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  • 1970
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (192)

The Tim Conway Comedy Hour aired in 1970 and starred Tim Conway and Bruce Belland. Produced by CBS, the show ran for 13 episodes and featured a variety of skits, musical performances, and guest appearances. Each episode of The Tim Conway Comedy Hour opened with a monologue by Conway, who then introduced the various segments that made up the show. From parody commercials and game show spoofs to musical numbers and slapstick sketches, the show was a non-stop barrage of comedy.

One of the most memorable segments on the show was "The Oldest Man," where Conway played an elderly man who had lived through every major event in history. The character was a hit with audiences and went on to become a regular feature on The Carol Burnett Show.

The show also featured musical performances by a variety of artists, including the Osmond Brothers, Nancy Sinatra, and the Cowsills. These performances were often linked to the show's comedic sketches, as the performers were frequently involved in the jokes.

Another recurring segment on The Tim Conway Comedy Hour was "The Hollywood Palace," a spoof on the popular variety show that featured celebrities performing their own acts. In Conway's version, the celebrities were portrayed by regular cast members, with Conway himself often playing the role of the host.

Throughout the show's run, Conway was joined by a revolving cast of guest stars, including Don Knotts, Sonny and Cher, and Redd Foxx. These guest stars often played themselves or characters in the show's sketches, adding to the overall hilarity of each episode.

One of the most notable things about The Tim Conway Comedy Hour was the chemistry between Conway and Belland. Belland, who co-wrote many of the show's sketches, was an integral part of the show's success, and the two men shared a natural comedic rapport that made the show even funnier.

Despite its popularity, The Tim Conway Comedy Hour only lasted for one season. However, its impact on comedy cannot be overstated. The show's combination of slapstick, parody, and satire was groundbreaking for its time and paved the way for many comedic acts that followed.

Overall, The Tim Conway Comedy Hour was a hilarious and irreverent show that showcased the immense talent of its stars and guest performers. It was a true gem of 1970s television and a must-watch for anyone who loves comedy.

The Tim Conway Comedy Hour is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 20, 1970.

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S1 E13
13. S1 E13
December 13, 1970
Guests Brennan and Stevens play a millionaire and his daughter, the latter of whom has fallen in love with "The Monkey Man of Cleveland" (played by Conway.)
S1 E12
12. S1 E12
December 6, 1970
In tonight's main sketch: Mickey Rooney is the judge, Dorothy Lamour the defendant, and Tim the prosecuting attorney in a wacky trial.
S1 E11
11. S1 E11
November 29, 1970
Steve, Eydie, and Tim play surgeons who seek a second opinion...from a witch doctor.
S1 E10
10. S1 E10
November 22, 1970
Highlights include Merv and Judy as conniving relatives of an old man (Tim); Tim as a teacher to a rough adult education class.
S1 E9
9. S1 E9
November 15, 1970
Carol and Steve join Tim for a sketch about three lions caught up in a love triangle.
S1 E8
8. S1 E8
November 8, 1970
Tonight: Tim plays the faithful dog of a Canadian Mountie, the host of a local TV kid's show, and The Tooth Fairy.
S1 E7
7. S1 E7
November 1, 1970
Guests Blocker and Coca join Tim for an on-pointe ballet spoof. Also: Tim and Imogene play an elderly musician and go-go girl, respectively.
S1 E6
6. S1 E6
October 25, 1970
Leigh plays a sultry German chanteuse who serenades WWI flying aces Conway and Randall.
S1 E5
5. S1 E5
October 18, 1970
Tonight: Tim and his guests spoof "Phantom Of The Opera"; and Reiner plays a plastic surgeon who has reconstructed gangster Conway's face.
S1 E4
4. S1 E4
October 11, 1970
Audrey Meadows plays a Civil War-era Southern belle who must choose between brothers Tim and Peter in tonight's main sketch.
S1 E3
3. S1 E3
October 4, 1970
All aboard for laughter when Tim and his guests take the "Last Choo Choo To China." Also: Ms. Crawford plays a superstar who can't get rid of autograph hound Tim.
S1 E2
2. S1 E2
September 27, 1970
Tonight's episode features: Janssen as a pirate who kidnaps Tim's princess (Feldon); "Doctor" Conway giving Janssen a check-up.
S1 E1
1. S1 E1
September 20, 1970
Highlights include: Lana and Dan hiring a bumbling, drunken detective (Tim) to solve a murder; and a Christmas sketch featuring Tim and his family.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 20, 1970
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (192)