The Best Of The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet is a classic American television sitcom. It ran on ABC from October 3, 1952 to March 26, 1966, thus making it the longest-running live-action sitcom in the history of American television. The most unique aspect of the show is that it starred the real-life Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and their two sons, David and Eric. The show even featured external scenes of the Nelsons' real house and was filmed on a sound stage designed to resemble the interior of the real Nelson home.

Like many shows of the time, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet began as a radio sitcom in 1944. Throughout its run, the show was broadcast on all three major radio networks, beginning on CBS, moving to NBC, briefly returning to CBS, and finishing out its 402-radio-episode run on ABC. The Nelsons had their first film exposure in 1952 when they starred in a feature film called Here Come the Nelsons. Produced by Ozzie to gauge how he and his family would be received on film, the movie was a huge success and served as a "pilot" to the television series. In 1952, the television version of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet became a reality after Ozzie and ABC agreed to an unprecedented 10-year contract that guaranteed Ozzie's pay regardless of the show's success.

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet went on to achieve unparalleled success. This success lies in the simplicity and relatability of the show. Each episode merely featured the Nelson family dealing with typical, 1950s-American problems. As their two sons got older, newer characters were introduced to the show. When the boys married, their real-life wives became regular cast members, and the marriages were even written into the show. The program truly quintessentialized 1950s America. It allowed viewers to see themselves in the Nelson family. The show ran for 14 years and to this day is the longest-running American sitcom in history.

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October 24, 1952
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The Best Of The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet

The Best Of The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet Full Episode Guide

  • Dave and Ricky try selling Christmas trees in the backyard to make money for presents.

  • Christmas gifts for Ozzie and David arrive late from Grandma Nelson, and there is some confusion as to whether that jazzy sport coat is for Oz and the scholarly book for David-- or vice versa.

  • Ricky and David decide to go to work to earn extra money for Christmas shopping, although Ozzie has a hard time seeing his boys take such a grown-up step without him.

  • When Harriet volunteers Ozzie for babysitting duties with one of the neighborhood youngsters, Oz and his friend Joe discover a hidden birthday present and are unable to resist the temptation of playing with it. The results are disastrous, and a panicked Oz is faced with replacing the gift before the damage is discovered. Rick sings "Fire Breathing Dragon."

  • When Harriet's girlfriend Clara tells a small fib and Ozzie agrees to go along with it, chaos ensues, with poor Oz caught in the middle of a hilarious situation brought about by the lie's embarrassing complications.

  • When Ozzie and his pal Joe Randolph go fishing at a secluded mountain hideaway, little do they know that they will be joined by a couple of luscious models doing a photographic layout for a magazine. If you think this leads to a complicated situation with the wives, you are so right!

  • When Rick and his fraternity brothers discover that the lease on their fraternity house has run out and that their landlady intends to turn it over to a sorority on campus, they decide to go to Dave's office for some legal advice. In spite of Dave's good intentions, however, they still find themselves in a hilarious mix-up.

  • When a cute little teenager moves into Dave and June's apartment building and develops a powerful crush on Dave, the situation gets increasingly complicated and funny for everyone . . . except Dave.

  • When Rick starts to date an attractive new coed on campus, he finds that every time he is with her Wally and several other of his fraternity brothers manage to appear on the scene. Rick finally devises a complicated scheme to foil them.

  • Rick is asked to act as best man at the wedding of his friend Jimmy. But Rick doesn't realize that the smell of orange blossoms can be contagious--at least it seems that way when the maid of honor appears to be seriously inclined toward Rick.

  • Rick convinces a girl to put off studying for a test so he can take her out. When unforeseen incidents keep them out much later than expected, there is no time left to study. The next day the English professor asks Rick to correct the test papers for her class.

  • Ricky is about to turn 21. His great-uncle left him an envelope to be opened on his 21st birthday, and there are grand expectations about what might be in that envelope. Can the family wait until the big day to see what's inside?

  • David wants to sell Rick's old drum set to a pretty girl in hopes of getting a date with her. Ricky sings "Hello Mary Lou."

  • In an effort to help get Wally out of trouble, Ricky pretends to have a broken arm. Ricky sings "You'll Never Know What You're Missing."

  • Dave and Wally both have an eye for Susan, the editor of the campus newspaper. Thinking the way to the girl's heart is through a scoop, Wally shows up with a story about a golfer who shot a hole-in-one--but Dave was the golfer who shot it. Ricky sings "That's All."

  • David visits his old elementary school and finds that one of his former classmates is now a beautiful teacher with a very busy schedule and a lot of tasks she needs help with. Ricky sings "Right By My Side" and "Young Emotions."

  • Rick's high school is having a girls-ask-boys dance, but Ricky can't remember whether he has dates with three girls or none at all. Ricky sings "I'm Confessin'" and "Boppin' The Blues."

  • Ozzie insists that the old Model T Fords could beat David and Rick's souped-up hot rod in a road race over a rough course. The boys take the dare, resulting in a thrilling race with Rick and Dave in the hot rod and Ozzie and Harriet in the Model T.

  • Ozzie has to decide whether to select Dave or Ricky for the Y's Father and Son table tennis tournament, especially since Thorny and son insist they will win.

  • Ricky tries to write to a girl he met on vacation, but Ozzie loses her address. The rest of the family mistakenly thinks Ricky is upset by this, so they try to console him by spending extra time with him. Meanwhile, Ozzie and Thorny look for clues to figure out the girl's address.

  • David reaches a milestone in his life when Ozzie and Harriet feel that he is of sufficient age and maturity to be responsible for his own personal house key.

The Best Of The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet News

David Nelson From Ozzie & Harriet Fame Dies

David Nelson was a giant name back in the day.

You may not recognize it for what it is now, but how about if I say, Ozzie and Harriet?

David, who starred in one of the hottest shows from 1952 to 1966, died yesterday.

David had been suffering from colon cancer for years and died from complications of it. He died in LA and there is no news of funeral services.

David and his brother Rick both starred in the radio versions of the show.

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