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  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (40)

Rockville, CA was a musical drama series that aired on The WB network in 2009. Created by Josh Schwartz, the show followed the lives of a group of young musicians hoping to make it big in the California music scene. The series was set in the small town of Rockville, a fictional coastal community located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Its main characters were aspiring musicians struggling to gain recognition in the highly competitive industry.

The show was directed by Steve Rash, and the main cast members included Alexandra Chando, Bonnie Burroughs, Matt Cohen, and Ryan Hansen.

Chando played the lead role of Deb, a talented singer-songwriter who moved to Rockville from New York with dreams of making it as a musician. Burroughs played the role of Tracy, Deb's best friend and confidante. Cohen played the role of T.K., Deb's guitarist and romantic interest, while Hansen played the role of Ben, the frontman of a rival band.

The show was known for its edgy and realistic portrayal of the music industry. It explored the harsh realities of what it takes to make it as a musician, including the pressures to conform to mainstream taste, the struggle to maintain artistic integrity, and the intensity of the competition.

The plot of the show revolved around the various conflicts and challenges faced by the characters as they tried to navigate their way through the music scene. It dealt with themes such as friendship, romance, betrayal, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

The characters were all well-rounded and believable, and the performances of the actors were praised by critics. The show had a great soundtrack, featuring original music by the cast and guest performances by established musicians such as Franz Ferdinand and The Kooks.

Overall, Rockville, CA was a unique and engaging series that provided an authentic glimpse into the world of aspiring musicians. It was cancelled after only one season due to low ratings, but it has since gained a small cult following among music and drama enthusiasts.

Rockville CA
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Alex's Production Diaries #7
34. Alex's Production Diaries #7
Learn more about why Patsavas booked indie newbies Anya Marina and White Lies at the club.
Alex's Production Diaries #6
33. Alex's Production Diaries #6
Patsavas shares what makes Eagles of Death Metal and Phantom Planet two of her
Alex's Production Diaries #5
32. Alex's Production Diaries #5
How longtime indie rocker favorites Travis made it on Rockville CA. Plus, Patsavas talks about Los Angeles locals The Little Ones.
Alex's Production Diaries #4
31. Alex's Production Diaries #4
Patsavas discusses Boston's Passion Pit and the unusual performance time of upbeat duo Oppenheimer.
Alex's Production Diaries #3
30. Alex's Production Diaries #3
Learn why Patsavas chose performers Nico Stai and The Duke Spirit.
Alex's Production Diaries #2
29. Alex's Production Diaries #2
Patsavas shares her experience in booking bands prior to
Alex's Production Diaries #1
28. Alex's Production Diaries #1
Executive producer and music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas discusses her role in
Character Profile: Callie
27. Character Profile: Callie
Callie discusses how she ended up a the club all the way from Canada, her boyfriend troubles and what she wants in life.
Character Profile: Syd
26. Character Profile: Syd
The club's in-house heart-throb Syd opens up about his band's sound and what got him started playing the bass.
Character Profile: Shawn
25. Character Profile: Shawn
A startled Shawn talks about how she came to be part owner of the club and her passion for music.
Character Profile: Chambers
24. Character Profile: Chambers
Always the clown, Chambers talks about how he came to become co-owner of the club, his relationship with Shawn and his band.
Character Profile: Deb
23. Character Profile: Deb
Los Angeles native "Major" Deb gives insight about her nickname, her work at the club, Twitter and blog controversies.
Character Profile: Hunter
22. Character Profile: Hunter
A reluctant Hunter opens up about his role in the music scene, favorite bands and his virginity.
Set Tour With Ryan Hansen
21. Set Tour With Ryan Hansen
Go behind the scenes at Rockville CA with a tour of the set, hosted by series star Ryan Hansen, aka The Douche.
Rock & Roll Fantasy
20. Rock & Roll Fantasy
September 7, 2010
Everyone sees their rock and roll dreams -- and nightmares -- flash before their eyes tonight at the club in the finale episode. Hunter "sees" Deb on stage, kissing Syd; Deb imagines Hunter making out with Callie on the bar. Shawn, forced to sell her remaining interest in the club to The Douche, "smashes" a beer bottle over his head. The Douche celebrates by ... er, this you have to watch. Back in reality, Hunter and Deb revisit their first meeting. WHITE LIES perform.
Beatles & Stones
19. Beatles & Stones
September 7, 2010
Hung over from her night with Syd, Deb comes to the club sporting the universal sign of youthful passion on her neck -- a hickey -- and runs into Syd ... who brushes her off when she tries to give him her number. The Douche, wanting to get A&R exec Deb interested in his band, tries to enlist Hunter's help but blows whatever infinitesimal chance he might have had when he tells Hunter that she was making out with Syd the night before. Hunter confronts Deb ... and Shawn has some pretty big news of her own. EARLIMART performs.
18. Aggressive
September 7, 2010
For the first time, Syd actually notices Deb. Meanwhile, Hunter arrives, nervous about seeing Deb, and almost falls on top of her while trying to give her a kiss hello. As Deb makes her way to the restroom after recovering from Hunter's aggressive move, Syd intercepts her, says he's friends with the drummer in the band she wants to sign, and invites her out with them after the show. Deb accepts ... and makes an aggressive move of her own, while Hunter can only watch. THE REPUBLIC TIGERS perform.
About Last Night
17. About Last Night
September 7, 2010
Deb and Hunter meet at the club, where everyone seems to know that they went out on a date the night before, including bouncer Hugh, who blindsides Deb upon her arrival. The awkwardness continues when Hunter shows up right on her heels. Once inside, Shawn insists Deb come to her office for a full download, while Hunter tries to grab a drink but finds himself being interrogated by Callie and the suddenly talkative Syd. Hunter tells Callie the date was fun and went really well ... while Deb is mortified to report that she got drunk and puked on Hunter. ANYA MARINA performs.
Yes... Yes... No... Yes
16. Yes... Yes... No... Yes
September 7, 2010
Hunter and Brett (recurring guest star MICHAEL McMILLIAN) commiserate about their bad dates with Callie and Deb, respectively. A jealous Deb angrily confronts Hunter about his night out with Callie. Brett realizes that he has no future with Deb. Later, Hunter makes a move. PHANTOM PLANET performs.
Non Sparks
15. Non Sparks
September 7, 2010
Shawn quizzes Hunter about his date with Callie. Hunter confides that sparks decidedly did not fly and laments that Callie had never even heard of the Rolling Stones' classic Exile on Main Street album. Deb arrives in the middle of their conversation and, after being told by Hunter that he and Shawn were talking about "soul," launches into a spirited defense of Stax Records. After Hunter walks away, matchmaker Shawn asks Deb if she knew about Hunter and Callie's date, and leads Deb to believe that it went really well. LIGHTS perform.
14. Fine?
September 7, 2010
Hunter asks Deb how her date went with Brett, and her answer of "fine" gets quite a rise out of him. Shawn feels her temperature rise as well, stemming from the arrogance and audacity of Dax (guest star MICHAEL CASSIDY - "Privileged," "Smallville"), who is interested in backing the club financially, but wants to get rid of the live bands. Hunter, after talking to Syd, decides to ask Callie out on a date. Callie spies Syd in the background listening -- which may or may not have to do with her response. CASS McCOMBS performs.
Lost in the Supermarket
13. Lost in the Supermarket
September 7, 2010
Hunter and Brett (recurring guest star MICHAEL McMILLIAN) are getting drunk at the bar. Deb comes over to say good night and tells Brett that she will see him on Thursday. Hunter can't believe that Brett and Deb are going on a date, or that they have already kissed. Later, Shawn finds Hunter passed out and takes him into her office to let him sleep it off. They are surprised to find Callie and Syd in the office making out. Shawn yells at them and Syd takes off. Callie melts down, questioning what she is doing with her life. FRIGHTENED RABBIT performs.
Are You Single
12. Are You Single
September 7, 2010
Hunter and Brett (recurring guest star MICHAEL McMILLIAN) play a game where they look around the club and try to guess which band member will go home with which groupie. Meanwhile, Deb comes up behind Hunter and motions for Brett not to give away that she is listening. Hunter is surprised that Brett and Deb know each other. Hunter asks Shawn if she ever hooked up with someone in a band, and the group is amused by her answer. Deb's response to the question elicits raised eyebrows as well. LYKKE LI performs.
11. Brett
September 7, 2010
Hunter and his friend, Brett (recurring guest star MICHAEL McMILLIAN - "What I Like About You," "The Hills Have Eyes II"), are at the club early one night, as the stage is set up for the opening band. When Hunter sees the microphone put in front of the drum kit he goes on a rant about bands with drummer lead singers. It's a pet peeve of his, he says, and refuses to stay and watch. He tells Brett he should stay, though, so Brett orders a drink from Callie. The Douche tries to get Callie and Deb to go to a party in Malibu, but neither is interested. Brett meets Deb. BISHOP ALLEN performs.
10. Codpiece
September 7, 2010
Hunter gives Deb a hard time as she is being unusually anxious before a metal band takes the stage. Deb says used to date one of the guys in the band, and her label told her she had to be there. After the band plays, and Hunter makes fun of Deb, she appears to come on to him. Hunter can't tell if she is joking or not. She is. EAGLES OF DEATH METAL performs.
9. Backstage
September 7, 2010
Deb brings Hunter backstage with her to talk to one of the bands, but Hunter makes it clear he is not happy about it and does not "do" small talk with dudes in bands. The band is not backstage, however, but it seems as though the rest of the club is. Syd is there making out with a girl, Chambers is there with two girls and Callie is looking for the band's tambourine player, who invited her. Shawn shows up and demands to know why everyone is congregating backstage. To Deb and Callie's dismay, she announces the band has left for another gig and everyone must leave. THE LITTLE ONES performs.
Don't Get It
8. Don't Get It
September 7, 2010
Chambers arrives at the club in the red and black '85 Air Jordans he just paid a few hundred bucks for on eBay to find Shawn stressed out about bills and paying the rent. Chambers offers to buy out her share of the club, but Shawn quickly dismisses him, reminding Chambers that he is known to all as "The Douche." Syd finally talks to Deb, but she corrects him when he puts the wrong band name and singer together, and he takes off. Callie points out to Deb that guys want to be right, even when they are wrong. Deb is frustrated by this idea and by Callie's approach to attracting men. Still, Deb takes a little piece of Callie's advice. TRAVIS performs.
Sound Check
7. Sound Check
September 7, 2010
Hunter tries to chat up Callie, his crush, and is disappointed when she suggests that he date Deb. But when Deb shows up, it turns out she and Hunter have something in common -- their strong distaste for brunch. OPPENHEIMER performs.
A Tale of Two Bathrooms
6. A Tale of Two Bathrooms
September 7, 2010
Callie and Deb are chatting in the girls' bathroom, while Callie gets ready for her night. Deb admits that she can't get a date, and reveals her crush on Syd. Callie, it turns out, knows Syd through her ex-boyfriend, who left her bitter and broken-hearted. Caught up in the sentiment, she shares a secret with Deb. Meanwhile, in the men's bathroom, Hunter reveals to Syd that he has a crush on Callie. At first unresponsive to Hunter, Syd ends up sharing insight on how to get women. They are interrupted by Chambers, who literally busts into the joint. KAISER CHIEFS performs.
5. D-List
September 7, 2010
Two L.A. socialites, Jackie (guest star MANDY MUSGRAVE - "South of Nowhere," "The King of Queens") and Nikki (guest star MELINDA SWARD - "Supernatural," "Passions"), try breezing into the club by saying they are on Chambers' list. Hugh confirms they are, indeed, on the Douche's list -- or the D list. Inside, they are dismayed at how grungy the club is, saying it looks more like a crowd for Warped Tour than a place where they can meet actual rock stars, like Chambers made it sound. In trying to "act cool" in front of the girls, Chambers insults Shawn and the club. Shawn yells at Chambers and makes it very clear that he should not cross that line again. PASSION PIT performs.
4. Shoegazed
September 7, 2010
Deb and her friend, Isabel (guest star NATALIE MORALES - "The Middleman," "CSI: Miami"), go to the club, and it becomes clear that Isabel hooked up with a guy in a band who is supposed to be there that night, and she is dressed to impress – in six-inch stripper heels. The "reunion" does not go as well as planned, but Deb tries to show support for her friend. Meanwhile, Deb can't hide her enthusiasm when she bumps into Syd. THE DUKE SPIRIT performs.
Into Me
3. Into Me
September 7, 2010
Shawn hires Callie, a recent L.A. transplant, to be a cocktail waitress at the club, and Chambers makes it clear he approves of the hire. Hunter is thrown off by Callie's beauty when she asks if he'd like to order a drink. And when she touches his arm, he thinks she must like him, something he mentions to Deb when she arrives. Deb spies Callie doing the same thing to Syd at the bar, and tells Hunter it means less than he thinks. Meanwhile, "The Douche" comes by and tells Hunter and Deb that the new waitress is totally into him. THE BROKEN WEST performs.
The Douche
2. The Douche
September 7, 2010
Hunter is at the front of the line, trying to convince Hugh to let him in. Once again, Deb breezes by, but this time she tells Hunter he can be her "plus one." It is clear that the sarcastically antagonistic banter they began their relationship with is their means of communication. Later, while Hunter is in the men's room, he encounters Chambers, aka "The Douche," who extols the merits of splashguards. Hunter is less than impressed, as is Deb who is next to meet Chambers and hear of his "outrageous" band, Pretty Committee. Shawn witnesses a moment between Hunter and Deb, based on their mutually low but amused opinion of "The Douche." Plus, THE KOOKS perform their hits "Do You Wanna" and "Always Where I Need to Be."
Solo Acts
1. Solo Acts
September 7, 2010
Hunter is trying to convince Hugh the bouncer to let him into the club, when Deb breezes by him, explaining she is on the list with the record label. They are introduced inside by Shawn, and quickly establish a pattern of sarcastic banter based on their very opinionated ideas about the band. Deb is sidetracked when Syd approaches, distracted by how "majorly hot" he is. Still, there just could be something between Hunter and Deb. NICO STAI performs.
  • Premiere Date
    September 7, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (40)