Following Varsha's suggestion, Greeshma takes Aakash to a therapist. Meanwhile, Varsha obtains some important information.
Hide and Seek
22. Hide and Seek
November 9, 2022
Anti-depressants become a part of Greeshma's life. Despite this, she plans for a new documentary to help herself.
No Way Out
21. No Way Out
November 9, 2022
As Greeshma becomes the talk of the town, Mithra and the team look for the person behind the mess.
Behind the Mask
20. Behind the Mask
November 9, 2022
Greeshma and Varsha get visitors during their getaway. Meanwhile, an article on Greeshma sends shockwaves.
Life is Beautiful
19. Life is Beautiful
November 2, 2022
Greeshma and Varsha have fun and bond at the resort. A day well-spent and well-deserved for them. But will their joy last?
Day Out
18. Day Out
November 2, 2022
A condolence meeting is held at Ridhima's house. Meanwhile, Greeshma and Varsha take a break from work and set out for a drive.
17. Endgame
November 2, 2022
Kiron strategically uses the leaked footage to the channel's advantage. What happens when Ridhima's video goes viral?
Check Mate
16. Check Mate
Henry confesses to Alicia that he was mistaken. Armed with the new knowledge of who has been tormenting him, Henry seeks a confrontation, and all is revealed.
Bishop Moves Pawn
15. Bishop Moves Pawn
Alicia confronts her father. Henry's priest urges him to visit a mysterious Russian man with a penchant for chess.
3:15 to Yuma
14. 3:15 to Yuma
Chase threatens Carlos about going to the FBI. Henry tells Alicia that he believes her father is behind everything, and is sent on another mission that puts everyone's lives in danger.
Life Imitates Life
13. Life Imitates Life
Henry's secret starts to unravel in a series of flashbacks, and he finally reveals everything to Alicia - but will she accept him?
12. Revelations
Henry confronts Carlos about having Chase follow him, and begins to suspect Carlos may be behind everything. Alicia confronts both Gail and Henry about their infidelity.
Born Supremacy
11. Born Supremacy
Chase reveals Henry's infidelity to Alicia. Henry's stalker sends him on a dangerous new mission.
10. Dial "M" for Betrayal
Henry's stalker forces him to betray Alicia's trust, and in a moment of weakness, Gail finally manages to seduce Henry.
A Penny for Your Confessions
9. A Penny for Your Confessions
Henry resumes his traditional chess games with his priest, and it drags back unwanted memories. Seeing Chase and Alicia together makes Henry feel that he might be losing her.
Bring Out The Gimp
8. Bring Out The Gimp
Henry learns disturbing information about the possible location of his stalker, and continues to push Alicia away from him to protect his secret.
First Blood
7. First Blood
Henry's stress begins to threaten his perfect academic record. Meanwhile, his stalker forces Henry to go on a quest that reveals just how much leverage he really holds.
The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
6. The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
Henry confesses his history to a priest and seeks advice about how to move forward with Alicia.
The Hunter and the Monkey
5. The Hunter and the Monkey
Gail vents to Chase about Henry. Meanwhile, Henry's stalker causes him to flashback to moments he would rather forget.
Fore Play
4. Fore Play
Chase and Gail scheme to get Alicia and Henry to a debaucherous frat party; Gail makes her move.
Strange Loop
3. Strange Loop
Carlos uses Chase to dig up dirt on Henry - Chase knows exactly whom to manipulate into getting closer to Henry.
Not Over Easy
2. Not Over Easy
Henry meets Alicia's father Carlos for a one-on-one, and suspects that Carlos may have secrets of his own. Someone reveals a secret from Henry's past in a very public place.
The Rule of Thirds
1. The Rule of Thirds
An aspiring medical student with a beautiful fiance, Henry Dye's future is bright - until a sinister and mysterious entity threatens to reveal the darkness of his past, destroying everything.
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Exposed is available for streaming on the The WB website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Exposed on demand at Vudu.
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