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This drama series follows the adventures of a former Confederate soldier who travels the Old West working as a bounty hunter. Although ruthless in his job, he's something of a Robin Hood character, helping the weak and bringing justice to the lawless region. The series stars Steve McQueen and aired on CBS between 1958 and 1961.

Wanted: Dead or Alive is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (152 episodes). The series first aired on September 6, 1958.

Where do I stream Wanted: Dead or Alive online? Wanted: Dead or Alive is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wanted: Dead or Alive on demand at The Roku Channel Free, IMDb TV online.

on CBS
3 Seasons, 152 Episodes
September 6, 1958
Cast: Steve McQueen, Wright King, Olan Soule
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Wanted: Dead or Alive Full Episode Guide

  • Josh attempts to reconcile an old friend and his son.

  • The wife of a man accused of murder hires Josh to bring him to her before the dead man's brothers find him first.

  • A Japanese woman travels to the USA to find the American man who proposed to her.

  • An express office employee steals cash from his job, but has a change of heart, hiring Josh to help him return the money before the theft is discovered.

  • A nervous suitor hires Josh to help him get away with his new bride, whose father violently opposes the idea of marriage.

  • Josh escorts an eastern photographer eager to take the first picture of El Gato, a crazy bandit living in the hills of Mexico.

  • Josh protects a young deaf, mute teen girl from men who want the money stolen and hidden by her father before he went to prison.

  • When a good sheriff is seduced into robbing a bank by his beautiful but bad girlfriend, the lawman convinces Josh to let him help capture her.

  • Josh is hired by a man to find his twin brother - who is getting away with murder.

  • Josh must figure out who murdered his client at a hotel.

  • When a man escapes from prison, Josh must protect the woman whose testimony put him away. With Warren Oates.

  • Josh is hired to find a woman's beloved pet sheep.

  • In Mexico, Josh protects a man and his pregnant wife from villagers who become angered when he throws the town witch off his property.

  • A gang kidnaps a sheriff and two others, threatening to kill them unless a prisoner jailed by Josh is set free.

  • A widow proposes to Josh in an effort to keep custody of her son.

  • Josh and a man posing as a medicine man help a man framed for robbery. With Cloris Leachman.

  • A well-meaning doctor pays an innocent man take the blame for his son't robbery - but the son decides to take steps to insure the man never tells.

  • Josh is hired to convince the women of a town to come back home - they left after demanding that their men give up their guns for good.

  • Josh is sent to capture a childhood friend who has escaped from prison.

  • A journalist accompanies Josh on his latest manhunt. With Mary Tyler Moore.

  • A trio of dangerous prisoners escape from jail and appoint themselves the law after a tornado hits a small town and kills the sheriff.

  • Josh falls for a beautiful female prisoner he is transporting to trial - but trouble awaits.

  • Josh performs an intervention on the most eligible drunk in town, so the man will appear respectable to his wealthy brother visiting from Philadelphia.

  • Four ex-army soldiers stage an illegal court-martial accusing a former officer of dereliction of duty. With James Coburn.

  • Josh stops at his friend Barney's to get horses for his two prisoners, they manager to escape, leaving Josh and Barney to get them back for the reward.

  • Paul Decker is wanted for murder. His wife asks Josh to find her husband and bring him back alive before the Taggert brothers catch up with him for murdering their brother.

  • Yoshika Nakamura comes west to find a man named Bill Timmons who promised to marry her when he visited Japan. Yoshika hires Josh to help her locate Timmons, and during his venture learns about Japanese culture.

  • Overridden with guilt Charlie Glover hires Josh to help him return the money he stole from his employer. Complications arise when the head head of operations, Sam Vickers finds out.

  • Martin Fairweather has two lovely daughters which are the objects of a young man's affection. Papa doesn't want to lose his best cook and best cleaner so he proceeds to chase any possible suitors away. Josh's job is to distract Papa long enough for the girls to elope!

  • A timid photographer named Archie Warner comes west with hopes of being the first to shoot a photo of a famous Mexican bandit. Josh happens to be a friend of 'El Gato', and is hired by Archie to met him.

  • Josh is hired by Frank Hagen to protect his deaf-mute daughter Carol Hagen while he's away on business. During Josh's stay at the Hagen Farm, he encounters a strange drifter and former bank robber named Harry Brice accompanied by his criminal partners.

  • Josh has to find his friend a Sheriff guilty of robbing a bank for a woman. Several other bounty hunters are out looking for the sheriff as well, Josh has to get there first.

  • Josh is hired by Harry Weaver to find his twin brother Pete. Pete is using his resemblence to his brother to get away with murder.

  • Josh is asked to meet a client at the hotel, at his arrival he is shot. Josh tries to figure out who is behind the shooting.

  • Sarah Lawton's identification led to killer Clem Robinson's conviction. Now Clem has escaped from prison, and Josh is hired for protection by Mrs. Lawton because her lawyer husband is a coward.

  • Josh is hired to find Baa-Baa a beloved pet of Mrs. Goode's. Her husband is desperate to find Baa-Baa as he is in the dog house with her until Baa-Baa returns. Josh reluctantly goes and looks for the lost sheep admist much ridicule from other ranchers and cowboys alike.

  • Josh with prisoner Tom Fellows in tow, stops in the town of Center City overnight, unaware that one of Tom's cohorts is devising a plan to free him.

  • Jane Koster asks Josh's help with her husband, Frank who is also a bounty hunter. He is out looking for Stacy Lenz with a score to settle and Jane fears for his life.

  • Josh is hired by Beth a widow, to find her runaway son, who is currently in the care of her vindictive mother-in-law.

  • Josh and a phony medicine man help out a man who was framed and falsely accused of the theft of a huge sum of money.

  • Josh is hired by the men of the town to try and persuade the ladies to return to their homes after rebelling against their husbands gunplay.

  • Johnny Haywood, a childhood friend of Josh's claims to be innocent of the crime he is accused of. When he escapes, Josh is ordered to bring him back - dead or alive.

  • Josh allows an Eastern newspaper reporter to go with him on a manhunt for a story.

  • Josh is on his way to River City to pick up three prisoners, when an unexpected tornado destroys the jail, killing the sheriff. Josh is on the hunt to recapture the escapees.

  • Josh is delivering a female prisoner and becomes smitten with her, unknown to him is her accomplice, who is following them to break her loose.

  • Emily Kendrick hires Josh to keep her beloved Harry from drinking himself to death, she has matrimony on her mind and with the arrival of Harry's brother for the wedding, she wants to make sure that all goes as planned.

  • Daniel Trenner is wanted for court martial because of his cowardice several men is his platoon lost their lives. Josh is after Trenner for other reasons and wants to stop the trial.

  • When the Pinto bank is robbed, the town calls Josh for help locating the missing money.

  • A blind, dying rancher hires Josh to find his son, who ran away from home years earlier.

  • Josh and Jason head to Arizona to find a man wanted by his wife - he's also been accused of murder.

  • Josh captures an Army recruit gone AWOL, but the local commander refuses to pay the bounty.

  • A town hires three killers to take care of a town drunk, but the drunk's father hires Josh to protect him.

  • Josh goes after a Korean karate expert accused of murdering his employer.

  • Josh and Jason chase a suspect to Mexico, where Jason encounters a barmaid with a different point of view.

  • A woman hires Josh to prove her father innocent of murder - while the real killer hires the bounty hunter to do the same.

  • Josh is arrested as a horse thief - but it turns out to be a setup by three men who want to see the bounty hunter die.

  • Josh hires on to locate a missing woman.

  • A marauding monster has been wreaking havoc in the back country, and Josh sets out to discover what is responsible. With Martin Landau.

  • A grieving widow becomes impatient with the slow pace of justice. With Warren Oates, Wayne Rogers.

  • Josh tries to help a man with amnesia remember his past.

  • Josh tracks down a bank robber who poses as a magician. With Dyan Cannon.

  • A corrupt deputy manages to get Josh sentenced to work on a chain gang.

  • A Native American is falsely accused of murder, and Josh works to prove his innocence. With Jay Silverheels.

  • Josh decides to continue tracking a suspected bank robber who was bitten by a rabid dog.

  • Josh captures a man wanted for murder - but the killer's victim was the brother of the sheriff who is about to take custody of the suspect.

  • Josh hunts down a man who claims he killed in self-defense - but he must take on two other bounty hunters and the man's nephew.

  • A father hires Josh to locate the man that killed his son - when the bounty hunter returns the suspect, he begins to think the father might take the law into his own hands.

  • Josh tracks a horse thief to a small town, where he has been captured by a tyrannical lawman.

  • Against his better judgment, Josh helps an East Coast gun salesman find the owner of a defective firearm.

  • Josh captures a prisoner, but soon learns that the sheriff he turned him over to was an impostor.

  • Josh delivers a bad guy to jail - who quickly escapes and holds the sheriff hostage.

  • While tracking a murderer, Josh happens upon a man about to be lynched by a mob.

  • A prison warden and Josh allow a prisoner to escape, hoping he will lead them to stolen money.

  • Josh acts as a matchmaker for his buddy, the homeliest man in the west.

  • A man asks Josh to help him get his ailing son to a healing witch.

  • Josh seeks Johnny Deuce, a poker player who cheated the bounty hunter at cards.

  • Bank of Pinto having been robbed hires Josh to go to Santa Fe to replenish the funds.

  • Josh and Jason are delivering four criminals unaware that a stranger is following them to seek revenge on those criminals.

  • Clint Davis a blind and dying rancher hires Josh to find his renegade son.

  • Josh and Jason are on the trail of an outlaw wanted for murder in Arizona. The outlaw's wife is also seeking her husband.

  • Josh captures and returns a wanted recruit to an Army Camp. The commanding officer re-instates the wanted man and refuses to pay Randall his bounty money.

  • The good townspeople hire gunmen to kill Randy Holleran who is responsible for several deaths and trouble in the town. Josh is asked by the father to help protect his son.

  • Josh goes after a Korean named Sammy Wong wanted for murder. His hands are his deadly weapon, being the karate expert that he is.

  • Josh and Jason go to Mexico Al Hemp's brother Billy. Al took the blame for Billy's crime and ends up waiting for his brother a no show.

  • Josh is hired by an attractive woman to find and clear the name of her father wrongly accused of murder. The real killer hires Jason to find the same man too.

  • Josh needs Tolliver's testimony in a nearby town unfortunately Amos McKenna wants to hang Tolliver and will only allow him to go if one of the two Josh or Jason stays in his place.

  • Josh gets arrested - for horse theft. Then he finds out it was Jason who wants him behind bars because Jason wants to go after Billy Joe Henry alone.

  • Josh caught 'Doc' Phillips, the partner of Clell Fennon, and now wants to use him as a bait to get Fennon - worth $5.000 - himself.

  • John Garth comes to town looking for his darling Lil, he feels something terrible has happened. There was a fire in the saloon and he thinks she died.

  • Josh goes after an elephant trainer who is using the animal to scare away the whole town so he can rob the town blind.

  • Angela Pryor is seeking revenge against the man who murderer her father during a burglary. Josh is also after the same man for other crimes.

  • An amnesia victim has posters up asking for help finding information about himself.

  • On the trail of bank robber Bart McCready, Josh discovers that he is posing as an escape artist named ""The Great Bartolo"".

  • After being arrested for a minor offence, Josh is put on the chain gang and put to work on the local mine.

  • Charley Red Cloud is blamed for the murder of Will Bascomb. Bascomb's brother, Merv places a high bounty on Red Cloud.

  • Joe Hooker, after raiding a bank on behalf of his brother Ben, is bitten by a dog with rabies. Upon learning this, the sheriff ends his pursuit. Josh, however, decides to go after Hooker anyway.

  • Josh delivers Dan Murdock, wanted for multiple murders, in Mesa City. Josh learns that the local sheriff is the brother of Crazy Horse's deputy, one of the victims, and it's unlikely that Murdock will arrive safely. Josh goes along to make sure that he does.

  • Josh manages to track down Juan Gomez in the desert near the Mexican border where he's living now with his family. His nephew Pachito rides in to protect his uncle. (Afterall he is the future Pancho Villa).

  • Well-known businessman Tate Bradley hires Josh and other bounty hunters to find Tony Egan who killed his son, but was ruled an accident. When Randall finds the supposed killer and returns him. Bradley refuses to pay the bounty because Egan is still alive.

  • Recruited by the army, Josh seeks the horses and the deserter who stole them. And he finds both the horses and the man - in custody of the town's marshal. But the marshal, who's ruling the town with an iron fist, isn't willing to give them back.

  • After selling a customer a defective gun, Josh is hired to retrieve the dangerous weapon.

  • Josh delivers a prisoner to the sheriff, in the morning Josh realizes that there was an impostor and that the prisoner has successfully escaped with his cohort.

  • Josh delivers Jumbo Kane, a highly dangerous and already sentenced to death man. Soon after he has handed him over to the sheriff, Kane takes the sheriff by surprise and kills him.

  • While hot on the trail of a murderer, Josh comes across a man about to be lynched by a group of vigilanties. The victim happens to be the same man that Randall has been chasing.

  • Prison officials allow Randall to help Tom Dunn escape in order to retrieve the missing fifty thousand dollars Dunn had stolen.

  • Josh reluctantly plays matchmaker and enlists the aid of Amy Williams to teach Charlie the proper way to behave and act so that he can confidently find his own bride.

  • Tom takes his very ill son away from medical help and takes him to a witch a so called healer jeopardizing his sons full recovery.

  • A kid is the key for Josh to find Johnny Deuce who cheated during a poker game and took a lot of money off Josh. Now Josh goes after Deuce in order to get his money back.

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