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  • TV-14
  • 2004
  • 1 Season
  • 8.0  (2,457)

Jack & Bobby is a unique drama series that explores the uncharted territories of faith, politics, and family values. Created by Greg Berlanti, the show follows the story of two brothers, Jack and Bobby McCallister, who grow up to become influential leaders of the United States.

The show takes place in the present day, but it's centered around two very different time periods: the teenage years of Jack and Bobby and the year 2040, which is set 30 years in the future. The story is told through documentary-style interviews, historical archives, and news clips that shed light on the two brothers' impact on the world.

Christine Lahti plays the role of Grace McCallister, the mother of Jack and Bobby. She's a college professor who raises her sons with strong moral values and a deep sense of social responsibility. Matt Long plays Jack McCallister, the older brother and the focus of much of the show's attention. Jack is a charismatic go-getter who is destined for greatness. He's also fiercely competitive and has trouble dealing with setbacks.

Logan Lerman plays the role of Bobby McCallister, the younger brother. Bobby is the heart of the show, and he's portrayed as a thoughtful, sensitive teenager who is often overshadowed by his older brother. Bobby's intelligence and compassion make him a natural leader, and viewers can see his potential to become a significant figure in the future.

John Slattery plays the role of Peter Benedict, Grace's boyfriend, and a prominent journalist covering the McCallister family. Keri Lynn Pratt plays Courtney Benedict, Peter's daughter, who becomes close friends with Jack and Bobby. Jessica Paré plays the role of Helen, a high school love interest for Jack.

The show doesn't shy away from controversial topics and explores issues like the role of religion in politics, the media's influence, war, immigration, and healthcare. The themes in the show are thought-provoking and well-executed, and they remain relevant to this day.

One of the unique elements of the show is the way it's structured around the future interviews. The series is set in the early 2000s, and the interviews take place in the year 2040, which creates an almost prophetic tone to the story. The interviews with characters in the show who are now in the future discussing the accomplishments of the McCallister brothers create a sense of awe for the audience.

Jack & Bobby is an intelligent, multi-dimensional show that explores the complexities of modern-day America. It's a series that raises important questions about the direction we're headed in as a nation and the kind of leaders we need to be moving forward.

Overall, Jack & Bobby is a thought-provoking and intriguing series that examines the idea of destiny and the role of family in shaping our lives. It's a show that remains relevant despite being almost two decades old, and its themes will continue to resonate with viewers for years to come.

Jack & Bobby
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22. Legacy
May 11, 2005
In an episode that details the future, a voice over explains the brother's futures. Jack fights in the War of Americas and is badly injured. He later becomes a public defender, a Congressman, but his life is tragically cut short buy a drug addict. Bobby takes over Jack's seat in congress. The episode ties in the boy's visit to with their father, Juan, in prison where Jack decides to meet him. Juan explains his reason for leaving and how he was wrongly convicted. This drives Jack to be a public defender. Lastly, Jack reveals his feelings to Courtney and Tom returns to see Grace.
Stand By Me
21. Stand By Me
May 4, 2005
The aftermath of the accident begins to set in. Missy's parents are distraught after learning of her death, and Jack lies to the police about who was driving in order to protect Marcus. However, Marcus is racked with guilt and eventually confesses to his father, who is torn about what to do. Meanwhile, Warren learns that he's moving and Bobby has a hard time saying goodbye.
Under the Influence
20. Under the Influence
April 27, 2005
After an argument at a school dance, Randy, Missy, Courtney, and Jack decide to go to an after-party. However, they never reach their destination due to a deadly car accident, where one of the four is killed. Meanwhile, Grace chaperones Bobby's field trip, much to his embarassment. Scenes from the future reveal that one of President McCallister's children was killed in a drunk driving accident and the situation around the accident.
A Child of God
19. A Child of God
April 20, 2005
Missy's suspicions are confirmed when the school nurse tells Missy she's pregnant. Jack and Missy tell their parents and they come together to discuss what actions should be taken. However, things don't go well and Missy is thrown out of her house. Grace agrees to take Missy to have a procedure done. Meanwhile, Bobby decides he wants to be baptized, but can't until a family member agrees to accompany him.
Friends with Benefits
18. Friends with Benefits
April 13, 2005
Grace has to adjust to having a new TA, now that Tom is no longer around. Grace meets up with an old collegue, but is scared that he'll find out about her affair with Tom. Jack disapproves with Bobby wanting to join the track team. Meanwhile, Jack learns that his relationship with Katie wasn't what he thought it was, and is suprised to learn that Marcus and Courtney may have feelings for each other. Lastly, Missy talks to Jack and reveals some startling news.
Querida Grace
17. Querida Grace
March 2, 2005
For a school assignment, Bobby has to research his family's history. Bobby's research lead to more questions than answers about his past. Jack and Katie's budding relationship continues to progress, but Courtney and Nate's ends after Jack sees Nate cheating. Grace and Tom continue to deal with the aftermath of their affair.
And Justice for All
16. And Justice for All
February 23, 2005
Peter takes action against Grace and Tom's relationship, leading Grace to face the Ethics Committee. Bobby and Warren land a job cleaning out Mrs. Sorensen's garage, and they find evidence that connects Mrs. Sorensen's grandson to Jack's attack. Jack and Marcus try to take action against Jack's attacker, but each one of their plans falls through.
Time Out of Life
15. Time Out of Life
February 16, 2005
Grace and Tom's relationship is exposed when a collegue catches them kissing in Grace's office. Jack and Katie continue to get closer. Bobby and Warren have a sleepover in an attempt to become popular at school. But when a severe snow storm hits Hart, Tom, Warren, Bobby, and the other boys at the sleepover are snowed in, and across town, Jack, Courtney, Missy and Katie are also trapped together. There, the foursome plays truth or dare, and Jack winds up kissing Courtney on a dare. Grace is trapped in Peter's office, and Peter asks Grace for advice about Courtney and Nate's relationship.
Into the Woods
14. Into the Woods
February 9, 2005
Jack walks in on Tom and Grace, leading Jack to tell Grace what he thinks of the relationship. Bobby talks Grace into letting him go on a hunting trip with Peter, but the experience wasn't what Bobby had imagined it to be. Meanwhile, Courtney and Nate take their relationship to the next level, and Jack begins to hang out with Katie while he deals with Courtney and Randy's new relationship.
A New Frontier
13. A New Frontier
February 2, 2005
Bobby begins to catch on to Grace and Tom's relationship after he goes on a camping trip with Grace and him. Jack and Missy's relationship struggles when Missy begins to focus her attention on Randy instead of Jack. Courtney's relationship with Nate continues to progress. Meanwhile, Jack meets Katie at his doctor's office and an unlikely friendship emerges. Future scenes show how President McCallister backs space travel to Mars.
Running Scared
12. Running Scared
January 26, 2005
Jack tries to go back to his normal life after his attack, but is having trouble adjusting to his injuries. Grace gets caught leaving Tom's apartment by one of her students, who uses what she saw to blackmail Grace into getting a high grade. Meanwhile, Courtney tries to get close to a college boy, but is let down when he doesn't have the same feelings. Lastly, scenes from the future reveal how President McCallister dealt with a devistating bombing in Chicago.
Today I am a Man
11. Today I am a Man
December 1, 2004
Grace runs into Jack at the supermarket while he's in line to buy condoms. Grace tries to be supportive and talk to him about whether or not Missy is the one he wants to be with, but Jack is reluctant to talk with her. Meanwhile, Grace has to give some tough love to Jimmy when he returns to his old ways. Bobby tries to get Warren and Deena together, but Warren is hurt when she tells him that she likes Bobby.
Lost Boys
10. Lost Boys
November 17, 2004
Jimmy, Grace's gay brother, visits the McCallisters for Thanksgiving. At first, everyone is happy about his visit, but their feelings soon change after he gets put in jail. Meanwhile, Matt, one of Jack's teammates, develops a crush on him. Jack's reaction to the crush sends Matt into a deep depression, and ends up committing suicide. Jack becomes distraught when he feels responsible.
Chess Lessons
9. Chess Lessons
November 10, 2004
Grace attends dinner at Missy's house, despite Jack not wanting her to. As Jack predicted, Grace embarasses him after she loses her cool over the Reverend's political beliefs. Later, Grace and Tom share a romantic encounter. Meanwhile, Bobby starts spending more time with Peter by intentionally losing chess matches and flash-forwards to the future reveal how President McCallister used chess as a war strategy.
Election Night
8. Election Night
November 3, 2004
Bobby finds out that Jack was behind his break up with Dex, and sets out to get even. Bobby's attempts to get even causes a rift between the two brothers. Meanwhile, Grace and Tom smoke pot together, which ends up to be a mistake. Later, the results of the 2004 election come in and scenes from the future reveal the outcome of the 2040 presidential election.
7. Valentino
October 27, 2004
Grace catches Dex and Bobby together, then teams up with Jack to get the two to break up. Courtney wants to date a frat boy, but Peter won't let her do so. In scenes from the future, we learn that President McCallister had problems controlling one of his sons, Jack, and the secret service.
An Innocent Man (a.k.a You're No Jack McCallister)
6. An Innocent Man (a.k.a You're No Jack McCallister)
October 17, 2004
At the college, one of Grace's collegues is accused of sexual harassment. Grace defends him until new and startling evidence is uncovered. Bobby, after spending too much time with Dex, cheats on a test to bring his grades back up. Jack is surprised to find that Missy and Courtney have become friends.
The First Lady
5. The First Lady
October 10, 2004
Jack takes Courtney to a fundraiser put on by her father. The night leads to a surprise confession and a kiss. At school, Bobby has trouble with a bully, but soon finds a way to deal with him. Meanwhile, Grace invites a homeless man to stay at the McCallister's house until he finds something more permanent. In a flash-forward to the future, a secret about the future First Lady is revealed.
A Man of Faith
4. A Man of Faith
October 3, 2004
Warren has to study for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah and after Bobby helps him, he becomes interested in religion. Grace's class is boycotted after she insults an Arab-American student, then chastises her in front of the class. Later, Grace has to explain how she feels about religion to both Bobby and the Arab-American student. Meanwhile, Jack rejoins the track team as a replacement for Marcus.
The Kindness of Strangers
3. The Kindness of Strangers
September 26, 2004
While Grace is out of town for a faculty retreat, Jack plans a big party at the house. At school, Bobby learns a life lesson after he joins the "challange program". Meanwhile, Grace finds out that her graduate TA plagerized one of her papers, and is torn between how to approach the problem. Also, flash-forwarding to the McCallister presidency shows a critical move in the President's career.
Better Days
2. Better Days
September 19, 2004
Grace, with the help of Bobby, organizes and leads a Democrat rally for the college students. Jack catches Grace smoking pot again, and becomes enraged. Meanwhile, Jack and Courtney's budding relationship continues to grow, and we see how President McCallister became affiliated with a surprising political party -- Republican.
1. Pilot
September 12, 2004
Jack and Bobby McCallister are two brothers being raised in Hart, Missouri by their eccentric single mother Grace, a college professor. Grace's strong personality and beliefs are instilled in both of the boy's lives, leading one of which to become President of the United States. The Benedict family, Peter and his daughter Courtney, move to Hart, and they both have an impact on the McCallister's lives.
  • Premiere Date
    September 12, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (2,457)